Is Randy Jackson Shopping Around a Daytime Talk Show?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, American Idol's Randy Jackson is pitching a daytime talk show.The trade paper claims Jackson's potential chat show won't be all about music, given his background. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter:

He wants to talk about things that will be hip next. He thinks he has his finger on the pulse.

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    As if making MILLIONS of dollars on that DREADFUL mess of a show, “American Idol”, isn’t enough for him, now he wants to come to DAYTIME? If he gets a show, it will undoubtedly fail. His prime-time repertoire consists mainly of him saying “dawg” twelve times per sentence……….

    Not interested.

    And why does everyone who THINKS they are interesting in primetime and other venues think they will be interesting enough to headline a daytime talk show? 90 percent of talk shows fail for this reason……………

  2. Profile photo of Smooshiest

    He wants to talk about things that will be hip next. He thinks he has his finger on the pulse.

    So that’s all you need to have a pitch for a talk show? Great… BTW, Randy Jackson is NOT who I think of when I want a go-to guy for what is hip next. He’s still calling women dude and man. Apparently, he does know what is hot and who is in it to win it.

  3. Profile photo of harlee490

    Double Yuck, we have another talk shows. He could try but I personally think it would be one those talk shows a channel would have on a 2 AM because no room on the schedule or lack of a drawing an audience.

  4. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    I dont think I could handle an hour a day of name dropping, give it up for the pound!
    No more talk shows no more judge shows enough game shows please! If not soaps, think of some other things one can put on tv. A nice variety program. singers, standup comics, acrobats, skits, talking parrots, like America’s Got Talent daytime. Only maybe a different act wins everyday four days a week then comes back on friday to compete for the weeks title then comes back in a month for the month title then a year etc.(not thought out lol free thinking here).
    something other than babies daddy, who slept with their mother in law and who didn’t give back the engagement ring/ stereo. really how much of that can one watch?

  5. Profile photo of Plum

    I can not stand this guy (Randy). He ruins American Idol for me with his lame sound bites and nauseating “hipness.” Of all the judges AI has had, I like him the least. He rarely adds anything worthwhile to the show.

    I agree that another talk show is not needed. What happened to variety?

  6. Profile photo of sweetiepie

    Randy Jackson knows what hip? Really??, REALLY!, Dude, the 90’s called, they want the lingo back. that good with you, Dawg?

    Why do tptb think they can replace daytime soaps with this kind of crap? I don’t know what will become of daytime, but I don’t think the future is in reruns of the “housewives” and lame ass talk shows is the answer.

    I wish that the remaining soaps on the air could be run in prime time. Dynasty, Dallas,and Knots Landing did well in Prime time, I know that was then and this is now, but the advantage would be a devout following of soap fans. The win win is that an established show would’nt need to build an audience, and tey coul be dropped into the weak time slots. Yes, it costs more to produce a prime time soap, but if it only ran once or twice a week, I think the cost would be comperable to 5 days in daytime. It might at least be worth discussing.

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    While I don’t think he is daytime material, his show “Americas Best Dance Crew” is quite popular amongst the younger set. I think it comes on MTV.

  8. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    marknsprmo – While I was reading your post, I started thinking about the old Mike Douglas show. I used to watch that and Merv Griffen everyday. I think they had the soap awards on their show or one of them did.

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    yeah GHvetfan that is what made me think of the idea of working with a current talk show to host the daytime emmys in an earlier post. I remember watching the Merv Griffith show and that is where they would do the awards. They would take it outside and set it up like an outdoor wedding (is what it reminded me of) or they would have it in a banquet room. Actually it was nice but not splashy like awards are now days. The show would be expanded for a couple of hours in the afternoon. I can not see any reason why this would not be acceptable to the daytime viewing audience. We are the ones who care about our shows. So why have it at night anyway?

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