Showdowns Take Place on The Young and The Restless!

Diane (Maura West) does a tuck n' roll, Daisy (Yvonne Zima) goes to war with the Abbotts (Billy Miller and Amelia Heinle) and Cane (Daniel Goddard) gets got! Watch the promo after the jump!

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    I normally don’t condone violence against women, but seeing Victor push Diane out of that van was kinda funny……

    I can’t stand that skank!!! Wish they’d brought SOMEONE else back to play Daisy. I kinda like the idea of her coming back to wreak havoc on the people of Genoa City, but Yvonne Zima is still DREADFUL. Did they think she was going to be BETTER this time around? Or do they simply not give a damn? Seems like it………..

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    Can’t get over how Zima utterly fails in every scene. And, let’s be real for a minute, she’s not what you’d call a hair model so there seems to be no explanation for her having this role, which if done right could become a new, recurring villainess in the Sheila vein. Fat chance with this actress.

    In any case, I’m LOVING the Lucy custody storyline (though I am so tired of baby!baby!BABY!BABY! storylines…all the soaps do them far too often). Phyllis howling “FOR YOU!” at Daniel the other day had me in stitches…WTF was that? And MG seemed surprised and like he was about to crack up at that insanity but that’s the intensity and element of the unexpected that keeps the Stafford on the front burner year after year.

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    I just watched this trailer and…yeah, lol forever at that crazy last scene with Victor and Diane. Think it’ll be a fantasy sequence that he’ll come out of and still be sitting in the ambulance with her? If not, maybe she’s lunging at him with a hypodermic? I’m just saying that that’s pretty out of character.

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    Nat Guy

    That has to be a fantasy sequence. If not…well, damn!

    The Lucy storyline is tedious. Can’t stand Phyllis. Her “For You” line was just as insane as when she told Daniel that Lucy was “one of us”. It made me think of the movie Freaks. Crazy.

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    [quote=alstonboy4315]I normally don’t condone violence against women, but seeing Victor push Diane out of that van was kinda funny……

    I can’t stand that skank!!! Wish they’d brought SOMEONE else back to play Daisy. I kinda like the idea of her coming back to wreak havoc on the people of Genoa City, but Yvonne Zima is still DREADFUL. Did they think she was going to be BETTER this time around? Or do they simply not give a damn? Seems like it………..[/quote]

    I don;t think that MAB gives a DAMN what us viewers think. It is her way or the highway. She is as bad a writer as Daisy is an actor.

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    You are absolutely right. Maria doesn’t give a DAMN what we think. As long as Y&R stays #1 in the ratings, she will continue to be able LIE to herself, telling herself that the show is perfect, when that’s so far from the truth!!

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    GO Victor! It’s about time Y&R started acting like ‘real life’! Nobody ever screams, slaps anyone or fights like in real life or other soaps! Why hasn’t
    anyone ever slapped the sh*t out of Phyllis? Ahhhh….the good ol’ days
    of bitch fights with Linda Evans and Joan Collins!

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    Leave Nikki in Rehab FOREVER! IF she can’t take a pay decrease to keep the show on the air like the rest of the cast (especially when her husband is one of the producers!) — then let her rot in rehab! OR replace her! NO actor is irreplaceable! Ask CHARLIE SHEEN…….. LOSER!

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    I agree. I love MTS as Nikki but she should look around, she should be happy to have a job.
    I’m also getting tired of everyone in GC ending up in jail. I’ve never in all my years watching, seen so many jail storylines. The money that they save on MTS’s salary should go towards better writers.

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    On second thought, I am pretty sure this HAS to be one of Victor’s dream sequences. I doubt that Eric Braeden would agree to play a scene that’s so abusive and damning. After all, we all know he’s put his foot down in the past and refused to play certain things. This is all leading up to Diane’s upcoming “murder,” of course, with Victor being set up as one of the murder suspects and the writers forgetting that Diane Jenkins SHOULD be in menopause by now (since she’s in her 50s!!), making her claims to be pregnant laughable, to say the least. What next? Are Nikki and Jill going to get pregnant simultaneously with “change of life” babies???

    GMAFB!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

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    Given the height from which Victor threw Diane, she could experience serious injury. I don’t see any difference between him punching her in the face and throwing her like that. It’s reprehensible.

    Victor is a vile person but I can’t see him resorting to physical violence against a woman.

