Eileen Davidson Renews Contract With The Young and the Restless

It looks like another Abbott is sticking around Genoa City. Hot on the heels of news that Billy Miller will remain on The Young and the Restless, Soap in Depth is reporting Eileen Davidson has renewed her deal with the No. 1 rated soap. 

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    I have been enjoying her newest storyline on Y&R, but Ashley needs to get a backbone. I wish she would have put her foot up Diane’s ass when she found out that she’d been whoring around with Tucker, but then again, she ain’t Kristen Blake.

    Y&R needs to focus on STRENGTHENING its female characters and restoring them to their former glory, as opposed to more character assassination.
    I hope they find something great to do with Ashley, nevertheless, because Eileen deserves the best!!!

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    Her and Julia Pace-Mitchell share a dressing room. Julia has been showing her how to be a more beautiful diva and Eileen has been listening.

    You gotta love Sofia.

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    Um, this is actually very old news. I’ve known about Eileen resigning with Y&R for several weeks now. Someone’s a bit behind on the news. JUST SAYING!!!!

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    Some of your posts really make me laugh, honey! I don’t think Eileen needs ANYONE’S help to “be a more beautiful diva”. Eileen has ALWAYS been beautiful, despite those pesky 1980s rumors about her being a man. She’s been “holding it down” in that department quite well since 1982 when she first started on the show, before Julie Pace Mitchell was even born. And might I add, she looks DAMN good for a 52-year old woman!!!

    By the way, welcome to Daytime Confidential.

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    Glad she’s staying put; LOVED her since the early ’80s and I personally think she’s one of the two or three most beautiful women in daytime.

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    Sad news. I wanted her back on Days as Susan. Y&R has really written Ashley into the ground. She’s just a pathetic shell of her former self now.

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    I love Ashley’s latest storyline. I love the character of Ashley. I’m so glad she’s staying put on Y&R and not jinxing herself over to Days. Eileen is a verrry smart woman.

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