DC #626: Daytime Emmy Predictions

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens, Jillian Bowe, Regan Cellura and Melodie Aikles dive into the 2011 Daytime Emmy Nominations. The gang makes their predictions of who will win, the dark horse contenders and who doesn’t have a chance. Make your 2011 Daytime Emmy Nomination predictions in the comments!

All this and much more on today’s show!

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33 Responses

  1. Profile photo of rachel2233

    James Scott all the way! I’m not sure what episode he submitted but the 9/1/10 episode was the perfect reel for him! He showed every range of emotion and proved just how strong his acting skills are. Here we are supposed to hate this character, but those tears and cries of pain were so real, James’ acting had you crying for his character. In my opinion, James was robbed last year, so if he doesn’t win this year, the Daytime Emmys have lost credibility.

  2. Profile photo of alonarich

    That’s part of the problem with the Emmy’s, actors voting on other actors and NBC only has one soap and the other networks have more.

    I do not have much faith in the emmy, they always tend to vote for their actors, but james is the oly one ever from days thet deserves an Emmy, just james. and I hope I’m really wrong about this but the Emmy pre-game addicted. again I hope I’m wrong,and this time james will take the emmy.

  3. Profile photo of jphelps

    Colleen Zenk we agree on. She was awesome but her reel had no ‘gotcha” moments. BUt it did show a complete range of story and emotion. I just don’t think the emmy voters will get it.

    Laura Wright(not a fan) did not IMO have a strong reel.

    Debi Morgan and Stafford are the frontrunners.(Zenk honestly should be)

    Flannery was good and the end best and she might win because of her legacy but the tape was weak.

    Actor is Michael Park no question but James Scott could win also

    JJ although not my fave will win but I think Doug Davidson had the best reel next to JJ’s

    Tricia Cast yes no contest

    Scott Clifton yes no contest

    Emily OBrien I hope. She’s an amazing actress stuck with one of the crappiest characters and storylines on Y&R always delivers.

    Show will goto B&B. Best reel by far

    Directing to GH

  4. Profile photo of

    I see “Young and the Restless” top diva Julia Pace-Mitchell winning next year’s Outstanding Younger Actress trophy.

    Her tortured Sofia has been completely compelling as of late and the beauty has pumped new life into the Winters family drama on the show.

  5. Profile photo of

    Tricia Cast FTW! She’s the only one I care about this year. I’ll DVR the ceremony and FF to her win.

  6. Profile photo of

    Okay Jamey, et al.,

    Here are my picks for this year starting at Younger Actress and then going up from there:

    Younger Actress:

    Emily O’Brien; Y&R

    Younger Actor:

    Scott Clifton; B&B

    Supporting Actress:


    Supporting Actor:

    Toss up between Billy Miller; Y&R and Jonathan Jackson; GH

    Lead Actress:

    Susan Flannery; B&B

    Lead Actor: Michael Park; ATWT

    Directing: B&B

    Writing: B&B

    Drama Series: B&B

  7. Profile photo of jlafferty23

    If Maurice Benard doesn’t win Best Actor, I’m gonna be pissed right off!!

    He submitted 3/16/10, and he was FIRE!! for most of 2010.

    JJ is winning supporting actor, if he doesn’t, i will eat my shoe.

  8. Profile photo of


    JJ is winning supporting actor, if he doesn’t, i will eat my shoe.[/quote]

    Billy Miller has more talent in his cast than that weeping crybaby Jackson has in his entire body. I see Billy Abbott besting Lucky Spencer for a THIRD TIME.

  9. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Jonathan Jackson is TOTALLY winning that Emmy. There’s no contest at ALL. That is the only SURE thing in this Emmy race. Anyone who watched his submission scenes can attest to that fact.

    Tricia Cast will win Supporting Actress.

    I honestly think that James Scott is going to win Best Actor, which will be DAYS’ first Lead Actor win since the beloved 9and dearly departed) Macdonald Carey in 1975.

    I am not really all that emotionally invested in the younger acting categories, but I am rooting for Scott Clifton and Lexi Ainsworth!!!

