Soap’s Red Carpet Couples Sizzle at 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

Whether onscreen couples, real-life couples or two stars posing together at the 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards for cameras, soap couples sizzled on the red carpet. See more red carpet photos of your favorite stars after the jump!

Kim Matula and Sean Kanan

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  1. Profile photo of JasamForever

    Aww Lexi and Nathan look cute.

    Jonathon has a beautiful family. I wonder if they will follow in their parents acting footsteps.

    Is there a reason Christel Khalil is not wearing her wedding ring?

    Lauren Koslow’s hair was interesting.

    I don’t remember Michelle Staffords’s eyes being that blue.

    Nadia and Brandon, Heath and Kelly and Scott and Melissa looked great, as did Debbi and her “acting husband.”

  2. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Do my eyes deceive me, or did Nathan Parsons get a HAIRCUT??? I hate to say it, but I think he looked better with the longer hair!!!

    Sean Kanan looks like she’s trying a little bit too hard to look…, GQ~~
    P.S- You’re already hot, stop trying!!!

    Scott and Melissa Reeves are soo darned cute that it almost gives me a toothache!!

    I don’t like Arianne’s hair extensions. I think they make her look cheap. She should rely on her natural beauty. She looked BREATHTAKING last year!!!

    Molly Burnett looks like she’s dressed for some dreadful 1980s-themed prom.

    Bradford Anderson is so cute that I want to put him on top of a cupcake. Geek chic, personified.

    Ricky Paull Goldin’s son and family are so cute, but he always seems to look sleepy in photographs!!!

  3. Profile photo of ConqueringBlue

    Marland Fan, I agree about KA. She’s been too thin for ages now. Her face looks so gaunt, she looks sick most of the time. Back in the 80s she looked so much healthier than she does now.

    BB and NB are one good looking pair. Same with Justin and Lindsay Hartley.

    A lot of the guys look a hot mess though. The women all dressed like they’re going to a formal affair and many of the men look like they just rolled out of bed into some crumpled clothes they found on the floor LOL

  4. Profile photo of voiceover

    Aaaannnnddd, here’s your new Soap SuperCouple! Nathan & Lexi look terrific together, and that haircut tips me off that Ethina is a go — if the gripe is “Oooh, the age difference!” — well, he looks younger now. But still fabulous.

  5. Profile photo of Mione134


    give it to me now! I haven’t been this excited for a soap couple, since my dear Dillon and Georgie(come back to us!)/JT and Colleen.

    They could be the new JT and Colleen. Same age difference.

    and the fact that in real life Ethan is only 3 years older than Lexi. Its all gravy. Double standards when it comes to Kristina and Michael. Michael and Abby gets a pass, unlike Ethan and Kristina.

    ah well. I look forward to some Ethina.

  6. Profile photo of Liasonfan4ever

    OMG I have not watched DOOL in years Kristen Alfonso does not look good at all she use to be one of the most beautiful women on daytime and now she looks like a skeleton i hate to sound mean but this is a huge example of why you should just age gracefully too much plastic surgery just makes you look worse.

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