The View Tackles Tracy Morgan Homophobia Drama

The women of The View discussed comedian Tracy Morgan's vile, homophobic rant at a comedy club in Nashville recently, as part of their Hot Topics segment on Monday. Per usual, Whoopi Goldberg was the Defender in Chief, saying "but for the grace of God there go all of us." Okay, so Whoopi is saying everyone is just five seconds away from choosing to say the most heinous things imaginable about a group of people, all for the sakes of shiz and giggles?

Sherri Shepherd, who plays Morgan's wife on Tina Fey's sitcom 30 Rock, made the point that because of Morgan's antics his costars and bosses were negatively impacted. Fellow comedian Joy Behar called his statements on homosexuality being a.) a choice and b.) taught by the media, "ignorant". Barbara Walters was visibly disgusted by Morgan's remarks and said cloaking bigotry under the guise of "comedy" wasn't always acceptable. Haven't wanted to say this in a long time but, go Babs! Watch the clip below.

There is absolutely nothing funny about a public figure (or anyone else for that matter) saying he'd stab his son to death if he found out he was gay. I totally believe in a comic's right to be politely incorrect and am fans of many such comedians, the late Richard Pryor, Joan Rivers, etc. but to spout off such vitriol when gay teen suicides are at an all-time high is disgusting and irresponsible.

What if a "comedian" who stars on a hit sitcom watched by millions, said black people should still be lynched, while working out his routine at a comedy club? Would Goldberg be as okay with remarks like that, all in the sake of "comedy"? How about if one of Goldberg's fellow, highly-paid court jesters made off-color remarks about the Holocaust, or the victims of 9/11 as part of his or her routine? Sometimes, "he made a mistake" just doesn't cut it.

 For his part, Morgan has issued the all-too-familiar apologies, plans to go meet with gay teens and blah, blah, blah, but from where I'm blogging, Tracy Morgan is now in the same category with Mel Gibson and Michael Richards.

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    Scooter Smith

    I disagree with you Jamey. I think that Mel Gibson and Michael Richards were never apologetic that I can recall. They blamed it on other circumstances or disappeared from sight. I think its more like Isaiah Washington. He did/said something that hurt someone/group of people, and felt bad for it later. If you can tell me you have never done that, than you are a better man than I have ever met. If he does it again, or something similar, than we have something to talk about. But where was the outrage last week when Christopher Titus, a well known comic, said that he wanted to kill Sarah Palin? Is it not as bad because she is straight or people think she is stupid?

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    [quote=Ryan-Scott]Tina Fey should just fire him now.

    I am waiting for the inevitable stint in rehab.[/quote]

    I totally agree here. I’m amazed that only one person who attended the show, which was 2 weeks ago, just posted about it now (this weekend). I have always been a fan of Tracy’s, however, when a celebrity goes to these extremes, they need to face the consequences.

    As for the ladies of “The View”, it took me a while to realize this, but they only rehash what others have already said. No, “Go, Barbara!!” She’s gone down so many notches in my mind, due to the many things she’s said recently and who she supports. Honestly, I believe only Joy has a handle on things. Everyone always flip-flops on everything they say on that show. Plus, it airs on ABC, which I am boycotting save for “All My Children”. I have completely stopped watching the network altogether. I refuse to give them any ratings for shows other than my soap.

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    Yes, I do feel that if a comedian said that ‘black people should be lynched’, Whoopi Goldberg, like the ‘Aunt Thomasina’ I have always perceived her to be, would be the first to defend whichever racist comedian said it. People forget, or don’t know, that this is the same woman that defended that racist crap that Ted Danson pulled(back when she was sleeping with the very married actor) at a Friar’s Roast, back in the day.

    So Goldberg’s reaction to Morgan was no surprise to me.

    Secondly, I never understood how Morgan became any kind of success whatsoever. I never found him funny on SNL and I am not a fan of ’30 Rock’. The point is this: yes he was wrong and he will be more than duly punished for it, much in the same way as Isaiah Washington will forever pay for his blast at the Emmys, Golden Globes…wherever the hell it was. But I never think it’s a bad thing when a hater exposes his true feelings. Now everyone knows how Morgan feels and can deal accordingly.