  10. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    James Scott was NOT robbed last year. Michael Park is a better actor, overall, and TOTALLY deserved that award. Plus, James’s reel was over-the-top and cartoonish, which is exactly the kind of stuff that voters scoff and roll their eyes at. His reel this year featured STRONG acting, not histrionics, which is why he’s the frontrunner. I understand people loving James Scott and finding him to be a good actor, but I find it absolutely LAUGHABLE for anyone to say that he deserved to win last year!!!!


  11. Profile photo of

    [quote=Ellieis]I’m not getting the Tricia Cast love. Her acting is so forced and whiney. Bleh.[/quote]

    She is the most natural actress on Y&R. And she is the only reason I watch this stupid show. I am kind of sickened to meet my first Nina hater!

  12. Profile photo of Dyllan

    LOL, that Supporting Actress Emmy might as well say Tricia Caste. I can’t believe anyone hates her! The character Nina can be whiny, but the actress is gold.

    Johnathan Jackson better win for Supporting Actor. Billy Miller is nothing, but a ham who mugs for the camera.

  13. Profile photo of

    To new viewers, Nina must appear whiny since she is written as way too over-protective of Chance. I don’t like that this is how the writers have introduced Nina to a new generation of fans who started watching after she left in 2001. I don’t want new fans getting the wrong impression of Nina.

  14. Profile photo of Dinah

    Ok Here my Picks:

    Outstanding Drama Series: Y&R
    Outstanding Lead Actress: Colleen Zenk or Laura Wright
    Outstanding Lead Actor: Michael Park
    Outstanding Younger Actress: Lexi Ainsworth
    Outstanding Younger Actor: Chad Duell
    Supporting Actor: Doug Davidson(always my favorite)or Jonathan Jackson
    Supporting Actress: Tricia Cast

  15. Profile photo of jlafferty23

    Okay, I just finished watching all the reels, so now I can give an unbiased opinion.

    **= My top pick (who should get it based on reels)

    Outstanding Drama Series:
    General Hospital **

    Outstanding Lead Actor:
    1) Maurice Benard ** (he really does have the best reel)
    2) James Scott
    Maurice has the strongest reel, but James also has an amazing reel. I am rooting for Maurice but won’t be mad if James wins.

    Outstanding Lead Actress:
    1) Michelle Stafford ** (she has the strongest reel)
    2)Alicia Minshew
    I love Laura Wright (and I would be so happy if she wins, I am still cheering for her), but I gotta be honest, I think she picked the wrong reel.

    Outstanding Supporting Actor:
    2) Jason Thompson (he has a strong reel, but it’s Jonathan’s year)
    -Doug Davidson gave a strong reel but it pisses me off that Stacy Haiduk was freakin snubbed when she did most of the work in that story, so why should he get it? Not to mention, JJ’s reel beats everybody’s.

    Outstanding Supporting Actress:
    1)Tricia Cast **
    2) Nancy Lee Grahn
    – I love MCE, but her reel wasn’t the strongest. I am cheering for Tricia and Nancy, either one is fine. Tricia does have the strongest reel though.

    Outstanding Younger Actor:
    1)Chad Duell ** (UGHH I hate to say this, because I wanted Drew Garrett to win the Emmy so bad last year, and he was still eligible this year and he is a WAY BETTER actor then Chad, but Chad has the strongest reel)
    2)Scott Clifton or Chandler Massey (both had mediocre reels)

    Outstanding Younger Actress:
    1) Lexi Ainsworth ** (BY FAR HAS THE STRONGEST REEL!)
    -Brittany Allen is a joke, and all Emily O’Brian did in her reel was scream and say “NO!!”.

  16. Profile photo of lfad

    Enjoyable podcast today. I don’t watch any of the shows besides AMC and occasionally OLTL, so I can’t comment on who or what show should win.

