Caption This: Matt Lauer and Jim Carrey Horse Around

Jim Carrey dropped…err…galloped into The Today Show’s studio to promote his new movie Mr. Popper’s Penguins and ended up horsing around with Matt Lauer. Afterwards, Lauer joked "I can't believe I rode Jim Carrey," Watch the clip after the jump and then take your best Caption This shot. 

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    They cancelled passions for a fourth our of this.

    I will still never accept the fourth hour of the Today Show. even though I know this was not during that slot. Why is this show so long!?

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    [quote=Screamer_2012]I always pictured Jim Carrey as being a top! I guess we learn something new everyday. :D[/quote]

    I see them both as tops, but someone had to bottom for the segment to work!

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