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    I agree to with Chocolate-Mama!! At least we know where Tracy Morgan stands. I will never watch anything of his again and know he is a homophobic hateful person. Period. In my opinion, the words he said can never be forgiven and he’s now just doing what he has to his save what’s left of his career. This wasn’t a joke that went bad!! Come on!!
    This was Tracy saying what he really feels about gay people. This is why kids that are gay take their lives and feel they like they have no one to turn to. Why you hear about people who get murdered because of their sexuality. That is a joke to you?? No, that is plain downright hate and discrimation!! The only thing that I think Tracy can do is work with gay organizations and groups to be a positive light for them and learn something from it (not to just do it to save his career). People need to realize saying hateful speech like that in public has a price! Many of us, were hurt and so upset by these comments. The damage is done and now he needs to pay!! As for the View ladies, Whoopi tried to make it seem like he had just said a bad joke. Really??? Then Sherri tries to compare a joke that she had once said that went bad with Barbara Walters, to the comments that Tracy Morgan said. Shame on you, Sherri!! You can’t even compare the two!! Their (Whoopi and Sherri’s) underline message was they didn’t think what he did was that big of deal and move on. Barbara W. was the only one to call him what he really is!! All I can say is I’ll pray for him.

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    [quote]What if a “comedian” who stars on a hit sitcom watched by millions, said black people should still be lynched, while working out his routine at a comedy club? Would Goldberg be as okay with remarks like that, all in the sake of “comedy”?[/quote]

    If a fellow celebrity or comedian said it, I think she would defend them. If she could go on the View and defend Mel Gibson after saying abusive hatred to his baby mama, including hoping she would get raped by a pack of n-words, and say Roman Polanski didn’t commit “rape rape,” Whoopi will defend any famous person of almost anything.

    As for Tracy Morgan, that crap he said wasn’t funny or edgy. I don’t feel sorry that he’s going around trying to save his career. I’m also disturbed that reports said most of the audience were yukking it up and cheering Tracy Morgan until he said he would knife his son if the son came home and acted gay. Saying homosexuality is a choice and lesbians want to be men is funny, but don’t go too far. All righty.

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    Scooter Smith

    it really annoys me when someone does the sort of thing you are all doing. Just because he said something, whether he believes it, or he was just trying to be funny, you have decided to black ball him. Its ridiculous. Now, if he stabbed his gay son in real life, or beat Cheyenne Jackson up after a taping of thirty rock, I would agree with it. But, this is one instance that he has APOLOGIZED for!! Grow the fuck up people. Have you NEVER said or done something that you soon realized was a major mistake and wanted to apologize for and take it back? People talk about how Christians are so “intolerant” of people like homosexuals. I would guess based on the repeated articles and commenters on here, that more homosexuals are intolerant of anything said that is not complimentary, than you will find of those Christian extremists that want gays to die.

    I am a God fearing christian, and I have a number of friends who are gay, I love a lot of gay actors and actresses and their work. I hate that if I say I am a Christian, half the gays on this board will AUTOMATICALLY think I am a bigot, because of that one word. Judge the person not the group. Okay, sorry, I got carried away. I am off my soapbox now.

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    I’ve come to Whoopi’s defense before on some things before regarding her sometimes, in my opinion, admirable sense of looking at both sides but sorry Whoopi. Not this time and for the reasons that Mr. Giddens expressed so well. I say boot him off 30 ROCK. His absence won’t be felt that much. I’ve always thought his character was the foolish weak link and made me laugh the least. Hell, Sherri Shepherd playing his wife makes me laugh more. Boot his unfunny character to the curb, keep his funnier guards/sidekicks and make Cheyenne Jackson a regular. He’s sure as hell a lot easier on the eyes.

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    I wasn’t aware of the Titus/Palin comment but like Tracy shame on him too. I am surprised her supporters or Palin herself haven’t gone on the offensive. That truly shocks me.

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    Scooter Smith

    They have, but it has only been on talk radio and Fox news. Unfortunately, the “mainstream” media has decided that this joke wasn’t as bad as Tracy Morgan’s joke or Anthony’s Weiner.

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    Tracy Morgan deserves to have his butt handed to him, and I hope that mainstream society doesn’t let him off the hook for his disgusting comments. He needs to spend the next few months—-or years—paying for his distasteful words, just as Michael Richards and Mel Gibson deserve to pay. As a gay man, I have no problem with comedians making jokes about gays, but to presume that it’s a CHOICE that we are making and that we need to get over the fact that we are being bullied and “man up” really makes me want to put my fist through a wall.

    I won’t get into a debate about homosexuality on this board, other than to say that homophobia is the ONLY form of discrimination in this country that we not only accept and condone but PROMOTE. It’s sickening.

    I will never see Tracy Morgan the same again, nor will I be a fan of his any longer. Truth be told, I haven’t found him to be particularly funny since he played “Hustle Man” on “Martin” back in the 90s. I hope that he is truly sorry and that he realizes the error of this ways!!!

