Is Katie vs. Steffy on B&B Informed by Nina vs. Victoria All Those Years Ago on Y&R?

Yesterday's scene on The Bold and the Beautiful where Katie (Heather Tom) ho-checked Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) reminded me of a similar scene 15 years ago over on sister soap The Young and the Restless. Back then, Heather Tom played Victoria Newman (the one and only Victoria Newman, in my book!) as she tried to lure her first love Ryan McNeil (Scott Reeves) away from Nina (Tricia Cast).

It's amazing to watch this scene back and realize that it's basically the same scene as the one between Katie and Steffy! Except of course that the writing, directing, music and psychological tension were all so much better back then. It's fascinating to watch Tom play the circling temptress 15 years ago, and the protective wife today. Finally, it's thrilling to remember what it was like when two powerhouse Emmy-winning actresses went at it. They don't make them like this anymore.

Watch the classic scene from 1996 after the jump!


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    [quote=harlee490]Bill Bell at his best…nothing like what RiRi does now days is just crap!

    You are right on about Bill Bell. We have never had as good a writer as him on this show and the daughter in law MAB is the absolute worst ever.

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    This is the PERFECT reason why Heather Tom needs to return to Y&R as Victoria. Maybe they could reignite that old Nina/Victoria feud by having Nina steal ANOTHER of Victoria’s men? Maybe Nina could come after Billy? Tricia Cast certainly needs something of substance to do, and as I’ve said a TRILLION times before (and will continue to say!), Amelia HEINOUS is terrible as Victoria. I’ve only seen her truly step up to the plate ONCE since this Lucy/Victoria/Billy/Daniel saga began.

    Why they keep her around will continue to remain a mystery to me!

    Oh well…………

    I do admit, seeing Heather Tom and Tricia Cast (two of the 90s biggest younger set powerhouses!) in the same scene together warms the cockles of my heart, reminding me of what COULD be (and should be!) again!!

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    Come on, now. Scott Reeves was NEVER a hair model. He was GREAT on Y&R. He was even nominated for consecutive Daytime Emmys from 97-98. But I agree with you, Adam Gregory is like the reincarnation of Austin Peck (circa his early DAYS on DOOL!). Stiff, wooden and uninspiring. But I still want to take him to bed, as I did (and still do) Austin Peck ;) ;) .

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    I admire hair models and recognize their place in the pantheon of soaps.

    Given that admiration, I would have to say that Scott Reeves in his early days on Y&R had an amazing head of hair. In fact, while they were developing the Jabot Men’s line it occurred to me that should market the gel that Ryan, Nick and Brad used because they all had amazing well sculpted hair.

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    Oh, I thought by “hair model,” you were implying that he was a bad actor on Y&R. That’s how I define “hair model.” But I agree with you, he had some PURDY hair. But that was back when Y&R actually had a FULL-time hairdresser. Now the actors just seem to roll outta bed and run to set, without taking the time to even run a COMB through their collective rats’ nests. I don’t think Amelia Heinle or Michael Muhney have combed their hair since the presidential inauguration :D :D !!!!

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    OMG akash!!!!!!!!! this scene is pure GOLD!!!!!!!!

    This is the Y&R that I love!!! Nina vs Victoria was EPIC!!!…SIGH I miss Bill Bell

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    Oh, I thought by “hair model,” you were implying that he was a bad actor on Y&R. That’s how I define “hair model.” But I agree with you, he had some PURDY hair. But that was back when Y&R actually had a FULL-time hairdresser. Now the actors just seem to roll outta bed and run to set, without taking the time to even run a COMB through their collective rats’ nests. I don’t think Amelia Heinle or Michael Muhney have combed their hair since the presidential inauguration :D :D !!!![/quote]

    My main man AB, I have to agree with you and the non hair dressers. I have never in my life, seen so many mismatched hair pieces in regards to crooked parts, different colors, they have to be color blind to wear such crappy hairpieces. Really really bad and the bed heads are too much.

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    I LOVE Nina! They need to recast Victoria and then pair her with Ronan. Just imagine how pissed that would make Nina!! I really wanted JT to turn out to be Nina’s long-lost son when he was married to Vicki, but alas, they didn’t go there. *sigh* It would have made good use of Thad Luckinbill instead of bringing on a newbie played by someone who’s not all that committed to the show.

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    Ugggh….the thought of Tricia Caste versus Amelia H. is about to make me sleep. With the current portray of Victoria, I don’t want TC anywhere near Victoria. It would highlight how far the character Victoria has gone down the tubes with regards to personality and I doubt there would be any sparks. They need to bring on Kelly from OLTL as Victoria.

    I loved Victoria v. Nina. I still remember them constantly arguing at Nina’s old place with the pink front door.

    However, Ms. Woods ain’t got nothin’ on Tricia Caste. The Steffy character sucks and can’t act.

    Scott R. now phones in his scenes. He’s not nearly as good as he use to be. Plus, his current hair reminds me of Michael Muhney’s.

