Kristian Alfonso and Crystal Chappell Address The Elephant on Twitter

Who needs SOAPnet when Twitter is forever airing soap operas that are often better than what we're seeing on our screens? I know, I've starred in a few myself, unfortunately. Two stars of a recent Twitter-novela, Kristian Alfonso and Crystal Chappell took to Soap Opera Digest to address rumblings about Alfonso being responsible for her onscreen rival's ouster from Days our Our Lives.

Chappell, who is nominated for a Daytime Emmy this weekend for her popular webisoap Venice, basically said people needed to stop being all up in her business!

 "I have no bad feelings toward Kristian or anybody," she declares. "I didn't come to the defense of my colleague on Twitter, but I actually did. It's nobody else's business really how I do something."  

As for the woman who plays Fancy Face, she had this to say:

"The whole thing is very sad. I very much enjoyed working with Crystal Chappell and think she's a tremendous talent and she will be missed. I'm so sad that people feel so free to bully. It is a troubling problem in today's society. I've tried to always remember what my parents have told me, which I relay now to my own children: Always treat others with the love and respect that you would also like to receive."

Now, I could start pointing fingers and placing blame on those who started this Twitter drama (and boy did I want to until I read this smart piece on We Love Soaps!), but then I'd be quite the hypocrite, now wouldn't I? Lord knows this particular blog has benefited from the behind-the-scenes shenanigans that take place on the sets of our soaps, not to mention stirring the pot with fanbase wars. 

I guess what I'm saying is, with only four soaps on the air come January 2012, maybe it's time we (present blogger included) started trying to find something more of substance and merit to bring to the table when discussing our soaps, instead of reveling in the scandalous and titillating events that take place after the directors yells "Cut!"?

Okay, so a little backstage scandal every now and again is fun, but if we're gonna keep demanding balance from our soap storytelling, I guess we in the online community are gonna have to listen to our own advice and balance out our coverage and fandom. Besides, how many more insults can we come up with for Brian Frons? Knowing is half the battle, Yo Joe!

For the rest of the ladies' statements visit Soap Opera Digest.

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    Stop giving Crystal attention. Her role will soon become part of Days history. We need to be looking forward, not at this stupid “controversy”!

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    Crystal deserves attention for more than Days Alistair she does have Venice and the Grove coming out.

    that being said this is more than stupid controversy sadly on many boards Crystal is being called very vile words when she doesn’t deserve it. I’ll say who does…Nelson Branco he started it and he didn’t finish it, he ran off and let Crystal take all the heat.

    Also this is cyber bullying which is just another form of bullying and it sucks! If you take away the fact that these are actors on a soap opera and put it into an everyday life situation its bullying, fanbases hide behind their computers and spout the worst things to each other it does nothing but alienate old and new viewers alike. It’s not like “back in the day” were you would send letters or even emails we now have massive fanboards at our fingertips, plus places like twitter or facebook there is so much negativity going on online that I really do think it hurts the shows.

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    Jamey, please keep giving Crystal all the attention you want. :) Even if she won’t be on DAYS right now, there is still Venice & the Grove. While you’re at it, I wouldn’t mind a little attention towards Liz Keifer (who is doing an independent short film) and Orlagh Cassidy (who is an understudy in God of Carnage in LA and continuing to make audiobooks).

    I won’t even say that Nelson started this mess, fanned the flames maybe, but he didn’t start it. This mess has been ongoing for the last 20 some years, except most of the time, this bullying has been towards fans only and not directly towards the actors (one of the less positive aspects of twitter). There was constant bullying on the soap bulletin boards (why I tried to stick to BPD as much as possible) and some of those boards seemed to think that it was ok to try to get people fired just because they thought a particular actor interfered with their couple. Crystal and Kristian were not the only actors targeted during this debacle.

    Alistair, we may not agree on much, but I thought you had at least a little heart since you were such a fan of Susan Haskell (who is awesome). Please don’t let me think less of you.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I wasn’t giving either actress “attention”, I was blogging a news item that SOD posted. I am a fan of both women, and of both characters, pairings. That ugly mess on Twitter was just another in a long line of eye-openers for me recently. On one hand I was appalled, and on the other I had to ask myself is what was tweeted about KA any different than what I say about Brian frons or Ken Corday. Like Nelson, I have gone on what my sources say to attack execs, the only real difference is he does it with actors, but both approaches are equally toxic.

    I am going to STRIVE to say what I need to say about this industry without name-calling. It will be hard, but I am going to sincerely work on it, because this is all so tired.

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    I’ve tried defending Crystal on the boards but there is just so much hatred towards her especially right now…that sometimes its a useless cause.