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    cri cri

    I am hesitant to judge what was truly in the heart and mind of Tracy when he chose to let this rant rip. At the worst it displays how he really feels, at the best it displays extremely poor judgement. I am all for edgy, dark and occassionally offensive humor (love it really – I am a huge defender of South Park) but Joy Behar made the best point about where the line should be drawn. When you go after segments of the population that still are fighting for their right to even exist within certain deeply entrenched parts of our populace, it comes off as nothing more than ugly bullying. Nothing enrages me more than hearing a vile bully accuse his victims of not having a sense of humor – excusing Tracy’s rant fuels that excuse for veiled bullying that I see taking place out in the everyday world, causing life-long damage to its victims. I am glad he apologized, cannot judge the sincerity of it at all, but perhaps some real lesson could be taught from this. A bully attempting to justify his or her cruetly behind comedy is UNACCEPTABLE.

  12. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Scooter Smith,

    Gay people in this country are ostracized. When people make fun of gay people, it’s applauded, not looked down upon as should be. Words like “fag,” “queer,” “homo” and other gay slurs are used freely in all parts of society, and its simply looked at as a joke. Mainstream society seems to accept the degradation of gay people. That’s what I was trying to say.

    If you disagree, I guess I respect that, but I don’t see how anyone living in 2011 COULD disagree with that statement. Gay bashing is everywhere. As I said, I am not going to get into a heated debate on this topic. You are entitled to your opinions.

  13. Profile photo of Scooter Smith
    Scooter Smith

    I do disagree, simply because everywhere I look, when people use those terms they are ostracized. In the last 10 years, I have not seen anywhere people calling other people “fags” or “homos” without being admonished by most decent people. Celebrities that even mention those terms, they are immediately blackballed all over the web and the morning shows. I would never allow my kids to say that, and neither would any of my friends. I just think that America is a lot more understanding than you give them credit for, because there are no headlines saying “Michigan town is proven to be friendly to the gays”. It is only when bad shit happens, and it gives a skewed view.

  14. Profile photo of Gi271976

    Hate speech should never be excused or not taken lightly no matter who is the target! To try to make light of it only makes you like a biggot. People are being discriminated, bullied, beaten, and murdered all in the name of hate. How is that a joke??!!

  15. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    As a heterosexual male and soap fan (gasp!) I’m going to attempt to delve into this. So strap up because it’s going to a bumpy ride. In the African American community homophobia is condoned, specifically more often then not amongst the males. Now this doesn’t mean that every black male agrees with the anti-gay ideology that litters parts of the community (I’m a testament to that) but it is not uncommon for this type of behavior to exist.

    Ideas about homosexuality range from something inherited from the white man during slavery because African American men were emasculated and demoralized to the ideas of a religious sin which doesn’t have a specific racial aspect to it.

    It has even extended to the soap world where the idea once brought up by some fans about the possibility of Y&R’s Devon being gay brought a firestorm of “hell no!” from mostly black female viewers.

    It is obvious that anti-gay sentiment has been widely accepted on the black comedy circuit and some forms of Hip Hop (mainly Gangasta Rap) since the early days.

    For some parents “coming out” is worse than being a murder, rapist or a child molester. They make general soap opera “coming out” stories look mild in comparison. Kids exhibiting any behaviors that could be interpreted as gay can be beaten within an inch of their life to show that the behavior is wrong. And all too often other parents and people with the same view points support this view. Especially when it comes to the idea of “being a man.”

    Not too many fathers want their sons to grow up being the preverbal “punk.” At least that is what is often said. And the ass whoopins’ many African American gays in urban neighborhoods receive if their sexuality is say more noticeable would drive non-black gays to suicide. So it amazes me how they avoid it!

    In church everyone knew that one guy with the premed hair in the choir or the choir director or just plain church member who YOU KNEW was not going to be marrying a woman and more or less engaged in any female sexual activity. But everyone pretended not to know what was up or just ignored it.

    In my own family I had a older cousin whom when I was kid was going through the transformation from Male to Female. My mother a staunch catholic traditionalist with a penchant for a more Dominique Deveraux type of personality and dress and my father you’re old liberal conservative Brian from the film Mahogany type were dead set against exposing me to “her.” So when we would make rare visits to my mother’s uncle’s house where my cousin still resided as an adult I was made to stay in the car and hide on the floor when my cousin would come out of the house.

    This often got my parents considered to be too “highsadity” among other reasons and was the one thing I disagreed with them on later in life.

    They have later since evolved in their thinking as far as their approach after my nana passed away and my mother made a pledge get over her issues for the sake of the family. Yet whatever feelings they have is reserved for the comforts of their own minds.

    But it is an issue within the black community and is still an issue in America in general. We’ve even seem the president have an evolution in his own view on the issue. So we as a community have a ways to go on this issue and may be the last taboo in the African American community.

    On a side note TC’s reaction to Simone coming out on Passions (one of the few real moments) as gay when he slapped her and disavowed it was as real as it gets with this issue with many African Americans.