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    Akash Nikolas

    Notice too how understated everything is. The drama never gets cranked up to absurd levels (like magic berries or dopplegangers) but the music, nuanced dialogue and barely concealed loathing on the part of Nina and Victoria make it so unbelievably tense and dramatic, so that when Nina finally spits out the word “BITCH!” it feels like a real slap.

    Compare that to Steffy trying to rattle Katie on B&B and you’ll realize how limp the latter scene is compared to the former.

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    What a great scene! Thanks for the memories. Nina and Victoria were so poised to take over the bitch queen titles from Kay and Jill. Too bad. I can’t imagine what this scene would look like with AH as Victoria. I am sure with Tricia Cast in the scene it would still be ok but AH would be eaten alive. What steel precision looks Heather Tom had! She was fearless even when she was dead wrong she would not back down.
    I wish soaps would do background mood music again! It made the scenes much more intense and pulled us into it. LOL I was thinking how funny if Nina and Vitoria had been fighting over Billy Abbot at the time but then Billy was busy being potty trained……
    And hair model or no, after Scott Reeves character was killed off Y&R, the show dropped a ratings point that it never really got back. So ya gotta watch out who you kill off!

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    Akash Nikolas

    marknsprmo, a scene between Tricia Cast and Amelia Heinle would probably look a lot like the scene between Heather Tom and Jacqueline McKinnes Wood. I imagine both Cast and Tom telling their scene partners, “Here are my keys. Go do something useful and park my car while I murder this scene.”

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    LOL AKASH Nikolas, I think Tricia has had her share of bad acting partners (thinking back to early Cricket and Phillip) so I bet she is a little more diplomatic than that!!! And all those Tom kids seem very sweet so I doubt that butter would melt in Heathers mouth in real life. But they seem to manage to bring it no matter who their scene partners are. I even love the scenes between wooden boy Chance and his mom! I still think Heather should turn Katie over to her sister and go back to Y&R!

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    Akash Nikolas

    Or better yet, how about Amelia Heinle and Heather Tom just swapping roles? After all, Amelia Heinle is *much* better suited for the goody two-shoes heroine role and I don’t give a rat’s ass about Katie Logan anyway.

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    That scene nearly brought tears to my eyes, because that is the Y&R I fell in love with years ago.{sigh} The actors, the acting, the fantastic dialogue, now that was what soaps were about, that is how they should be again.

    These hollow, emotionless plot driven stories are ruination of the soaps. The ratings are down because the fans want good story telling, not revolving door miscasts that are dropped into stories where they don’t belong.

    I doubt that Y&R could ever pry Heather Thom from B&B to once again play Victoria. Brad Bell seems to be a chip off the old block when it comes to story telling and staying true to characters and their history, an actor would be crazy to want to leave that to come to the hodpodge of scenes his wife is creating on Y&R. Heather is doing a fantastic job in her role on B&B and having her paired with Don Diamont once again makes it a doubly great.

    Tricia Cast is such a great actress, why they don’t put her in a more interesting story is beyond me. They are wasting one of the greatest talents on the show.

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    I have made that recommendation many times on this board about Amelia and Heather Tom switching places. It would make SOOOO much sense, since Jacqueline Wood is NO match for Heather Tom and Amelia Heinous is NO match for Tricia Cast (or Michelle Stafford either, for that matter!). It seems like the perfect solution. But I honestly don’t think that Heather is going to leave the cushy work environment that she undoubtedly enjoys on B&B to return to a show where Maria Bell treats so many of her actors like cattle, forcing them to jump through her hoops and lie to the press on her behalf. Plus, Heather ain’t no wallflower or house mouse, as many believe. She will probably be the first one to call Bell on her bullshit and crappy storytelling.

    But everyday I hope that Y&R comes to their senses and gets rid of that Amelia Heinous. I can no longer really even stomach her dreadful “performances.” She has RUINED the character of Victoria for me to the point where I really don’t even care about her anymore. And that’s sad, because I used to FLOVE Victoria back in the day. She used to be HALFWAY decent at playing a convincing bitch, but now Michelle Stafford devours her WHOLE in their scenes. It’s sad to watch!!

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    Restless Vixen

    I miss this Y&R so much! Good dialogue without the need to be hipster or quirky. Plausible character-driven storyline – jealousy between women who share a husband between them (Ryan) and work with each other’s husbands. Victoria actually looking like a corporate diva. Heather Tom and Tricia Cast were fantastic as rivals back in the 90s. Even though fighting over a man/men is a soap opera cliche, the Victoria Newman and Nina Webster characters were such complete female characters, warts and all, who had a lot more going on with them than just Ryan McNeil or Cole Howard. One of my biggest issues with today’s Y&R is that the women on the show are too defined by the man/men with which they are or want to be paired. It’s sad that in present day female characters are so one-dimensional compared to past history.

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