    Hatred against Molly and the actress that plays Adrienne has popped up to along with the actor that plays Chad because they were on twitter at the same time and seemed to stick up for Crystal its just rediculous I almost want to start a fanboard up for certain characters and actors just so there would be a decent place to go to.

    now do I agree that NB should of been defended heck no! but I think all this controversy regarding it, bullying, making more twitter accounts to continue to bully is just uncalled for.

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    I think in a small way its differnt to call out the “head honchos” they are the ones in charge and can actually do things about the problems on certain soaps. Actors are just getting paid to play a role I don’t really think they have much say in what happens/who gets fired and all that…then again maybe they do who knows.

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    Katiebug I agree with Crystal. I dont always agree with Nelson but he has a right to speak his mind and others are free to disagree with him. The big problem is how they reacted. Some fans are obsessive nutjobs. They cant argue with someone on the merits. They have to resort to personal attacks and threats of bodily harm. That is wrong. Fans should be able to control themselves. Bloggers are always going to say negative things about our favorite actors and people should learn how to react in a reasonable manner.

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    True words appleridge :)

    lord in the morning now some boards are saying lawyers were probably involved…these are grown women I think they can handle online disputes without lawyers sigh.

    At any rate I’ll continue to enjoy Carlys drug storyline since I’ve actually found it riveting the past few days especially when she snorted that line of drugs that was good acting, and I’ll enjoy Venice, and the Grove.

    Heck I might even enjoy Carrie, Jennifer and Jack once this whole Dannifer crap is off my screen. Backstage tiffs should stay backstage, AFTER we find out if Michael Sabatino really punched RKK which got him fired and Crystal then quit because of it ;)

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    He went off on MTS recently also but it didn’t cause the stir that this has. I think its because people like a good rivalry take for instance Crystal and Deidre soap fans for years assumed there was a big rivalry there and they disliked each other.

    When come to find out Crystal admitted to being a “downer” the first time on Days and if Deidre didn’t like her during that time she didnt blame her but there was no rivarly, Deidree didn’t have her fired.

    It feels like this is the same thing only with Kristian in the place of Deidre, only now we have twitter and facebook to fall back on.

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    Good grief! Why do folks want to blame Crystal Chappell for Nelson’s crap? Crystal has been a strong supporter of daytime and independent web soaps. She’s also been an even stronger supporter for gay rights and, unlike daytime soaps, she employs people of color in her soaps in front burner roles.

    Jamey’s right. Why even engage in these stupid fan wars? How does any of this effect people in their real lives?

    I wish the best to Crystal and Kristian.

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    Because apparently Crystal “retweeted” something that Nelson said I dunno its all so stupid.

    I think one of the tweets was something about a “vile fanbase” which made the entire Bope fanbase think she was calling them all vile but really she was only calling 5 people vile who happened to be part of that fanbase because they were saying awful, vile things to her, about her and others. its all so so stupid.

    Nelson went off into hiding, he shut his twitter down and is letting Crystal take all the heat which makes me wonder if they had a falling out maybe he’s still ticked that she didn’t leak her leaving days to him.

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    Nelson closed his Twitter account because it was associated with Suds Report – the column he writes for TV Guide Canada. It was TV Guide Canada who instructed him to close the account after all this drama hit the fan. Apparently, his job was on the line because of the backlash from his comments (and I do believe lawyers got involved from both KA and CC. CC even said in the interview with Michael Fairman that her “people” contacted KA to settle the dispute).

    However, his former editor said on Twitter that Nelson wanted to take a break from Twitter to focus on writing a book – which is obviously a cop-out. He constantly calls out actors on Twitter for lying to their fans, and that’s exactly what he is doing right now.

    Overall, I think this drama/mess should just disappear. Whatever actually happened behind the scenes should stay there. The sad part is, this drama has gotten more attention than any storyline on Days in recent years. Let’s all focus on the rejuvenation of Days and pray that this show can get back on track before it’s too late.

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    Susan Hunter

    I don’t know about blogger/reporter agendas etc., but I think its wrong to hold daytime to a different standard. “Soap Opera Digest” and the rest are already love letters to the daytime industry – no hard hitting critiques or honest news, just producer/network spin.

    In the same way that behind the scenes gossip and speculation, both show and actor related, both positive and negative, is reported for movies and primetime, why not lay it bare for daytime? Titillating and scandalous can be just as important as substance and relevance, as long as it’s not malicious for the sake of being malicious.

    All too often, writers and producers take the blame for “Human Resources Issues” with their cast. If two actresses hate each other and if it affects what we see on screen, why not report it? The world won’t end if the fans know that Actress A refuses to do love scenes with Actor B because she saw Valtrex in his dressing room.

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    I just can’t believe that they would have to get lawyers involved thats just rediculous.

    I really do wonder if Nelson and Crystal had a falling out because of this.

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    I just read Nelson’s column. Thank you Alistair for the link. Does he take his news items from DC or is it the other way around? He also spelled Jonathon Jackson’s son’s name wrong.