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    Violence against women on a show written by Hogan Sheffer and Scott Hamner?!? Oh my goodness, what a surprise!!!!

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    LMAO @ Victor throwing Diane out! Too funny! However, “BARF!” at the idea of her preggo.

    GO NEIL! Hit that sucker!

    Why don’t they just recast Yvonne Zima? Emma Stone would make a great Daisy (she probably would not take the role, but we can dream).

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    IDEC that its violence against a woman at this point, I can’t stop LMFAO It was hilarious how he picked her up and just chunked her ass like she was nothing more than a piece of fruit off the side of some road *dies laughing*

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    I just watched today’s (Monday’s) and I think Genie Francis is settling in. Or maybe I’m getting used to her. In any case, I think Gennie (ha, I just realized it’s a play on her name) is a hoot. Loved that most of her interactions with Colin AND Jill were them telling her how crazy she is, and also the weird-ass forced make-out with her invalid husband at the end…made even better by Jill’s inopportune walk-in :)

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    Ummm….she’s not “settling” in my book. Please, that kiss was the dumbest sh*t I’ve ever seen. It was not funny or scary. It looked stupid.

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    I can’t believe what they just did with Diane in the clip? I thought MAB was actually stopping the extreme bs storylines, but guess not just proved it. She doesn’t give a rat’s ass about fans or does anyone on soaps now days. MAB is killing off another one…what is the body count on her watch? She thinks because Y&R is No. 1 that the show isn’t in danger….think again Aunt RiRi because if Y&R goes down on your watch you will be remembered as the “fool” show killer of the beloved Bill Bell show. I can’t take this much longer, I really am tired of “my shows” (CBS) being cancelled or being so written badly which is making the networks to cancel. This is a shame.

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    I think MAB is approaching GH’s body count under Bob Guza.

    I don’t care how evil or bad Diane is. The woman is pregnant and Victor throws her out of an ambulance. But then what do I expect. Victor has subjected Nikki to emotional abuse for years.

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    Just an off topic question. Is it true Sony is unhappy with MAB and is looking at Guza to replace her. Get ready to be subjected to more women hating BS

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    MTS IS in this case, holding Y&R hostage |( After reading the recent article of her using the fan’s love of “Nikki” to get what MTS wants with no regard to the show as a whole. EB took one for the team, and Ed Scott being a beloved producer for many years with the Bell shows, don’t you, think maybe MTS should be thinking of the legacy of the “Bell shows” as family and not a paycheck. Soaps are hurting and meagerly limping along and for a person which spent time in this industry of daytime and given her the life of luxury is coming off like “Marie Antoinette, give them cake” and fans could turn. If MTS doesn’t want to return this time around then Y&R needs to be serious about recasting, they should ask the fans interactively about a recast? Do the fans want “Nikki” on canvas? YES, Would fans like it to be MTS? YES, Could long time fans accept a recast in”NuNikki” YES if recast right and put the right actress in position and MUST have chemistry with Eric…I could, because “NIKKI” is an important character for Y&R that needs to be canvas. Bring on the recast Y&R, I’m ready.

    PS About Guza coming to Y&R, I can’t believe that after the bad, bad press of his last stint on GH and hurting the brand. I can’t see the Bells or Sony doing that to Y&R. I could believe Sony might want fresh writing for Y&R, MAB might be on the path, PLEASE SWEET JESUS! There will be some talent coming up for grabs. I would love Frank V. to go as EP of Y&R. I like to see LB more over to Y&R along with Addie Walsh into the writing staff.

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    Some of you are delusional when it comes to MTS and this contract stuff. Here is the deal.

    MTS may make the most per episode but when your screen time has been cut in half that really doesn’t amount to being the highest paid actor on this show. TPTB basically control how much MTS makes since she is on recurring. Look at her episode count since 2009 when she went to recurring. She does not appear as much as she used to. I heard during her 2009 negotiations MTS was offered the choice of appearing in 52 epis no paycut & recurring or 104 epis contract paycut & she chose reccuring.

    Also many are misinterpreting the fan campaign. The fan campaign isn’t because MTS has been fired. It’s because we want to see her ONSCREEN more. Reading is fundamental people. The internet is in an uproar mainly because folks don’t understand basic english. WE want to see more NIKKI NEWMAN. No one said she’s being fired…she has never said she was fired. She has always stated that she hasn’t received a script in weeks and isn’t sure when she will get the next one. If her last taped episodes were her last she wasn’t told so. Folks are misquoting/confusing tweets. It all boils down to reading. It’s not that heard.

