Soap Stars Celebrate 2011 Daytime Creative Arts Emmys

The 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards airs from Las Vegas on Sunday June 19, but before the main event goes live the industry gathered in Los Angeles to find out which shows would take home the golden statuette in the Creative Arts categories. See more photos from the red carpet after the jump!

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Crystal Hunt, Frank Valentini and Crystal Chappell

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    I wish Crystal and Scott and that guy that said all those bad things about soaps (the other gay dewd, Brett Claywell??? never existed).

    He was such a loser for saying the bad things he said about daytime TV just because he didn’t get a daytime Emmy nomination.

    I hate KISH

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    Bourgeois Nerd

    So is Frank Valentini the only person from OLTL at the Emmys? I mean, I know since they’re the only ones who aren’t in LA that they’re contingent will almost undoubtedly be smaller than the other shows’, and I’m sure that cheap bastard Brian Frons won’t even pay for their plane tickets, but it’s really kind of weird seeing all these pictures with NO ONE from one of the soaps.

    But on a nicer note, DAMN Frank Valentini is hot!

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    Well He did take it back and he was just fired before and thrown under a bus by ABC so I can understand to That degree but he has said that OLTL was a great time for him as an actor.

    So for giving an opinion different from yours u wish they never ever existed in this world. Thats very petty.You dont know these actors personally

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    Good to see Michael Muhney FINALLY combed his head. That in and of itself deserves a HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!

    Also glad to see Crystal Chappell FINALLY looking stunning at an award ceremony. Her Emmy dress LAST year was an abomination!! Glad she seems to have learned her lesson this year.

    Melody lookS VA VA VA VOOOOOOM in that dress. Just does to show, you can STILL put 20-year olds to shame even in your 50s.

    Brad Bell seems to have gotten VERY Emmy hungry lately. I guess Emmys are like crack? Once you get one, your main focus in life seems to be to keep winning and winning and winning, even when it’s clear you have little to no chance? Sound familiar, Michelle Stafford???

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    [quote=liason4real]Frank is hot! I miss Kish and Kim![/quote]

    Uh yeah, Frank is VERY hot in my book. And I think he likes to extend the hotness when it comes to casting a lot of the male actors on OLTL if ya know what I’m sayin’ ;) .

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    Agreed with the others that Frank is HOT!

    Judi Evans is, uh, working it, no??? ;) Got those patches in the appropriate areas, I see…

    JFP is rocking one of those ‘scared’ smiles like she got caught with Guza under her dress. Did someone tell her her job was on the line???

    Natalie Morales was pretty in pink!

    MTS looks damn good!

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    I have never seen what’s in your closet personally, so I really can’t judge your fashion sense. But I personally wondered what the HELL she was thinking last year, especially considering the fact that she was considered a front-runner for the Emmy. I am kinda glad she didn’t have to embarrass herself by going onstage to accept an Emmy in that dreadful mess. I felt the fabric was unflattering and it also looked like it was wrinkled. She’s too beautiful for that. I kinda wish she’d just worn a t-shirt and jeans!!! :D

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    Crystal, Judi, Lindsay, and Nancy Lee Grahn all looked very good last night. Quite a few lovely dresses, tho I’m not quite sure about Kate Linder’s outfit. Cut & design not bad, but colour? The bright silver shiny dress looked like she was ready for an alien abduction.

    Looking forward to the outfits for the Sunday night event.

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    I hope DC is not doing worst dressed at the Emmys, it would be a bloody mess! The Stafford looks FIERCE tho. Thumbs up to Heather Tom too.

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    So what is this i hear on twitter all today
    that a special announcement at the emmys tonight.. anyone know what this is, could it be that one life to live and all my children found a new home and will go on?

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    I heard the announcement was a real Jabot cosmetic line, but what do I know.

    Does anyone know if there is a way to watch a Live on the Red Carpet event before the Daytime Emmy’s? I know there was a streaming event last year but it kept messing up. I don’t remember what website it was either.

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    Brett Claywell is a tragedy.

    You need to find a GAY hero like George Michael, Adam Lambert or Madonna

    He is tragic

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    [quote=TV Gord]An_EmmyFor_Jul…what on earth are you talking about???[/quote]

    That after not getting an emmy nom Brett Claywell called Daytime a joke even though he later apologized

    suposedly Brett Scott & Crystal Hunt would have better off if they never existed and she hates KISH. That was in her Original post on the first page post #2

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    Liason4real, sad thing is I REMEMBER that show:) And I know the said the boobs are supposed to be inline with the upper arms, not the waist! LOL!

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