    Also, if a person is quietly battling cancer, why try to out them in a blind item? Is that news? Or private business?

    I am thinking of watching Days after not watching for about a decade. It sounds like all of the players are still the same and the show is getting better. Is it any good?

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    Oh please! The reason that whole thing became ‘drama’, was because most people know when someone is trying to be slick. Nelson Branco is perfectly capable of defending himself, and certainly didn’t need Crystal to jump in there to ‘defend’ him.

    I’m sorry, but I can’t get past the fact that we didn’t see Kristian Alfonso, jumping onto Twitter to answer those ludicrous accusations. KRISTIAN was professional. Crystal and other celebrities that run their mouths on that forum, then have to backtrack, just astound me with their lack of common sense.

    Whatever. As far as I’m concerned, I’m just counting the days of the return of John and Marlena.

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    Nelson Branco for all of his faults and interpretations of the truth, has a take no prisoners, boiled down point of view. He makes absolute statements out of half truths and inuindoes. I think the issue was that Crystal did not make herself absolutely clear as did not Kristen. Both actresses used a more finessed and less clear message that got lost in the translations.
    For me Crystals message should have read : I do not believe Kristen had anything to do with my termination. I support the presses freedom of speach. But they should check their sources more closely.
    Kristen should say, I in no way had anything personally to do with Crystals termination. While I support the soap community and the soap press, I would appreciate a chance to respond to such statements before they are announced as fact to the world.
    Maybe then this would have helped the situation. Even these articles that have just come out did not fully defend either actresses position fully.
    When trying to respond to a statement less is more and direct is always best. It it defuses the situation without further discussion. When confronted with a did I do something issue, the answer is yes I did or no I didn’t. Then I can answer why I did or did not do it.

    As for negativity towards actors, writers and producers on soaps, I believe for the most part that these people are very hard working, productive people who do not always have time to lift up their heads and see the bigger picture. It can not be easy to produce an hour of scripted drama a day. Especially if one is wearing more than one hat. There should always be someone whos job it is to sit back and look at the big picture and try to course correct the shows past big iceburgs sitting in the way. But people get busy doing the daily things and frankly are just tired at the end of the day. I try to give eps and writers the benifit of a doubt most of the time. Noone is perfect. I am pretty vocal about a persons writing style though. If I don’t like what they have to say, I will say that. If I don’t appreciate a camera angle or a purple wall, I will say that as well. I might even say or agree that maybe someone isn’t right for the part or the job. But to villify them, I am not such a big fan. I have at times wanted to stop visiting a site or been ashamed that fans of the shows stoop to that kind of behavior.
    Do I think ABC wants out of the daytime soap business? yes. Do I think it is personal? no. I think it is about numbers. Cheaper products that target certain audience. Men and women are almost equally interested in food. So ABC launches a food show. The networks are losing ground to basic cable on a daily basis. How does one get it back? Fight fire with fire is apparently their pov. Less expensive product and more advertising and a product that looks like a cable show. Does that make sense? There is a thought in the business world that one follows the maverick not the leader. The next big idea. So the leading company might start immulating a lesser company to stay ahead in the market. Since none of the cable companies are doing soaps, the network is looking at what they do produce.
    That does not make them the devil. It does make them misguided. ABC has a larger audience than the food network. Obviously more peope WANT to watch ABC. So why make ABC look like the food network? I say be MORE of what you are and you will succeed. To just follow the leader (or follow the maverick) is the way to lose. Having said that that doesnt make Mario Batali or even Brian Fronz a villain. They are just trying to work.

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    I think it’s a shame that there are no investigative journalists in the entertainment field because I for one would like to know the truth behind all of this. Whatever drama went on behind the scenes at Days might well have had an effect on what we got on our screens. One thing Nelson said that I agreed with was that he would have liked to see an on screen rivalry between Carly and Hope like the one between Vicki and Dorian on OLTL. Now that could have been entertaining! I know the talentless Dena Higley could never have pulled that off but there were writers at Days with some wit and I for one am sorry we never got to see a storyline like that develop at Days.
    Just because Nelson made an ass of himself calling KA names doesn’t mean there were not backstage machinations at the show which could have affected what we fans got on screen. If there were a journalist in Daytime that had the courage to really dig into this then maybe we would get the truth but it seems like most people just want to forget it and move on. So be it but a very talented actor lost her job and I think there is more to it than we know!

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    why is name calling as such NB, etc. on this website being responsible? That is only thing I don’t like is how many mean spirited bunch of queens always go for name calling. NB actually gave Jamey a thumbs up about his ideas about DAys. I just don’t understand the mentality sometimes but again queens will be MEAN HATEFUL QUEENS as always. It is depressing at times. :((

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    Hey Jamie you better call up Ken Corday while the irons hot! By now he should know if his new writing team is any good! Maybe he can do a quick re reboot with you as the new head writer! Nelso Branco thinks so! I think your audience would think so too!

