BREAKING NEWS: Tamara Braun Returns to General Hospital!

As our own Jamey Giddens would say, "Jesus Take The Wheel." According to ABC Soaps In Depth, Tamara Braun will make her grand return to General Hospital this fall, but not as Carly Corinthos. This time around, Braun will portray a brand spanking new character. There are no other details known about the character at this time.

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    I think this is great news. I’ve always loved Tamara Braun, and am glad to see that Laura Wright, who I also love, won’t be getting the Davetta Sherwood treatment. What would be REALLY epic now is if they could find some way to snatch Sarah Brown from B&B and bring HER over. My heart jumps at the thought of seeing ALL my Carlys in the same room/scene/together simultaneously. It’ll never happen, of course, but……

    I must also say that I am a LITTLE disappointed that Maria Bell didn’t snatch her up as a Victoria recast before GH got to her.

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    Wow, back where she belongs. This is great. I was hoping Days would bring her back as Ava in a couple of months, once the taste of this horrible Taylor character was out of everyone’s mouth. BUT she belongs at GH and this is fantastic news.

    Alston – I really get a feeling that they may be going for the Carly hat trick here. Sarah Brown is doing absolutely nothing on B&B and I remember there being some strange things at the end of Claudia’s death. I don’t think she was really dead. I remember something strange happening after everyone exited the cabin. Maybe Franco replaced her body with a lookalike before Max and Milo got rid of it. Three Carly’s is just too good to pass up.

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    Sorry. I should’ve prefaced the previous comment with my standard “Tamara is the Carly I loved the most,” but every time you bring a popular actor back to a show as a completely different character….. JUST BAD and a joke….. to people who have been watching for a long time….

    I know actors have to pay bills and eat, and again if she were bouncing Laura Wright , fine…. But I don’t have high hopes for this working out well :(

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    LOL! Jennifer Bransford is the Carly that NOBODY ever talks about. :Sp

    She was a good actress, but the less said about her stint as Carly, the better, in my opinion!!!!

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    I just hope she isn’t the new Kate. If they were going to do something like this Sarah Brown would have made a much better Kate. She needs to be a completely new character. I suppose Sarah Webber would work, but then she wouldn’t be in Sonny’s orbit and I’m pretty sure that’s the goal.

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    From Ravenbeauty’s New Column RE: Kate

    Hello Kate! Someone very surprising is being eyed right now for this. Some will be happy, others will hurl. I guess it depends on what side of the coin you’re on! I’m not getting much storyline stuff just yet because GH is locked down tighter than a drum with almost everything Guza related, tossed out! I should have more soon!

    Sounds like TB may be Kate #2

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    LOL! Jennifer Bransford is the Carly that NOBODY ever talks about. :Sp

    She was a good actress, but the less said about her stint as Carly, the better, in my opinion!!!![/quote]

    JB did Carly losing her mind very well

    I just remember her as Georgie on OLTL beating Rachel with that phone reciever

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    I guess I could live with TB as Kate. Gonna have to see her in some GH wardrobe for a minute before I can accept it though. Days is dressing her in rags that make her look pathetic.

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    Alstonboy, I hate to be on the other side of an argument with you but Budig ain’t my cup of tea! But honestly I’m so tired of Heinle that I would give your girl a try as Victoria, who am I kidding?

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    I am only kidding. I don’t care if you dislike Rebecca. I really don’t. I have always loved her as Greenlee, but a lot of people don’t care for her. I was ATTEMPTING to be funny with my comments, but apparently I failed :D . Believe me, I don’t try to tell others how to think, I just state my opinions. ;) ;)

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    Why would they recast Kate with Tamara? Especially when Megan Ward played Kate so well! Tamara was and always will be my favorite Carly and I’m happy she’s back on GH, but I really hope it’s not as Kate.

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    Why are they doing this “Bring back Carly as another character” stunt again? It failed with Sarah Brown/Claudia and will not work this time around. I’d rather have Tamara on Y&R as Victoria Newman than in a thankless GH role…

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    I think Megan Ward voluntarily left the role of Kate Howard. I can’t imagine why they would have fired her since she embodied the character PERFEFCTLY!!!! But in any case, they can still bring on Florencia Lozano as a Kate recast. I think she’d be the PERFECT replacement for Megan.

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    Wow first Billy Miller re-signs now my fave GH actress of all time is coming back! It’s not even my birthday lol. I haven’t watched GH in years but I’ll start watching again when TB starts. Can’t wait to see Month and Tams together again. Loved their S&C!

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    I say let her bring her lesbian character from AMC, “Reese” to GH and she can hook up with Lulu since I see Lulu having no chemistry with any man and I have said for at least two years now they should have made Lulu lesbian.

