Stefano Searches For Answers on DAYS

EJ (James Scott) is in the hospital and Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) swears to find out who is responsible. What will happen when he finds out there is a Kiriakis connection? Watch this week’s Days of Our Lives promo after the jump!

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    ya know this just can’t keep happening once a year. Either someone kill the man or he has to reform enough that people will stop wanting to kill him. And Stephano can look at himself if he wants to know who is responsible. It is his encouragement of EJ’s dark side that is responsible for the annual attempted murder. I hope the new writers correct this not even interesting story. If there was the even slightest possibility that this story has long term implications for these characters I would be all for it. But no. EJ will just wake up and be EJ. Brady will get out of it someway.

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    The problem I see with Victor and Stephano sparing is that it could become a bloodbath. These men have coexisted in the same space mostly because they avoid eachother. But both of these men are dangerous and if they start fighting in an all out war, it would be like the USSR and the US openly going to war instead of the skirmishes they used to settle stuff with such as Vietnam and Korea. In other words there would be total anhililation. I think that people like Alexandra and Bo would definately become targets. And someone would have to WIN this war. And by win, I mean the other side would be dead.

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    Just a note of comment about the Dimera family. When Hogan Sheffer was writing Days, it seemed like he was taking the Dimera’s in a different direction at first. We had Stephano with his three sons and the sons were fighting Stephano to make the family more reputable and less gangster. It reminded me of the Kennedy family when the reigns of the family went from Joseph to his sons. His sons legitamized what their powerful and power hungary father started. I thought it would be neat to see Tony and Ej and Benji reorder the family. They could have been the family to root for. Unfortunately Hogan actually started dismantling this idea and Dena Highly just threw it out of the water. Now two of those sons are dead and Stephano has found a new son. He is moulding both of these sons into mini-me versions of himself. Frankly I am not a fan of that. I would like for EJ and for Chad to stand up and become strong leading men. Not the mustache twirlers their father is trying to create. Frankly neither one of them have the operatic flare for it. While we love Stephano at his worst, EJ just comes off as vile. And I don’t need Chad to become little EJ. I like him fine as the rebel without a cause teenage angst character. But I am not into the idea of turning him evil. I would like to see the new writers take the family back to the idea of legitimizing the family. Especially with John Black returning. He could help clean house over there at the Dimera mansion.

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    When is the big reveal about who is returning to DOOL? What is everyone hearing? I heard Marlena and John. Jack has been confirmed. Everyone said Nathan, but then the actor said he was not returning. I want the scoop!! :)

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