    Those are just my unvarnished thoughts.

    Okay I just got an idea… How about aging Theo to a teen and having him come-out and having Abe having a bad reaction. Now that would be interesting.

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    Scooter Smith

    Last week, I made a joke about wanting to punch a co worker because they were getting on my nerves. Now, I would never have actually hit her, but I almost lost my job over this type of stupid shit. I am sorry if people are touchy because they feel like a victim. But, if you are proud to be gay, then fucking act that way. Walk away and ignore them or fight back. Just because some people don’t like it, doesn’t make them evil.

    Bullies target whatever you are insecure about. I got bullied for being a christian, because I was a “goody two shoes”. But I laughed it off, made a couple of jokes and they went away. Then they started teasing me, calling me a “fag”, because I watched soaps, was in the choir, and was dating a girl who, looked kinda mannish. I laughed it off, made a couple jokes about it, and they left me alone. You have to not let them know they rattled you. I know that I am going to get flamed for this because I am a straight white guy, and “don’t know what it’s like to be gay”, but I have been bullied my whole life. It taught me how to be stronger, and how to get over things.

    This whole storyline with Jack and Shane has been difficult for me, because no one has ever taught Shane how to handle an asshole before? That is something every parent should teach their kid, because it will happen to 90% of them. If they aren’t being bullied, they probably ARE the bully. I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but if you teach your kids how to handle that when they are young, and they won’t want to kill themselves when someone teases them.

  17. Profile photo of Gi271976

    David, there are many who brought up in hate, ignorance, and misinformation but that doesn’t justify or excuse it. Most is taught in the home and learn by the child. That doesn’t mean you have to grow up with it and continue it. Ignorance is the easy road, but learning what is the real truth about other diverse groups is enlightening and life changing! To make excuses or staying silent only means you accept it. To take a stand is never easy but it is right and worth it!

    Scooter, you haven’t walked in a gay person’s shoes so you don’t know how it feels. Being bullied is terrible no matter what the reason and should not be tolerated by society. GLBT kids are bullied at very high rates and many don’t have no one to talk to about or anyone to turn to. So they have to endure the abuse because they can’t tell the people they love about their sexuality. Many take their lives as a result, seeing it as a better option than dealing with the daily torture. So to say just deal or stay strong is easy to say when you aren’t with all they are dealing with.

    Now,saying you want to hurt or worse to someone should never be taken lightly. That is just disturbing. How did they know when someone is joking or serious? Again, saying things like that aren’t a joke or funny at all. You can say words but you will also pay the price too. Words have consequences! People need to realize that and be more sensitive of others. That is what is wrong with this country today – No respect for others. The old saying is best: Treat people the way you would want to be treated. Sounds simple but yet so many don’t live by that these days.

  18. Profile photo of Scooter Smith
    Scooter Smith

    Gi, I guess I will just do on these boards, what I have decided to do in my office. Just stop talking, because inevitably SOMETHING I say will upset someone, and I don’t want to take that chance. So I will just become a zombie, and have no contact with anyone except my wife, kids, and the few friends I have. To hell with the outside world. Who wants to grow and expand and meet new people when you can’t say anything to them about anything without fear of being sued, blackballed, fired, prosecuted, or just plain screwed.

  19. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Scooter Smith, you are acting like the issue is people saying they don’t condone gay marriage or don’t believe being gay is a choice. That isn’t it at all. This man said, in a very anti-gay part of the country, that he would STAB his son if he told him he was gay. That is most assuredly not the same as saying you are a Christian and don’t believe something is right.

    You say you are sick of this, well guess what I am sick of. I am sick to death of people using the bible to justify hatred. I too grew up Christian and there is no part in the bible that says if you disagree with what you consider a “sin” you should make jokes about the “sinner” and bully them, and/or say you would stab one. Maybe in the old testament, but certainly not in the new.

    I can calmly debate someone who says they don’t accept gays because of their religious beliefs, but that is not the same as making violent statements about a group of people who are having violence inflicted on them daily. ESPECIALLY GAY CHILDREN!

    You bring up Sarah Palin. First of all, had no idea this Christopher person said that, but then again, in my post I mentioned a public figure starring on a show with millions of people. That title hasn’t applied to Christopher Titus in years. That’s probably why it isn’t making as many headlines as what the star of NBC’s hit series 30 Rock just said about his hypothetical gay son.

    What Titus said about Palin is appalling, but Palin is an adult, politician/reality star who CHOSE to put herself in the limelight. That comes with the possibility of people saying heinous things about you. The gay teens who are being bullied in this country don’t choose to be gay, nor do they choose to be bullied, or to fall into the depths of depression. They also don’t choose to have an asshat, recovering drug addict comedian, whose been forgiven many of the sins the bible speaks out against, go down to Nashville and basically say it’s okay to hate, bully, belittle and even stab gay children. It’s irresponsible and your being uncomfortable about the dialogue doesn’t change that fact.