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    AlistairCrane – I wouldn’t believe it if it just came from Nelson Branco, but Jamey confirmed on Twitter that his sources told him the exact same thing.

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    Jamey Giddens

    @emblazoned, while my sources did say Melody doesn’t want to take the paycut, I support her decision. If I could go back in time, I would also support Eric Braeden’s. When Sony said they had to cut the budget, we lost Don Diamont, then Jess Walton, Eric Braeden and MTS all were almost lost to budget cuts. I bought the logic they needed to “take one for the team”, that is until my sources revealed Maria Arena Bell came down to the wire of her own contract not wanting to take the paycut. I am sorry, but if a Bell wife, who is getting two checks (one as E.P and one as head writer) didn’t want to take a pay cut, why should the veteran actors? Also, if it was truly about budgetary concerns, why is Sony salivating to about wanting to absorb actors from AMC and OLTL? This is the same mistake all soaps make.

    ATWT lost Martha Byrne over pay cuts, then hired basically every actor who ever starred on Port Charles or General Hospital. This “grass is greener” mentality is killing soaps. Fans of Y&R want to see Nikki Newman more than they do out of work actors from other soaps. Fire five people and pay MTS what she wants. That’s my stance.

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    Victor’s the new Ike, who refuses to go Half on a Baby, so he throws mama from the ambulance…

    I hope this is a fantasy–which is bad enough–but if not… MAB’s has truly lost her ever loving shyte.

    The one thing I liked about the promo was Neil clocking Cane.

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    Jamey – I agree with you in that Y&R’s bloated cast is it’s biggest problem. They do need to fire five-ten people so they can afford to have their vets (aka the people the fans want to see) on a regular basis.

    I’m not going to pretend that I understand how it works in contract negotiations and salaries, but if what Nelson said is true about MTS making $10,000 per episode, she will have to take some sort of cut if she wants to be on Y&R more than once every two weeks.

    That being said, MAB needs to follow suit and take a cut. And for starters, take her EP title away, hire Frank Valentini, and also set some cash aside for an on-set mediator to deal with the daily feuds.

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    What I would like more than anything, would be to not see what I consider spoilers written here in these columns, but since I know that will never be, then I just need to quit reading these posts. I don’t watch previews and have no idea when any of this Diane out of ambulance is to happen, but it sure makes me unhappy to have the coming show spoiled and so, no more reading of this column for me.

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    Have you girls noticed how long Julia Pace-Mitchell has let her hair grow lately?

    It’s no wonder Sofia was selected by CBS Soaps in Depth as The Most Beautiful Woman on Daytime TV.

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    I don’t like Julie Pace Mitchelle’s hair at all. It looks stringy. It looked better before, however, I find her acting to be more distracting than her hair.

    I think JPM can be pretty and I don’t have a problem with her weight. I just have a problem with her stiff acting. Tricia Cast is a plus size actress, and I love her and her character. She’s pretty when she curls her hair.

  29. Profile photo of emblazoned

    I think Julia Pace Mitchell is absolutely beautiful and it’s actually refreshing to see someone on screen who isn’t a size zero. She’s definitely not Emmy-worthy, but she is not unattractive in the least.

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    [quote=jphelps]I think MAB is approaching GH’s body count under Bob Guza.

    I don’t care how evil or bad Diane is. The woman is pregnant and Victor throws her out of an ambulance. But then what do I expect. Victor has subjected Nikki to emotional abuse for years.[/quote]

    jphelps, let’s not rush to judgment. First of all, do not believe Diane is pregnant unless you see her pee into the EPT and you see it turn the right color. Then, if the skank really is preggers — next question is who’s the daddy? Miss Thang has triple-dipped of late, with Victor, Jack and Nick.

    I suspect it will turn out to be a fantasy scene. Victor is much more into psychological abuse than physical abuse.

