Daytime Hunks Bring The Heat on The 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

Some of daytime’s hottest hunks (Josh Kelly, Sean Ringgold, Mark Lawson and David Gregory pictured above) took to the 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards' red carpet as they celebrated the industry’s biggest night. Check out more red carpet photos after the jump!

Brian Kerwin, Anderson Cooper and Shawn Christian


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  1. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Jeff Branson looks a HOT MESS with that blond hair! I hope he goes back to his original color ASAP!!! Simply dreadful!!!

    Looking at the guys isn’t nearly as fun as looking at the gals, but they are all so sexy/handsome that I find myself yearning for a cold shower. There’s nothing like a well-dressed man!!

    P.S- Wayne Brady, sexy as he is, needs more HAIR!!!!

  2. Profile photo of

    Johnny Z!! WTF?? If you needed help getting dressed..all you had to do is call me.! :*

    Mr Grasshopper…What more can be said that I already haven’t said??

    Nice photo of Brian & Jason. (Charlie & Matt)

  3. Profile photo of averagejoe

    OMG What the hell happened to Jeff Branson? The hair is dreadful and he looks like he has gained 20 pounds in a few months.

    I understand it is hard for men to make a fashion statement at these events but seriously what the hell are some of these guys thinking? Why make the effort to wear a nice suit, Brandon Barash, but then wear those shoes with it? Wtf?

    RPG is the only one who managed to be very elegant without looking overdressed.

  4. Profile photo of

    I normally love bottled blondes, but Jeff Branson can’t pull it off! I hope he’s not sporting this look onscreen…

  5. Profile photo of ChloeLiz

    Josh, Sean, Mark and David…YUM YUM. :) :) :) :) :)

    Brandon B I hope you won the bet for wearing those shoes cause if you wore them for free without getting paid then…huh!!!!

  6. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    As with the ladies, in no particular order:
    Tristan Rogers-Suave, debonair and camera ready. My favorite for the guys.
    Shemar Moore, Eric Martsolf, Texas Battle, Aaron Spears for adding “bursts” of color with their shirts and/or pocket squares.
    Brandon Barash-As above I like the “burst” of color-just not with the shoes.
    Bradford Anderson-I’m all for “quirkey” as long as it’s pulled together and not rumpled looking.
    Jeff Branson-Hair?!!?
    Dominic Zamprogna-I love you but as with Jeff Branson, it’s the hair. It needs a cut. (Or at least a trim, please.)
    Ronn Moss-Why?

  7. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Wow, I’m gay and sad to say very few of these guys turned me on with their suit choices. Didn’t see his pic among these, but I know on the show Tuc Watkins looked GORGEOUS. As for what’s here, I think David Gregory looks rather handsome in a classic tux. And Christian LeBlanc typically looks good. As for the bad, OMG what did you do to your hair Jeff Branson? He’s been one of my major crushes on Y&R since he came on but here he looks like he bleached his hair for a gay cruise and forgot to change it back; uh, just….no. Speaking of gay, Eric Martsolf–who is gorgeous–gives yet another reason(and not a good one) as to why I can’t believe he’s not. Ronn Moss…..another scarf? Really? Not pretty. Greg Rikaart’s crazy ass look was awful as well. Also, sorry but the shoes weren’t the only thing wrong with Brandon Barash’s look; the whole mess was rather ill-fitting(word of advice Brandon–next time, just ditch the clothes altogether ;) ). In fact, that was the problem with a lot of the men’s clothes; ill-fitting and not tailored very well. Looks like some folks could use a stylist.

  8. Profile photo of JasamForever

    @Alstonboy, I agree with you. I liked Nathan Parsons hair better long. Now he looks like he should be on OLTL or B&B and not GH.

    I agree with everyone regarding Brandon Barash’s shoes. Everything else on him was put together though.

    I don’t know who Zach Conroy is or what soap he plays on but he is one nice looking guy.

    Shemar and JR Martinez, and Ricky Paul Golden looked great. Shemar still has it going on.

    Nice to see Brandford stays true to his character.

    Something needs to be done about Dante Zamprogna’s eyebrows.

  9. Profile photo of josser

    HD photography is not friendly to most human faces. All flaws are revealed.

    Windsor Harmon wins for best dressed. His tux was impeccable.

  10. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    Jeff Branson looks like effin Aquaman… That’s gotta be for a role, otherwise, who the hell would do that to themselves on purpose, and think they look, how you say, suave???

    Shemar will forever be my baby… but I totally think he was sippin on the sizrrup last night… my dad thought he might’ve been a bit buzzed too! ;)

    Where the hell did Ronn Moss think he was last night??? His wardrobe throws me every year, but this year… Vegas is an effing desert! He looked a HOT MESS! I’m sure his neck was sweating, as usual… He’s always wearing that stuff to the shows. We get it, Ronn, you’re NOT RIDGE FORRESTER! Crazy garb aside, I love him with his overacting behind. But seriously, dude… wardrobe ATROSH!

    Brandon’s hot but the shoes are NOT! He went all Outkast with that! All he needed was the damn checkerboard suit!

    Scott Clifton looked exceptionally good last night, and DAMN, John Schneider is still fine! WOW! How old is he now???

    I can’t believe it, but I actually think Nathan looks good. I thought I wouldn’t like the new ‘do’ because I loved the long hair, even if I thought he needed a damn comb and brush… I like them a bit more rough and rugged looking, but I think he looks good.

    [quote] Something needs to be done about Dante Zamprogna’s eyebrows. [/quote]

    Um, yes!

  11. Profile photo of Nat Guy
    Nat Guy

    Bourgeois Nerd, I noticed that too about Mark Lawson. Why doesn’t he ever show teeth when he smiles? He’s still cute though. DG is trying too hard to look cool. JK and SR look good.

  12. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    I want a pic of Windsor Harmon (this is not the nineties and this ain’t a wedding and you are not 007) and Ronn Moss (hot male mess of the night). Maybe put Hunter Tylo between them (also one of the biggest hot messes of the night). The camera would break but the pic would be priceless.
    How cute is Ricky Paull and his little boy. Wanted to start pinching cheeks!
    Pity the fool that has to stand next to Texas Battle in a picture. You WILL look bad in comparison!

    I didn’t hate on Greg Rikart and Branford. Quirky boys need quirky clothes but they were out quirkied by Ronn Moss and Brandon Barash.

    Ok pick one pointed headed baldness of the host or bleach blondness of Jeff Branson……

  13. Profile photo of Mattie Avis
    Mattie Avis

    Tristan Rogers is absolutely the leader of the pack. Handsome as ever and a class act! Loved his comments from the Children’s Miracle Network video. And why didn’t they have him present anything?

  14. Profile photo of Forever8

    Anderson Cooper looking at Brian Kerwin like Who are you ? LMBO WTH is Ronn Moss wearing ? As well as Peter Reckell they need better consulting with their choice of clothing.

  15. Profile photo of glam_queen

    David Gregory may play a d.bag but the man is HOT. Gosh he looks good. And i’ve already said before that Nathan looks so sexy with that haircut. :love: :love:

    I like Bradford’s look. I like the geeky chic kinda hipster look. It suits him and it looks cute on him.

  16. Profile photo of AHeart4Fiction

    Yummy men of the night: Shemar (always just delish), Aaron D. Spears (love the white w/ the lavender), David A. Gregory (he knew he looked good and he did; classic tux), Texas Battle (just cute; black w/ the splash of tangerine) and last but not least Billy Miller (w/ his purposely tight dress shirts; the blue really brought out his eyes).

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