Soap Stars Make a Splash at 38th Annual Daytime Emmy After Party

Days of Our Lives’ Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith and General Hospital’s Lisa LoCicero, Dominic Zamprogna and Julie Marie Berman  were among the stars who celebrated at the Daytime Emmy After Party at the Las Vegas Hilton on June 19. See more photos from the after party after the jump!

John Aniston and Lauren Koslow

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    Chandler and Freddie look cute together, now I can’t WAIT for the gay loving in the afternoon to start!!!

    Gosh, I miss colleen Zenk and Julie Pinson on daytime!!!! It really saddens me to know now that Colleen will probably NEVER get the Emmy she so richly deserves!!!

    Yeah, Brittany Allen, go ahead and showcase that Emmy that you TOTALLY didn’t deserve, or better yet go do the RIGHT thing and go give it to Lexi Ainsworth. She REALLY earned it. I swear, her winning was the most CRAP-FUCKING-TASTIC moment of the night. I really am starting to think that they should get rid of the Younger Actor and Actress categories if they are gonna keep giving them to half-assed performers like Drew Tyler Bell and Brittany Allen, who I am willing to admit was never a BAD actress, just sorely lacking in stage presence and BLAND as hell, kinda like AMC’s version of Christel Khalil!!!!!

    Frank Valentini is kinda tasty looking………..

    Hunter Tylo, the more I see you, the more I wanna CRY at how you massacred your face. Tell your plastic surgeon (and Jackie Zeman’s plastic surgeon, unless they are one in the same) that they are FIRED!!!

    Scott Clifton is so cute that I just want to give him a big ol’ kiss—RIGHT ON THE MOUTH!!!!!

    Adrienne Frantz seems to have regressed as much as her character, Amber, who is acting like a teenager, and Frantz, who is in her 30s, is dressing like one as well. Time to grow up and leave the bubble gum dresses behind!!!

    Chad Duell is another cutie patootie!!!

    Sean Ringgold is PIMPING too hard………………

    Once again, I got tired at the 20th picture. Wish there were an easier way to look at these photos, not to mention one that isn’t as EXHAUSTING. But as usual, I appreciate all the DC casts’ hard work and effort in putting things together, so I won’t complain anymore. Maybe I’ll come back later on and finish my critique!

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    Oh Justin Hartley….swoon. That is one extremely fine man. I’m gonna miss Smallville just for him.

    Overall, for the most part everybody looked decent. Best dressed guy I think was still David Gregory along with probably Brandon Beemer,Scott Clifton and Jordi Vilasuso(though I’d fight somebody over Frank Valentini–a little sweaty maybe but still HOT).

    Among the ladies, Nadia Bjorlin was stunning as usual, along with Julie Pinson, Laura Wright, and Michelle Stafford.

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    The Will/Sonny story is going to be hot, hot, hot!!! Hopefully they spend the summer shirtless on the beach and fooling around.

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    Ok I am giving best dressed to Judi Evans. That peacock green dress and her hair and makeup vavavavoom! Worst dressed in peacock Hunter Tylo, did you even look in the mirror before you left the house? Poorly constructed badly sown not fitting anywhere dress with some peacock feathers sown in the slit of the dress was a big NO but even this dress wasn’t the absolute worst. BIG PRINTS should be left at LANE BRYANT Julie Pinson and Molly Burnett. None of those dresses did these lovely ladies any favors. Cristian Bennett Lind had a lovely spring wedding dress on with ORANGE lipstick and matching clutch. uhmmm ok. Ok two of the thinnest women ever in daytime. Leslie Kay and Kristen Alphonso. Leslie looks like she has overcome the battle of bulimia and put on a few pounds and looks very healthy however she dressed like she was 60. Honey you look better than you have in over a decade, show it off! Kristen, please gain ten pounds…. just 10. Ok 15. I would be afraid to touch you. I wasn’t digging La Lucci’s dress which is unusual. I usually think she does great red carpet.
    Alstonboy Adrianne Fronz’s dress wasn’t working but ya gotta admit her hair and makeup were pretty. She was actually attractive.
    Worst dressed (don’t hate me everyone but) Crystal Chappel….. Fembot from Austin Powers. I swear I didn’t recognize her. I don’t know whats worse, the way she dressed herself or the way Days of our Lives dresses her. Either way it is an attrocity. Next time call up your stylist from Guiding Light (pre Peapack ofcourse).

    Ok now the fun thing. How cute was it in the Days men line up that Casey was standing between Fredd and Chandler and using his index finger to declare that Chandler was his man!

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    I agree with you Jlaff…I think LW wins best dressed. I thought her dress was elegant and beautiful…she looked gorgeous….

    Side note…wouldn’t you think that Kelly M would get sick of wearing black all the time? It seems to be the only color she likes to wear anymore. Maybe it’s because she wears it on the show all the time…and it is just carrying over for me….I also think she can do better for a boyfriend…the way he stares at the camera sort of freaks me out. Not just this picture…All pictures that they are photographed in together…lol

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    You notice how Michelle NEVER poses with the Y&R people EXCEPT for CLB??? Are we shocked by this??? Probs not!

    Frank V. looks hot… AGAIN! Damn, he should make an appearance on his own show before the last curtain call … :(

    Adrienne Frantz was pretty, but … What… was going on below the neck??? Her gown looks like Scarlett’s damn curtains!

    FML, David Gregory looks REALLY handsome. Ironically, he does NOTHING for me on the show, but I’ve heard from twitter peeps that he looks really good in person and is very nice. Too bad I hate Ford, otherwise it’d be Lust City watching him on the show.

    [quote] Mark Hapka, Fredd Smith, Casey Deidrick, Chandler Massey [/quote]

    I don’t care how much the writing on that show sucks (from the Dena era, of course), but DOOL has some HOT men on that show! Some of the hottest, I swear. Casey Deidrick’s been my new crush for awhile now. All I need to see is a hot triangle between him, Fredd, and Chandler … DAMN! Screw DOOL, take that shyte to Skinemax!

    Nadia Bjorlin… that woman is seriously beautiful, it’s beyond unbelievable. I’m a straight female and I’d totally be her love slave!

    Oh, every time I see Jeff now, I just think Aquaman –> NEXT!

    Lindsay looked beautiful and hubby Justin looked FINE as always!

    Chrishell, JR, and Melissa looked great too!

    Seriously, reading and writing the critiques of what people wore was more fun than the actual show. I hope for the stars sake, they got drunk enough to forget the actual ceremony, except for the parts for those who actually won.

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