  20. Profile photo of Gi271976

    Scooter, you have an opinion on somethings and a voice too. I just don’t get defending or downplaying hateful speech and talking about hurting people (joking or serious) as being justified. Like I said no matter who it is (gay, straight, black, latino, asian,white, man, woman, christian, muslim, or atheist, etc.) being targeted by hate shouldn’t be tolerated!! It may be a joke or not offensive to some, but to the group the speech to targeted towards it hurts very much!! How is someone who is gay to it take as a joke?? Talking about hurting someone is acceptable and OK? A threat is a threat, just as hate is hate!! This wasn’t just being called a nasty name. This rant was about harming his kid if he was gay. My religion is about love for others (even ones different from me) and treating people the way Jesus would want me to treat others. Religion to me is not about violence and hate, and for people who think otherwise… I pray for them!

  21. Profile photo of Gi271976

    WOW!! I just went on The View Message boards. 95% or more are negative about how Whoopi and Sherri tried to give Tracy a pass. It is worth checking out all the posts saying they are really upset with them!!

  22. Profile photo of Scooter Smith
    Scooter Smith

    Maybe its because I am white and straight and live in the midwest. But in any instance that gay teens are hurt in anyway, the perpatrators get punished for it, and the teens get protected. So, I don’t see this extreme statement, meant to get laughs, as a serious threat. So I don’t understand the blackballing of this man, especially since he has apologized for making the statement and admitted it was inappropriate. I know you can’t unring a bell, but you CAN try to be contrite about it.

  23. Profile photo of

    How could such a talented man (he was soooooo good on “Saturday Night Live”!) say such a horrific thing???

    I am completely at a loss for words and agree that he should be lumped into that category as Mel Gibson and Michael Richard.

    Oh and that homophobic beauty queen contestant from a couple years back.

  24. Profile photo of Susan Hunter
    Susan Hunter

    My parents used to always say, never mind the people who call you names to your face, just be extra careful of the ones who call you names behind your back. What Tracey Morgan said was inexcusable, but now every gay man and woman knows exactly where he or she stands with Tracey Morgan and should act accordingly. He has shown himself. All of this teeth gnashing and hand wringing , solves nothing and does nothing but create noise for the sake of noise. Focus on the people, especially those in power,who are saying and feeling the same things that Tracey did. Tracey Morgan has no real power.

  25. Profile photo of Gi271976

    That extreme statement meant to get laughs???? Who laughing??? Cause it certainy brought tears to many others!!! Shame on people who think this twisted statement is humor!! They got one sick sense of humor. I don’t get how hurting another human is funny. Also, many gays teens don’t get protected and end up dead or homeless on the street. While most perpatrators get off and people turn their eye to it. Cause it is easier to be silent and uncomfortable to talk to about it. Those are the facts. The apology is still pending on this one if he ever get an acceptance!! I’m sorry!! Now, I hear he even said more stuff too. What he said was just so messed up!! No, being white, straight, and living in the Midwest has nothing to do with this, Scooter!! I’m not buying it one bit!! You know better than that now.

  26. Profile photo of soapbaby

    Oh my, “stab your child for being gay” is sickening. There’s no excusing this.

    Tracy Morgan has a mutha***** nerve and I better not catch him in the street. This homophobic and hateful from the man who was on Oprah last year crying hysterically over how Tina Fey believed in him. Seriously?

  27. Profile photo of tealita

    Whoopie Goldberg wouldn’t know what a, “boundry,” is if it smacked HER in the nose on her way back from the bean pot. I seem to recall that she “ripped” one of her own tasteless, vulgar displays on The View not too long ago–much to the chagrin of her co-workers. Until Whoopie can learn to control what comes out of her own mouth (and as*), she should sit back down! And don’t get me started on Tracy Morgan. Who is he again?