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    [quote=gato1]NELSON BRANCO IS A BITTER STUNT QUEEN[/quote]

    I would hope that he doesn’t show his face at the Emmy’s this weekend, especially after the crap he’s been pulling lately. He would not be welcomed there with open arms.

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    [quote=harlee490]why is name calling as such NB, etc. on this website being responsible? That is only thing I don’t like is how many mean spirited bunch of queens always go for name calling. NB actually gave Jamey a thumbs up about his ideas about DAys. I just don’t understand the mentality sometimes but again queens will be MEAN HATEFUL QUEENS as always. It is depressing at times.[/quote]


    Not all queens are hateful and mean spirited. However, Nelson Branco is in a league of his own. Sorry to say that, sad but true.

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    SOOOO excited that Venice won an Emmy! Hear that daytime soaps, a sexually diverse, ethnically diverse soap can still win awards. :) Maybe it’s time you introduced some diversity into your shows!

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    [quote=giftofamber]SOOOO excited that Venice won an Emmy! Hear that daytime soaps, a sexually diverse, ethnically diverse soap can still win awards. :) Maybe it’s time you introduced some diversity into your shows![/quote]


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    [quote=harlee490]why is name calling as such NB, etc. on this website being responsible? That is only thing I don’t like is how many mean spirited bunch of queens always go for name calling. NB actually gave Jamey a thumbs up about his ideas about DAys. I just don’t understand the mentality sometimes but again queens will be MEAN HATEFUL QUEENS as always. It is depressing at times. :(([/quote]

    Jamey said he and Nelson go off what their sources tell them the only difference is who they attack so I also don’t get this name calling. Some people are doing exactly what they accuse Nelson of doing. I agree with whoever said daytime shouldn’t be held to a different standard. Egos and backstage politics affect what happens on screen and we can’t rely on the soap magazines to report it.

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    ITA, Jamey! Time to stop the in-fighting and go for positivity.
    But that being said I think the whole Twitter was ridiculos and shouldn’t even’ve happened in the first place.

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    [quote=Dariclone]ITA, Jamey! Time to stop the in-fighting and go for positivity. But that being said I think the whole Twitter was ridiculous and shouldn’t even’ve happened in the first place.[/quote]

    Try telling that to Nelson. He started this whole thing and he needs to publicly apologize to both Crystal and Kristian for starting this entire mess.

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    To begin with, Nelson was told not to put “speculation/accusation” out. Although, I think if he would have left the insults out, I don’t think fans would have reacted like they did but he went over & beyond.

    I like Crystal but I think she should have made it very clear of what exact comments of NB’s she was supporting instead of responding to hate tweets. Worse, she tweeted days later after knowing of NB’s comments, and made her comments, some referencing NB’s insults. That was disappointing for me.
    Both CC & KA received hate tweets but KA never replied unlike CC.
    Kristian’s never really talked about backstage drama, she’s pretty tight-lipped. Crystal, well she’s not as private.

    Nelson stirred the pot throwing Peter into the mix. Peter finally tweeted to clear up as much as he could and tried to put an end to the madness.

    I agree that Nelson started the mess then bailed, leaving CC out to defend herself but I still think CC could have fixed it asap. CC is smart and talented, that’s why its hard for me to understand why she didn’t and why carry on making comments, innuendos referencing Nelson’s insults. Those innuendos are inexcusable and hard for me to give benefit of the doubt to.

    I think Nelson should apologize but he has since deleted his Tweeter account. I can only assume this was done out of the request of TVGC due to their response to the complaints stating they had nothing to do with the account and do not share the views of NB.

    I wonder if KA will file suit considering TVGC was mentioned in Nelson’s account at the time. She is married to an attorney.

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    I sort of see all sides to this.

    I will just say this…I may not agree with what nelson did but at least he did it AS Nelson Branco and now SoapWatchingBitch33 or Imagonnalayasmackdown2011 or some other random “handle”. I think a lot of this online vitriol happens because of the anonymity – that fan bases feel like they can say anything to anyone or about anyone because they can be as mean as they want as anonfanofsoandso all they want and then go back to their own personal life afterwards with no blowback. For better or worse, Nelson said what he wanted to say and then did, again for better or worse, had to accept the repercussions from it. I feel badly for CC and KA because SOME of their fans made them look bad through their actions, but at the same time I think some of these actors and actresses to need to step up and shut down their own people. I am thinking of a few years back when some of megan wards fans went after SJB – she issued a statement denouncing members of her own fanbase asking them to stop. If more did that, maybe at least fans would start to get that their bad behavior can turn off other viewers from the very actor/actress they were trying to support in the first place.

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