  17. Profile photo of soapbaby

    Here are my picks:

    Outstanding Drama Series

    Outstanding Writing:

    Outstanding Direction:

    Outstanding Lead Actor:
    WILL & SHOULD WIN: Maurice Benard

    Outstanding Lead Actress:
    WILL WIN: Susan Flannery
    SHOULD WIN: Debbi Morgan

    ** I love Laura Wright and a huge fan but she ain’t gonna win.

    Outstanding Supporting Actor:
    WILL & SHOULD WIN: Jonathan Jackson

    Outstanding Supporting Actress:
    WILL & SHOULD WIN: Tricia Cast

    Outstanding Younger Actor:
    WILL WIN: Scott Clifton
    SHOULD WIN: Chad Duell

    Outstanding Younger Actress:
    WILL & SHOULD WIN: Lexi Ainsworth

  18. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    The biggest travesty of the night will be if Tricia Cast doesn’t get that Emmy. As long as she wins, whatever else happens I’ll be fine with, though I will say I’m pulling for Stafford(though I would also love it if Colleen Zenk won after bringing it for the last decade) , Michael Park, Emily O’Brien, and Miller or Jackson in their respective categories.

  19. Profile photo of soapbaby

    Thanks for the info dkp.

    So, Julie Marie Berman was not nominated? Oh, I saw her pre-nom reels and thought she would have been a shoe-in for a supporting actress nom. Her scenes after Sonny shot Dante were excellent and I think outdid several of the actresses in the supporting actress category, namely Bree Williamson, Heather Tom and Julie Pinson (so overrated.)

    Any way, Tricia Cast better win!

  20. Profile photo of lfad

    [quote]Also the bit about “Laugh track”. That term is used WAY wrong among critics who dislike Multi-cams. A laugh track is when laughter is added in during the editing process, AFTER the scenes have been shot. Today ALL the Multi-Cams on CBS are filmed in front of a live studio Audience, so the laughter you here is not fake or a “laugh track”, but REAL laughter, just like how Lucille Ball did it. [/quote]

    They add laughter to shows that were filmed in front of a studio audience as well. It would be hard for me to believe that certain punchlines or situations get the response the writers and producers hope for every time. Not to mention a scene that had to be redone multiple times, who’s going to laugh over and over at the same thing?

  21. Profile photo of juniorz1

    Uhhhh, did you guys actually watch the reels? Because half of your predictions are WAY OFF!

    For you all to say that Colleen Zenk’s reel isn’t on par with the other ladies in the category and that she “didn’t bring it” is one of the most asinine things I’ve ever heard. I was a judge for GoldDerby.com this year and I watched the Lead Actress reels and let me tell ya something: Colleen’s reel blew the other ladies out of the friggin water! She had the most range, heart, and honest moments of any of the nominees. Laura Wright has NO CHANCE with her reel. Ditto Debbi Morgan, who’s ENTIRE Lead Actress reel was 6 minutes long with very little to do and no range. Flannery submitted a glorified PSA in which she did very little acting- she had TONS of tapes to choose from and chose wrong. Minshew isn’t even close. The only other actress who has a shot is Stafford, but the flashbacks in her reel took up WAY too much time for an 11 minute reel, added nothing to the momentum (they took away from it), and she submitted basically submitted the same thing last year and LOST!

    The Lead Actress trophy is Zenk’s to lose- her reel is head and shoulders above the rest. And I’m not the only one who thinks so.

    This is the problem when soap fans start a website and suddenly call themselves “journalists”……

  22. Profile photo of dkp

    I know this is an Emmy podcast, but I just have to chime in about the conversation at end with discussion of Single-cams vs Multi-cams. I prefer Multi-Cams as well and I don’t think are “old fashioned” at all and unfairly get a bad rap. Yeah, Single-Cam sitcoms get a lot of buzz and critics love them, but if you look, the Multi-Cams on CBS tend to beat the single-cams in both total viewers and demos. They also have higher ad rates, According to this Forbes article, (http://blogs.forbes.com/dorothypomerantz/2011/03/16/tvs-biggest-moneymakers/ ) Three of TV biggest money makers are sitcoms and all three that made the list were Multi-Cam shows. Not one single cam made it in the top ten. They also sell better in syndication as well, Big Band Theory a multi-cam last year, broke records in selling in syndication.

    Funny you bring up Modern Family, cause that’s the one Single-Cam I like and ratings wise the best performing of the Single-Cams. One thing very few know about that show, is it’s created and written by Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan, who have created or written for Golden Girls, Fraiser, Wings. All multi-cams. It’s a multi-cam sitcom disguised as a single-cam.