  28. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    When I was a young teenager, the subject of homosexuality came up with my mother (probably from a Phill Donahue show or a news program). My mother said point blank she would rather her child be dead than homosexual. I being a young teen and in the 70s scared already to be gay internalized this message and stayed inside the closet until I was almost 30 years old. I never talked about it to anyone. The first person I revealed it to was a male friend who at first said he was ok with it. Turns out it was anything but true and he nearly killed me with a knife (fortunately I got away before I was stabbed). I had to come out of the closet to a) protect myself from danger and expose this person, b) if I was murdered, everyone would know who and why. This is a 100 percent true story. I have lived with the words echoing in my ears of what my mother said every day of my life. To know that ones parent would rather see you dead than gay is not exactly great thing. I have attempted forgiveness for her thoughtless statement, but I can not forget it. I hope that Tracy Morgan’s child does not have to bear this same cross his or her life long. It is not something I would wish on anyone.
    This is not a joke, this is not political, this is not religious, this is not something to be made fun of. This is an ordinary part of existence as a human being. Being gay is no different than liking chocolate icecream, having red hair and blue eyes, using ones right hand to write with, sleeping on ones stomach, or having heterosexual sex. Choice or no choice, genetic or not, societally trained or no, being gay is intrinsic and does not have an on off switch (no matter what those groups that try to turn gay people straight think).
    Tracy Morgan can not and should not be crucified about this. He is a person who no matter what his personal beliefs might be simply propetuated a terrible and horribly common belief. However I might point out that Joy Behar also kinda stepped in it calling us the weak and helpless. By GOD if I can SURVIVE in the STRAIGHT family that RAISED me and in this homophobic country that I LIVE in and survive in this backwoods “CHRISTIAN” society that I find myself in, I AM BY GOD NOT WEAK and HELPLESS. And I was ALL ALONE in it. I DIDNOT have the LAW the BIBLE AND CHURCH and general REDNECK behavior to HIDE behind. All I had was ME.

  29. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    I wear a rubber purple bracelet everyday and have for months that says ‘end bullying’ on it. I got it from HRC. Some people do the yellow. I do the purple.
    I wonder if Tracy had one if he would wear it?

  30. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Are you saying Mark that because Tracy says something that others feel and think that he shouldn’t catch hell for this? Do you really mean that?
    I disagree. In my opinion, its called man-up and own your shit.

    Like in the alien movie ‘Paul': a man is a man who pays taxes, shaves, and has pubic hair. I assume all 3 apply to Tracy.
    So in other words Tracy deserves what he is getting. I hope NBC fires him.

  31. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    ryan-scott I am saying that Tracy Morgan isn’t Jesus and shouldn’t pay for the sins of the world. He is but a man pandering to a total belief system. One that includes statements that gay people are weak and need straight people to protect them. One that includes that gay people are somehow different than the rest of society. Gays are part of this society. He is no more or less than what America believes.
    String him up if you want to and ya know what? he becomes a martyr to the CAUSE. I do not believe that gay people are exempt from comedy. I do believe what he said was deplorable and I hope just like I have to live with what was said to me every day, what he said has to live with him. To simply fire him and trash him, somehow will mean he has paid his dues at some point. That punishment eventually the lenght of the sentence will at some point someone will say well he paid for this so now it’s forgive and forget. And really, getting him fired may set fire to his career. He might become highly sought after. Everytime people get in an uproar about someones Political incorrectness, there gets to be an overload and people just shut down and stop wanting to hear it. I have seen that too many times.
    Yes what he said was terrible, hope he has to eat those words forever. I hope that beside his name is parenthesis (the homophobe) for the rest of his days.
    I do want to point out that Tommy Hilfiger went on Oprah and told the world he did not like for black people to wear his clothing. The next week, his line was pulled from every major dept store. Well enough time passed, he paid his dues and now is exclusive to MACY’s. Not to bad for a racist asshole….

  32. Profile photo of Gi271976

    Mark, thanks for sharing your courgeous story and keep up the fight. However, I disagree with you about Tracy & think he should be fired and have to eat his words for years to come. These celebrites think they are can just say anything and that they can get away with. Many stars after they go on these rants are told by their teams to do damage control to save their butts. They really aren’t sorry about what it but have it to do it to save their career. It all for PR and that is all they are concerned with,to save themselves!! So where is the lesson in that and what will make the next celeb, think before they open their mouths!! They need to realize they will pay a very heavy price for the biggoted remarks they make and hopefully it will put an end to hate filled garbage. Plus, what kind of example does it set to everyone when they heard this mess and he gets away with it. Makes them think they can do it too and nothing is wrong it. Feeding hate only creates more hate. You have to stop it at the core or it keeps growing like a cancer.

  33. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    I don’t care one way or another if this man gets fired. Fire him…. I am just saying that two years from now he will have his mea culpa comeback. And in the mean time he is the poster boy for all the hollywood hating biggots out there. And besides the core of biggotry is not a stand up comic. It is the pulpit. And believe me until you stop the preachers of this world from condemming us to hell and ridicule, you won’t change anything.

  34. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Amen jjfan93 Preach it! and praise God too that he made us unique……lol unfortunately our uniqueness has a funny way of showing itself ya
    know with our hatred of eachother, our destroying the ecology of the planet and such.

  35. Profile photo of alstonboy4315


    I LOVE that quote. I have made it my Facebook and Twitter statuses. Thanks so much for spreading that tidbit. :)

    Hopefully, it will make a few people think and analyze not only themselves but others.

