Jonathan Jackson’s Son to Play Aiden on GH

Jonathan Jackson and wife Lisa Vultaggio’s (ex-Hanna, GH) son Titus Gabriel is set to portray General Hospital’s Aiden, according to Soaps In Depth. Reportedly, the couple’s boy will appear onscreen in July. 

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    [quote=AlistairCrane]I lost all respect for JJ when I found out he campaigned for Mike Huckabee.[/quote]
    Guess JJ gets all he wants with his gone 10 years ass rumor has it he didn’t want LnL2 he got it, he gets the emmy reels and writing that has ascended him to sainthood, now his son gets a buck he’s shittin sunshine and rainbows must be grand. I’m not complaining he’s got to be better looking than that ugly big headed baby they straddled Elizabeth with while they threw her and Nik under the bus and he’ll look like the father.

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    I think it’s great that JJ will have his youngest child on set once in awhile! He’ll get to spend some additional time with him that he would otherwise not have. And Titus is adorable!!!

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    SOOOOOOOO COOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JJ AND Lisa are two gorgeous people and their kids are all drop dead gorgeous as well.


    And too the Mike Huckabee comment. I am the most left winged Democratic Liberal there is (trust me)
    and if I ever had to have a Republican in the big old house of white I wouldn’t mind him. JJ is a great guy with good head on his shoulders.

    ANyways that’s my spiel

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    Aw that’s sweet…although I can’t help thinking this was GH’s way to save some money rofl.

    I sometimes wonder why soaps don’t cast the actors/actress children when there in the same age range…I think the baby would take so much better to their acutal mom…I in some cases this happens like with Robin(Ex Skye)

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    [quote=GHteenybopper]Aww that’s so cute and makes a lot of sense since Aiden should look like Lucky[/quote]

    Talk about nepotism and unfair competition! the other babies did not stand a chance :bigsmile:

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    I know I shouldnt say this but damn it Im a gonna…..

    First, NO ONE was more heartbroken than I was when I learned that tiic fired GV even if it was to bring back the actor that originated the role – an actor I like very much too.

    That said, IF JJ didnt want LL2 then how is that any different that when Becky fought vociferously for Liason and was clear that she did NOT want an LL2 reunion when Greg was in the role? Am I to understand that its okay for some actors to fight for certain stories and pairing and not others? And is being successful in fighting for what you want somehow more awful than fighting for what you want and NOT being successful?

    As for the emmy reel – I am glad they gave him the chance to shine and SHINE he did. I may not always love the red weepy eyes thing he does but it fit the scenes given the content, and Lucky’s emotions practically rolled off my screen that day.

    Pimping? I guess theres suppose to be some negative connotation to that word but how is it any different than any of the other stories written for maximum potential to allow the cast to shine. Isnt that just writing to strength. Look at the Kristina abuse storyline – NLG, MB and LA ALL got nominations for their work in that storyline and if you look at michael fairman’s predictions Lexi all but has her category locked up and both Nancy and Mo are strong contenders in their categories as well. Maybe if TC didnt sleep walk through the Niz reveal scenes and maybe if RH, who Nelson Branco proclaimed should go back to acting school after he watched it play out on screen, had put her best into it, they too would be nominated. I know both actors have the talent because I have watched them on other occasions be much better than they were that day, but you cant blame JJ for knocking it out of the park.

    Finally, have we really gotten to the point where people think its cool to mock the actors appearance? And even worse a CHILD’S appearance. I love the internet, but really the anonymity allows people to say things they wouldnt dare say to someones face and think thats okay. As for JJ’s adorable child – maybe the work proved too much for the other infant and they thought it would be easier to use a child that would naturally be more comfortable given that the voice and face he would be seeing would be that of his own father. I am sure we will see a lot of the boy during the aiden reveal and then not so much. We have watched cam grow up but hes not on really all that much. I cant imagine this baby is making so much money that its making or breaking the jackson household.

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    eet–Just in case this comment is in any way directed at my comment, I want to to say categorically, that I said what I did mirthfully, and with the highest level of respect for JJ’s ability and seeming disposition. Although I respect how you feel about GV, JJ is MY Lucky–and I’ve said as much lately. I couldn’t have anticipated the comments that came after, and I hope it wasn’t me that sparked something.

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    I can’t help but wonder (though it is not a big deal) if part of keeping JJ on the show was giving his son a part.
    Didn’t JJ say a few months back he wanted out of GH? ASAP? He thought the show was done, and wanted to be done with his character by December.

    Doesn’t matter. I am hoping for a long run with the show.
    They can always bring back GV. :* :* :* :*

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    Tealita no, that wasnt aimed at you at all, it was more a rebuttal or response to Cyberologist. My issue was mostly with the making fun of the baby that played aiden originally and what I took as jj bashing, with the suggestion that somehow he did something wrong by getting great writing and delivering a great performance – I dont see anything wrong with that and in fact I thought that was what we as viewers always WANT.

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    I am wondering if this can be looked upon as a sign that Liz and Lucky will be reunited soon. The baby will be working mostly with Becky and I would assume they would schedule him with his father a lot.

    Aren’t all babies cute?

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