    Also the bit about “Laugh track”. That term is used WAY wrong among critics who dislike Multi-cams. A laugh track is when laughter is added in during the editing process, AFTER the scenes have been shot. Today ALL the Multi-Cams on CBS are filmed in front of a live studio Audience, so the laughter you here is not fake or a “laugh track”, but REAL laughter, just like how Lucille Ball did it.

    Other than that, great podcast guys. Can’t wait for the one where you discuss all the news that’s been happening.

  23. Profile photo of dkp


    I can only speak for the Chuck Lorre sitcoms, but they do not get edited. I know people who have went to several live tappings of Big Bang Theory and Two and Half Men, and you have obvously never been to one or talked to someone who has. Yes, sometimes scenes have to be reshot if they don’t get a laugh, but the audience doesn’t “laugh over and over at the same thing” When a scene or joke doesn’t get a laugh, it either get rewritten on the spot or cut. Sometimes 20% of an episode can be rewritten during taping soley based on how the audience is laughing and only the best scenes make it to air. Often an entire contex of a scene can change dramatically. They don’t “add in” more laughter too beef up a joke that’s not working. In fact, I was told there was one scene of an episode of Big Bang where the audience was laughing too loud, so they had to reshoot it & tell the audience not to laugh, cause they couldn’t hear the voices of the actors and edit the laughter without effecting sound quality of the entire scene. Editing ing the laughter was not an option. Even IF studio audience laughter was edited, that still doesn’t make it a laugh track. A Laugh track is 100% FAKE laughter that does NOT come from a studio audience. It is completely added in afterwards. None of the multi-cams use a laugh track. Period.

    Don’t just take my word on it, google ‘Chuck Lorre Laugh track’ and you’ll find several articles of him explaining what a laugh track is & what laugther from a studio audience is and why he doesn’t use laugh tracks. Also, Bill Prady co-exec producer of Big Bang Theory is on twitter (http://twitter.com/#!/billprady) send him a tweet. He has several times on his twitter explained it as well.

  24. Profile photo of Dariclone

    Yay, a new podcast and some great picks too! I’m holding my breathe and crossing my fingers that Melissa Claire Eagan wins best supporting. Since I know The Emmy’s are all about insider crap, she’s the only one I’m really rooting for.
    Luke, I don’t see how you can hat “Starcrossed Lovers” and still believe that it was the best dirceted, but you’re “whoever directed this crap” was just hilarious!

  25. Profile photo of jphelps

    ITA with you about Colleen Zenk but I think the opinions here sadly represent the things emmy voters looks for. NOt who’s the best but who had powerhouse scenes. If the emmys were truly best actor/actress Zenk would walk away with this. She had the most complete reel. THe fact that Laura Wright is even suggested to have a chance with what she submitted to me is a joke. Plus she is an incredibly limited actress.

    But then people also feel Billy Miller is JJ’s only real contender and please his reel was fairly week compared to Doug Davidsons who in any othr year should win.

    MIchael PArk should also win but it wouldn’t be terrible if James SCott won. Maurice Bernard? Uhm in his reel you could see him forgetting lines. If thats emmy winning that explains a lot.

  26. Profile photo of lfad

    dkp, I believe you. I haven’t kept up with sitcoms of any type in years, the last I read some of the multi-cams did enhance the laughter for some scenes and punchlines. I was mistaken.

  27. Profile photo of dkp

    All is good. I just get defensive about my multi-cams, LOL. Yeah, in the past they did that and I can’t speak for the multi-cams on other networks, they might still do that, but I the ones on CBS don’t, that I do know.

  28. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    I have a thought on the Emmy process. What if instead of the shows picking the Emmy tapes, The Emmy’s just randomly pick say 3 dates randomly (out of a hat) and request those tapes from all the shows. Same with actors three days (if you did not work those days the submit the closest date you did work.) It would give a truer random sampling of what goes on on the shows and there would be no more “emmy reels”. Just which show on a daily basis and which actors on a regular basis, were giving the goods. Just a thought.

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