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    Restless Vixen

    I think the whole MTS debate can be summed up as this: Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

    If she’s doing less episodes (especially if it’s a 50% cut from ~100 to ~50) at the same pay rate v/s the same number of episodes at a discounted rate, aren’t both essentially pay cuts if you look at it annually? Maybe I’m not understanding the details of soap contracts, but it seems to me she’s getting less pay in either case v/s her pre-2009 contract salary. I think some are getting too hung up on the fact her pay rate wasn’t cut. Big fucking deal (Nelson friggin Branco!). They cut her episodes, which still means she’s taking home less pay v/s the previous year. A cut is a damn cut, regardless if it’s based on episodes or episodic pay rate. Her pocketbook is still lighter. It’s no different than if a factory cuts the hours of a shift v/s cutting hourly pay rates due to less demand for widgets, at the end of the day – it’s less take-home pay in both scenarios (just ask people who have experienced either scenario in the past 5 years). Eric Braeden’s rate was decreased, so he’s also had a pay cut from the previous year. They both experienced a reduction in salary. And for what? To do more snatch and grabs (shoutout to DC, I think Jillian coined this phrase?) from other soaps regardless of how unnecessary? These damns soaps are going to self destruct with this foolishness. While I can understand not giving people pay raises, to keep cutting these vets’ salaries (by rate or #of episodes) to hire more and more casualties from cancelled soaps is just asinine to me.

    About the preview, I hope that is a dream sequence. It’s one thing for Victor to consider pushing Diane out of moving vehicle (because we’ve all thought about something like that – lol), it’s another for him to actually do it. Victor is a lot of things, but I can never recall him being physically abusive towards women. And he’s not even what I would consider a hothead with other men – he doesn’t always resort to physical violence against men (he’d rather outsmart someone). MAB&Co need to really stop it with the character assassination in the name of plot point.

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    The Victor/Diane “dream sequence”? What if it isn’t? Maybe that’s what she concocted with Adam to “murder” Victor figuratively.

    I understand why Cane would want to somehow keep Lily and the twins safe from Colin. But I’ve tried and tried but I just can’t get my head around his whole entire method. Lily was right … he did have that third choice available to him. At the same time, I’m dreading the three stooges (Neil, Malcolm and Devon) trying to protect the suddenly (but probably temporarily) rational daughter sister. I’m also sort of beginning to wonder if they’re setting up Cane to finally actually meet his maker; with all the usual suspects in tow.

    Phyllis and her irrational quest to gain control of Lucy … she’s just like a demented Lucy Ricardo up to hijinks. The whole thing just drives me crazy. Maybe MS should take the same route that MTS is currently taking; then we won’t have to see her possessed face any longer.

    Speaking of MTS, if she holds out and they don’t give in; at least we won’t be seeing that abusive merry-go-round continue on forever.

    The other irrational character is that demented, interfering, power hungry, shrieking old prune Katherine. I’ve said it before but I just don’t get her loyalty and friendship with Victor for all obvious reasons. Maybe John Abbott will scare her into an institution or morgue before the Tuckster wakes up and has to do something himself.

    (One thing I do like right now though is Daniel’s hair.)

    Oh and … GO CANUCKS GO!

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    I have always loved Nikki and Melody Thomas Scott but if its true that she still wants 10k an episode that takes alot of nerve. For some people a few episodes is what THEY MAKE IN A YEAR. She needs to come back down to earth. I hope I am wrong.

    Y&R would be wise in that case if it is true to kill off Nikki. That would provide good drama for Victor, Katherine, and the rest.

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    Victor throws Diane out of the ambulance, yes, but it’s not moving (in case anyone was wondering).

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    Restless Vixen

    I cannot believe Y&R aired that without any PSA against violence. That was horrible, IMO. The Diane character had a scratch on her face! So I guess Victor throwing a woman from a parked vehicle, resulting in a faceplant is A-OK? The F? I don’t think it was funny or something to be taken lightly. Y&R is becoming more and more anti-woman. Maybe a bullet of love is coming next, since Y&R seems to love former GH actors so much lately. TPTB clearly don’t give a shit about appealing to the key demos. I’m a 34 year old woman; I don’t want to see women physically threatened or verbally abused, or wished for dead on my soaps. Where is the love, the romance? I get that soaps aren’t intended to be the moral code, and the characters aren’t meant to be role models, but damn! That was extreme, even for Victor. A little disassociation from the actions of TGVN would have gone a long way.

    Way to honor Bill Bell’s legacy *smdh*

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    ^^ ITA! And I can’t believe some people thought this was a fantasy. I guess it was supposed to be “campy” and “classic soap”, but it just stuck me as misogynist.

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