    I am happy she is back. I love Tamara Brown and she was my favorite Carly but I will be happy with a new character. I like all the Carly’s so I am easy to please with these girls anyway.

    I expect this character will be written better than Claudia as Guza is no longer in charge and Garin Wolf seems to be able to write good WOMAN stories as I think he did during the strike and NLG seems to think the same of course she could be prejudice. LOL. I will bet you that we won’t get the new characters shoved in our face 5 days a week as we did with Guza.

    Talking about characters, I was told by a good reliable source that writers are paid for any new character they create. So Guza will STILL be getting payment for the characters he created as long as they are still on the show and written for. and he created a hell of a lot of new characters. So I guess that would explain why he would get rid of any “old character” that he did not create = the Quartermaine’s to put his creations in place.

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    Good news!!! I thought Tamara was an okay Carly, but I prefer Laura Wright in the role. From the way that Raven’s blind item read it sounds like Tamara is the new Kate.
    Maybe this will be different with Garin writing and not Guza.

    BTW, I thought Jennifer Bransford did a good job as Carly and was just sinking her teeth into it, but I think they wanted a veteran actress for a role like Carly, and glad we got Laura Wright.

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    Wow this is great news. I wish it was for the role of Carly…as I am not a big fan of LW….but I am thrilled to get her back on GH in any capacity.

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    [quote=appleridge]From Ravenbeauty’s New Column RE: Kate
    Hello Kate! Someone very surprising is being eyed right now for this. Some will be happy, others will hurl.
    Sounds like TB may be Kate #2[/quote]

    I heard it was Rebecca Budig. If that is the case, somebody pass me a toilet because I will be one of the hurlers. I don’t think I could stand John Paul Lavoisier and Rebecca Budig on General Hospital.

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    [quote=curacaoman]Can we also bring Jeff Webber back as a love interest for Monica Q.?[/quote]

    Ohhh from your mouth to the writers ears!! How much would I love that?? :*

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    WOW! LOVED Tams Braun. Loved her as Carly. I remember when she left, and there were rumors flying that she was coming back. It never happened.
    I stopped watching GH for 5 months. I also liked her with Sonny more than I do LW. LW belongs with Jax.
    TB is very classy. I was surprised that she was fired from other soaps.
    I guess there is ‘no place like home’!

    How lucky are we to find out in one week that LC & TB are BOTH back at GH?? :party: :beer: :party: :bigsmile:

    I guess the theme is ‘they all come back’ is holding true!
    NO CRAP they do!!!

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    Uh oh! GH spokesperson spoke to Soap Opera Source via Twitter and said that Tamara Braun is NOT, I repeat, NOT returning to GH! FALSE RUMOR!

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    Would GH be dumb enough to make the same mistake with TB that they did with SJB? Unless Laura Wright leaves the role of Carly, there is no point in bringing TB (or SJB, or Jennifer Bransford!) back to the show.

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    @angrierblackman, Phlease don’t tell me that Rebecca Budig is coming to GH. GH doesn’t use the actors they do have. I can’t stand Rebecca Budig and think she is just as overrated as Vanessa Marcil G.

    Ugh, please don’t be true!!!

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    I want to watch GH but I don’t think I can stomach Rebecca Budig if she shows up on there. GH needs to use the vets and showcase the current characters.

  25. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Don’t get the Rebecca Budig hate on here personally. I love her and have loved her since she played Michelle Bauer on GL back in 1995. I would have rather seen someone like Florencia Lozano in the role of Kate, but I would be fine with Rebecca. She plays the role of snotty fashion bitch very well, as evidenced by her Emmy-nominated stint as Greenlee on AMC.

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    alstonboy – I don’t hate Rebecca Budig. I hate the idea that ABC is going to shuffle a select few actors from the cancelled shows onto GH. I want to watch GH and I want GH to improve with its vets. It doesn’t seem like they will choose those actors based on story ideas or needs but choose the stories based on the faves who are used. That will just piss me off.

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    [quote=naughtytomato]I Frons still dictating storyline on GH or does he not give a crap now? Wonder if he is still micro-managing daytime or just gave up.[/quote]

    Great question! I have been wondering the same!

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    I know a lot of you dont like Rex (OLTL), but i can see him playing a decent Dillon Quartermaine on GH if they send him there. I am for anything that gets ALL of the Q’s back on tv, including Monica, ALAN, EMILY, AJ, bring Michael and Jason into the fold.

    It is easy to bring them back.

    Emily was held by Helena
    Alan was captive of Jerry Jacks. Hell you can even have Jerry holding Alan and AJ. Maybe Franco got a hold of them after Jerry died or something?

    Just has to make minimal sense as everyone will just be happy they are all back.

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