ATI’s Jim Romanovich On Soaps’ Longevity: “I Don’t Think The Five-Day-a-Week Soap Is Dying”

The Hollywood Reporter
spoke with Associated Television International president and Daytime Emmy producer Jim Romanovich on what viewers can expect to see on the Emmy telecast slated for June 19. He also weighed in on his thoughts regarding the controversy about soaps' five-day-a-week blueprint still being viable on television today. Romanovich stated:

Romanovich: Right, but I still believe there's life beyond network television for daytime dramas. I think the daytime drama on the alphabet networks is dying. However, I don't think the five-day-a-week soap is dying. I think it could exist elsewhere, if somebody cared enough to put some time into it. The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful both do better than most primetime shows on the CW.

The 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards air this Sunday at 8 PM EST on CBS.


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    The CW is not a fair comparison. That network is geared to young women and thats what it draws. And of the current daytime soaps as currently written with the way women are written would not make it. Compare the 18-34 demos for shows on the CW to the daytime soaps. Why are folks not seeing while the audience erosion may have slowed down some, the younger demos are still dropping for daytime soaps. Ask yourselves why.

    Soaps need to pare down and figure out a way to be viable and contemporary in 2011. Smaller casts, slicker sets, more contemporary story telling. Tell me the last CW show that had doppleganger, back from the dead, and a ton of WTD stories and I would guess a DID story would not be told as irresponsibly as is being told on OLTL.

    IF anyone out there can address these issues there MIGHT be a place for a soap on another network or even in syndication.

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    Preach! Key words here though- “if someone cared enough”. Thats the biggest problem. No one is invested in this genre that oiutside the studios that run these shows. They have no advocate Instead, they have Brian Frons running all over town telling Kelly Ripa and The View to shut up about them. I’ll continue to say this- bad business and egos will be the death of soaps.

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    There are people that are invested in the soap opera type shows in Hollywood. Primetime is chunked full of soap opera. Brothers and sisters, Desperate House Wives, the entire line up of Showtime etc. The problem is that Daytime tv as it exists currently is a shambles. It is expensive it is time consuming, it is harder than other types of shows to produce because of it’s daily needs. I am not saying that it is not worth it though to make a daily soap. What I am saying is that someone needs to be invested in it. And the people running the networks are NOT invested. I also do not believe that a cable network can produce this kind of work. It needs the backing of the big three (four actually why doesn’t fox do a soap?). But someone needs to put the spark back into it. We have had 10 years of lame soaps. Not since James Reilly reinvigorated Days (yes I am gonna give him some credit even though I didn’t like his work) has anyone even tried to excite the industry. Ok GL and ATWT tried something but they didn’t go about it in the right way. They pushed themselves out there without a net. What the industry needs is a shakeup and a WAKE UP. A maverick who will course correct a decade of shadow over the whole industry. Can that be done? I think it can. Who is it that wants to step up?

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    Soaps need to be available on iTunes so you can watch them on your iPad. They should even make classic episodes available for download (it makes more sense than releasing thousands of DVDs).

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