  36. Profile photo of Gi271976

    Mark, I agree with about the preachers and such but that’s not the issue at hand! Let him be the poster boy for the biggots, at least he will jobless and have many people against him. I don’t get your point about the comeback in two years. Let him be a comeback kid years from now, I dont care!!Besides, Issiah Washington and Mel Gibson’s career still isn’t booming since their rants. But to say that he shouldn’t be punished or condemed for his unacceptable comments is crazy in my opinion. So you think he should just be slapped on the hand or excuse it as an “opps” moment!! I mean, Come On!! Where do we the line here??? The comments he made were as severe and damaging as they come. You just can’t excuse that horrid vile speech and if you do….. I will pray for you too!!

  37. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    I guess I should fire my mother as well…..
    Being fired from a job is not the same thing as being jobless first of all. Simply means that you lost that job. He would just get another. Mel Gibson for instance had a movie out last year and will have two out this year and one in preproduction for next year. Plus he is a regular guest on tv talk shows. So well his career is if not stellar, it don’t sound too bad either. Oh and he wrote one of the movies that he’s in this year too.
    Isaiah Washington had a running role on the Bionic Woman, a couple of episodic roles and 2 movies plus one in preproduction that he is staring in since his unfortunate words. So well then there is the Tommy Hilfiger incident that I mentioned earlier.
    I would much rather the man join P-Flag and become the spokesperson for anti bullying in schools where he would be useful than to hear his name in every conservative radio program for the next year. Let him march in the pride parade this year. That would be far more useful to me. Maybe he could apologize to parents of gay children who support and love their kids the way GOD made them…. That would be useful to me. Firing him? I don’t care if he is or isn’t I am just saying that it won’t help anything. The message would be lost just like mine is to many of you.

  38. Profile photo of gato1

    Mark I am so sorry to hear all that you had to go thru and I can’t even imagine it. It may mean nothing to you, but you have really inspired me to be more grateful for what I have and to also marvel at your personal strength.
    I hope things are better now and you are happy.

  39. Profile photo of glowery

    You know I was going to leave this whole thread alone until I read Marks comments. First off I want to say, Mark I am sorry your mother would wish her child dead, and I am sorry that a friend tried to kill you but….

    I am going to take exeption to your statements about backwoods religion, red neck views and hypocritcal teachings of ministers from pulpits. While everyone is so busy putting down this one or that one because of what they say and they are labled as homophobes, or racist or what ever, it seems perfectly fine to call christians names and say how stupid they are and what hypocrits they are and so on.

    If a preacher preaches anything other than what the Bible says, then yes he is a hypocrit, but when he teaches straight from the Bible he is not, no matter if you agree with it or not.

    I have never in my life called a gay person names, threatened them in anyway or said I would rather my child be dead than be gay. Yes at my church we go according to the Bible that a man laying with another man is an abomination. It says it right there in black and white, according to the Bible it is a sin. But…. in our church we are taught to love the sinner, hate the sin. So your life style is your life style and it is not up to me to judge you. I have gay friends I think the world of, but I don’t now, nor will I ever understand their lifestyle. I don’t shun them, or call them names, nor I am in their face telling them they are going to go to hell because of the way they live, I am not their judge, that is not my job. My job is to do unto others etc., while we are all still on this earth and when judgement day comes, well what ever happens, happens.

    I don’t like the majority of stand up comedians mainly because 90% of them are so vulgar, and to be honest, not very funny. I think what this man said was in very bad taste, but I go right back to the first of my statement, that 90% of them, in my opinion, are distasteful. But for you to sit there and and go on about a person being a homophobe or a racist or whatever, because they are Born Again Christians, or you call them rednecks, or imply in any other way that the are stupid, then you are no better than Tracey Morgan.

