Egan, Collins and Bassey Return to All My Children

Even more good news for All My Children fans hoping to see the return of familiar faces to Pine Valley before the soap goes off the air. According to TV Guide, Melissa Claire Egan, Kate Collins and Jennifer Bassey will be reprising their roles as Annie Chandler, Janet “From Another Planet” Green and Marian Colby the week of July 25. Reportedly, the three characters–currently confined in Oak Haven–will break out of the facility and return to Pine Valley. 

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    I absolutely love these three characters and actresses. Lorraine and Agnes show their love of AMC and their talent as writers by creating a story with these three together. It is getting increasingly more difficult for me to say goodbye to AMC.

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! This sounds absolutely fantastic. Great move by the show! I can’t wait!

    Annie & Janet scenes will be a HOOT! LOL!

    Marian should’ve been released from Oakhaven last year when the Damon/Liza/Tad/Colby story was happening! Will be great to see her one last time!

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    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! i literally just screamed!!!!!!!!!! soooooo excited for all they’re returns!!! its bittersweet! but cant wait!!! w/ Lorraine & Agnes @ the helms of AMC, the shoe is SURE to have THE BEST send of!f *tear*

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    This is probably going to be hysterical if Lorraine B and Agness are writing it. Remember that storyline where Skye, Erica, and Janet teamed up against the evil Dr. Kinder (played by the evilly handsome Michael Sabatini). Janet and Annie breaking out = comedy gold!

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    Yay. This sounds like it could be fun. I do hope that all three of them will be somewhat healthy, all of them deserve to have some of their sanity restored.

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    Why is it that these soaps always get so much better in their last few months? I actually look forward to every day’s episode of AMC now. Something that hasn’t happened since Erica was married to Dimitri Marick.

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    Love the idea of Kate Collins looking in the mirror and seeing Robin Mattson, just so Mattson can get a cameo role in. Kate Collins is definitely the better choice if they are only gonna use one though.

    Very excited. This sounds like a storyline rips straight from the fans. This is going to be fun to watch.

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    With all 3 of them breaking out of the looney bin obviously they are all still nuts which kind of makes it seem like there will be no JR/Annie reunion.

    How about Annie and Ryan? lol

    Since Leo is coming back for Greenlee maybe Ryan will wake up and smell the coffee and get with Annie and Emma.

    With all these returns it looks like they have given up on the show
    finding a new network.

    Such a waste.

    Wonder if they can get Anna to come back for David.

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    [quote]With all these returns it looks like they have given up on the show
    finding a new network.[/quote]

    I’d rather they go out with a bang than leave it on some damn cliffhanger since AMC and OLTL most likely won’t be picked up.

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    Does anybody know if the rumors that “All My Children’s” Debbi Morgan will be coming to “Young and the Restless” to play Drucilla, are true?

    I can’t imagine not seeing her everyday now that I’ve had the pleasure of watching her for the past two years.

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    TV Gord

    Alistair, I knew if I hung in there long enough, you and I would agree on SOMEthing! I like Kate Collins, but Robin Mattson made the role of Janet Green her own, and I just don’t buy KC as Janet.

    For me, KC’s portrayal died with Natalie’s death. Ironic, isn’t it, since she wasn’t playing Natalie when the character was killed off (whatever happened to Melody Anderson anyway?).

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    I am CRINGING just thinking about ANOTHER wonderful actress being WASTED on Christel Khalil/Lily. Jess Walton, Genie Francis, Tristian Rogers, Kristoff St. John, Tonya Lee Williams. All certified “back rubbers” for Saint Lily. It disgusts me that these writers can’t think of anything for these talented actors to do other than hold this SAD child’s hands.

    And I am sure I don’t have to tell you how I feel about the notion of them recasting the role of Drucilla……..

    It makes me wanna vomit. I don’t care if they pick Angela Bassett or Halle Berry, they still ain’t my Victoria Rowell. I hope this remains exactly what it is, a RUMOR!!!

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    This sounds awesome! Reminds me of Arkham Asylum from Batman…haha!

    I read a tweet from Victoria Rowell the other day saying she was at CBS studios….Mmmmm…

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    Ohhh ohhh ohhh…now that’s some fantastic casting.

    I’ve so missed Janet from another planet…the show is never dull with any of these ladies

    I hate that show has to get canceled for all these good returns:(

    I honestly didn’t see them bringing Melissa back….I love love Annie!!
    I really thought with the show ending that they wouldn’t bring back a crazy one but I guess technically all of those 3 went crazy lol!

    I can’t wait to see if they bring back Annie crazy or sane…really funny if Ryan dumps Greenlee bit** for Annie again…laughing just thinking about it.
    Can’t wait til they air…I can def. see this ladies working together to break out…this shall be a hoot!!:D :D

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    Alstonboy, I don’t want to hijack this thread because it’s supposed to be about the AMC casting news, but you know that if they recast Dru, it’s not going to be for her to be a “mover and a shaker” as played by V. Rowell. It will be for her to be part of this Greek chorus(in this case AA chorus) that TPTB feel Lily needs.

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    Yes yes yes! We’re finally going to see some of Lorraine’s quality writing! These three characters are ones I’ve been *dying* to see return! I’d love tp see Robin Mattson return but I’ll take Kate Collins if it gets us Janet back.
    I’d love to see a different Liza, but it’d be a bit late to oust Luner and cast someone else.

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    With Army Wives on hiatus, I would love one appearance by Kim Delaney as the divine Jenny Gardner Nelson.

    Can’t Tad need some sisterly advice from across the grave?

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    [quote=SoapArmageddon]Debbie Morgan playing Christel Khalil’s mom? Lord strike me down now if I have to see that on my TV!!!![/quote]

    I guess that means you would hate the idea? :)

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    The reality is … They could take the Closure of Annie in so many ways.. She breaks out of Oakhaven to be with Ryan.. She breaks out of Oakhaven to be be with Scott… She breaks out of Oakhaven to be with JR..

    BTW.. All 3 of those are plausable..

    BUT, IMO more and more I think Annie is coming back Crazy for her daughter and Ryan…

    Everytime Annie is crazy.. Ryan is always coming to her rescue and saving her from herself.. Will Annie be the love of Ryan’s life in the end…???

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