Why Did Jane Become Erica Kane on All My Children?

What is the real reason Jane (Susan Lucci) took over Erica Kane’s life? (Editor's Note: I bet she has an AGENDA!) Watch this week’s All My Children promo after the jump. 

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    It’s a last ditch effort to get Susan Lucci that well-deserved SECOND Emmy award.


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    IMO, Susan Lucci’s emmy reel should be the January 3, 2011 episode of AMC. Lol I honestly think that was the “last ditch effort” ;-P but maybe this Jane/Erica story is as well. I thought Susan did amazing at the beginning of the year though and I hope she’s recognized for that performance.

    LOVE this promo and I’m really loving this Erica story! I think it’s fantastic. I hope it wraps up soon though…

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    I love Susan Lucci to death, and always have, but there’s NO way she’s going to win an Emmy for this foolishness. With AMC’s craptastic writing as of late, Lucci’s ONLY chance at adding another Emmy to her mantle will be when they give her a Lifetime Achievement Award, which I am SURPRISED the NATAS hasn’t done yet. After all, she is the QUEEN of daytime!!!!!!!

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    LOL!!! I hear you alstonboy4315. I think the only people who love Susan more than us is her mother, Helmut, Liza, and Andreas but this doppelganger story is foolish, even though it has its amusing moments at time. Plus, that guy watching over her is kind of hot.

    The only chance that Susan may have to win a second Emmy, aside from a special one for her overall contribution to being the face of U.S. daytime drama (not a bad idea Emmy committee), is if Lorraine and Agnes, write some kick but stuff for her in AMC’s last months.

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    Aside from Ryan-Scott and me, has anyone else read ALL MY LIFE? I enjoyed it. Susan has such a fascinating life. Her writing about her parents and the backstage AMC stuff, especially the early days, were my favorites.

    alstonboy4315, the petition is a pretty damn good idea.

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    The young guy watching over “Erica” said today “she (Jane) did it all for him” is that Jane’s son? Then Jane stopped them from talking. I think it will blow up when Jackson sleeps with Jane…he will then know it’s not Erica. I still think Jane will be someone Erica crossed maybe past employee, somehow there will a connection why Jane went extremes.

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    I don’t read fiction that much. I read mostly biography and autobiography.

    I have read: Making A Miracle by Hunter Tylo, Forgiving Troy by Thom Bierdz, The Confessions of Phoebe Tyler by Ruth Warrick, Me by Ricky Martin, and of course All My Life which was my favorite. All are great books and I recommend them.

    I look forward to the ones by Kim Zimmer and Melody Thomas Scott.

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    I hope that Lorraine and Agnes are able to rewrite this mess of a storyline to cover for whatever garbarge Kreizman andd and Swajeski will spew out.
    As for the two characters who slept together, I hope that it’s Bianca and Marissa.

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    Whatever happened to the half-sister Silver Kane? Did she die? I thought they had some kind of toxic rivalry at some point; but don’t recall how it was resolved.

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