  40. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Glowery, I am sure it will surprise you to know that I am a born again christian myself. I am NOT talking from out side the faith. I LIVE in the buckle of the biblebelt. When I say these things I am critisizing from within. I do NOT live in SanFransisco or New York and talk about the midwest disdainfully. I KNOW of what I speak. I am speaking of the hugely disproportional amount of preaching done in the pulpits on a couple of Bible verses that deal with sex between the same gender and ignoring others that deal with it in a more positive light (the sexual relationship between David and Jonathon for instance). The Bible talks negatively about sex between the same gender in only a couple of places, out of all those sentences in the Bible, every single person who is a born again chrisian knows what they are and where they are. There are very few topics that the Bible teaches about that one could say that about. One would think there is a whole book of the bible about it or something. Preachers will bring this topic up many times during a year and even blame homosexuality for the distruction of the family unit in the United States. I KNOW this is happening. I have heard it all. So for you to sit there and say “well this does not happen in my church” is number one maybe you can go back and revisit how often this topic is discussed and the number of other things that are in the Bible that are NOT discussed in proportion to the number of verses that the Bible discusses the topic. You will find that well it is blown WAY out of wack. Secondly, that thought is NOT representative of all churches. When I was forced to come out of the closet, do you know what MY CHURCH did? They kicked me out. “hate the sin” is a funny thing. Sin feels good and is enticing. It is the forbidden fruit. Everyone succums to sin at some point. It isn’t hateful and infact the opposite. That is why everyone sins because it is totally natural and feels good. But there are very few sins that people will line up the “hate the sin” clause for. To seperate gay people out for that particular “sin” is biggotry. God does not see sin in catagories. The Bible teaches that ALL men have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. That None are rigtteous NO not one. Jesus called the organized religions of his time Snakes and Vipors. I only said ours was rednecks. So I guess Jesus is in the same boat as me about the name calling…..
    By the way if your Bible has the word homosexual in it, that word was invented about 175 years ago. So some good chritian inserted that word in the Bible to lend credence to his or her point of view. That word or any other word that could mean homosexual had not been invented as of the writing of the Bible. Yet miraculously it suddenly appears in some new versions of the Bible. I think a word meaning male temple (church) prostitute was the original word they exchanged.

  41. Profile photo of baffled

    Do you happen to watch pro basketball? The NBA has an entire campaign based on trying to stop guys from insulting each other with the term “That’s so gay”. Kobe Bryant was fined thousands of dollars for calling a ref a gay slur when the ref made a call Bryant didn’t like. Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls was fined for calling a “fan” a “m-fing f—-t” after the fan heckled Noah’s mother at a game and the TV cameras caught Noah’s response. Now the NBA network devotes entire programs to trying to stamp out the casual homophobic trash talk that basketball players on ALL levels are known to engage in.

    It would be great if everyone had your view that expressing anti-gay comments is socially unacceptable; but unfortunately that is not the case in many circles. Recently, I had an exchange with someone on-line regarding the brutal murder of a Indiana Univ. professor, whose ex-Marine killer tried to use the hoary “gay panic” defense for a obviously pre-meditated murder after a night of drunken sex. The other commenter told me that if a man is discovered having sex with another man; then his only choices were “extreme coverup or suicide”!!!

    This type of situation really hit home for me because years ago one of my best friends from childhood was murdered by two men who claimed “gay panic” and received lesser sentences as a result. My friend was one of the kindest, gentlest people I have ever known and nobody who knew him or the killers believed that he would ever try to assault anyone. Friends of the murdered professor, Don Belton, describe him in similar terms; and his work as a writer was respected around the world.

    I wish the rest of the world was as tolerant as you believe.

  42. Profile photo of baffled

    Mark–That Tommy Hilfiger incident you keep mentioning is something of an “urban myth” and has been debunked repeatedly. Hilfiger was initially asked what he thought about hip hop performers adopting his clothing and wearing over-sized versions of it. He said he did not like them wearing the over-sized versions of his fashions and that he would rather they wear the clothing sized as he designed it. He did not say he didn’t like black people wearing his clothing and he made a special appearance on the Oprah show to talk about this whole mis-characterization of his remarks. There is enough real hatefulness spewed in this society without smearing this man for something he never said and certainly never meant.

  43. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    That is a very fine line difference. Much like that hate the sin and love the sinner slogan. The style for hip hop which was MOSTLY part of the black community was to wear oversize clothing at the time. To say I don’t like how hip hop people dress, is to critisize part of that groups culture. In otherwords my culture is better than your culture, or I am better than you are. Which IS what bigotry is!

  44. Profile photo of Scooter Smith
    Scooter Smith

    Thank you mark. I have a hard time staying calm in these types of discussions, because of how I feel about the issue. I agree with everything you said, and I wish that when I tried to communicate my point, I could have been as eloquent.

    Just one note that always gets me. In the same book that it says that man lying with another man is a “detestable sin”. it says Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material. So, umm, should people wearing polyester and rayon shirts be put to death?

  45. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Thanks Scooter Smith! Probably so, same with eating a cheezeburger (no meat and milk products touching), women having sex outside of marriage (stonable offence), eating pork (no bacon?) or shellfish!(red lobster must be destroyed!), making images of God ( hey no pics of Jesus kneeling in the Garden of Gesthemeny praying or holding a staff with a sheep and certainly no movies showing him and that is one of the ten commandments), no mouthy children, a stonable offence, woman should not adorn their faces or wear their head uncovered in public, or cut their hair (but Jesus what about the split ends?) lots of sinning goin on…. not alot of hating those particular sins.

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