Cody Longo Cast as Nicholas Alamain on DAYS

Days of our Lives has cast Cody Longo as Carly’s (Crystal Chappell) son Nicholas Alamain, according to TV Guide.  The role was previously portrayed onscreen by Victor Webster and Erik von Detten. In April DAYS fans heard the Nicholas' voice, but the character did not appear onscreen at that time.

Longo appeared on the big screen in 2009’s Fame, while Brothers & Sisters’ fans may recognize him from flashbacks as a young Tommy Walker on ABC. He has also starred in multiple episodes of ABC Family’s Make It or Break It

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    Are we all thinking that they screwed up the ages again? What’s going to happen if this kid ever has to be in a scene with Kate; his ex-lover?

    The other day I watching a scene on youtube, of Marlena returning to her penthouse after the Susan-wedding-fiasco-reveal, She walked in with baby EJ and his mother (I forgot her name, Susan’s twin), and Sami called with Lucas as fully grown adults! I get SORAS, but Days is looney about the ages in this generation.

    If anyone has seen the clip, who are the baby twins that enter at the end of the scene – Tom and Marie Horton? (just kidding, but I’d like to know)

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    Well, here’s an obvious question: WHY NOW????? Carly and Vivian are leaving???? Makes NO sense. This show isn’t going to get any better is it? Corday is the problem. I thought it was Dena but now I think it’s just Ken Corday.

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    I’m on board with this casting. The only thing that does bother me is the whole Kate thing, but hopefully they just won’t bring it up. Victor Webster is really the mistake if you want to talk about it. He is basically CC’s age so this isn’t the new writers fault. This is about 5 years younger than Nicholas should be, but better than being 20 years older.

    The EJ thing is reaalllllly bad, but when you find a gem like James Scott, I guess you get over it. It doesn’t bother me anymore. At first I was like yeah right. Since ED is never going to come back I guess it really isn’t a big deal at all.

    I was a huge Carly fan during her first trip to Salem so I’m glad they are wrapping things up nicely. Thank god for the new writers. Higley would have just had her go to rehab and be gone for good. Sydney Penny is awesome, btw!

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    I think they should cast Belle and Shawn instead of Nicolas now since Crystal and Louise are leaving now doesn’t make sense at all. I would love for Jason Cook to return he doesn’t do to much on GH now from what I read. Either do that or recast with someone else capable of acting like Bo and Hope’s oldest son. And for Belle it is ‘s for them to get off the Fancy Butt # 3 with Claire who can be 10 years old now in my opinion. However Martha Madison came back or cast Lindze Letherman as Belle or someone in that mid to late twenty range.

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    My first thought: DAYS hired a younger actor who can actually act? I watched him on Make it or Break it (all those women in leotards, can you blame me?), and I was impressed with his acting. I can’t wait to see him acting up against Crystal Chappell. Carly left Jenn for Nicholas once before, so I could see her making that mistake again, especially if she thought Jenn would take care of Melanie. She trusted Jenn to keep her brother Francois safe until she could return to Salem. I would love this story b/c it would leave Carly open to return and whisk Jenn off of her feet for a happy ending. :)

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    It makes perfect sense guys. He isn’t sticking around. He is coming back to make up with Carly and send her away with a happy ending. She is probably never going to come back to the show so they need to send her out with a final wrap up for her story. This won’t affect future castings because he will just be there to usher her out.

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    nice looking guy..i think i am the only person who totally hate EJ and his sorasing from hell..that is one character i think should disappear with dena higley!

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    If GHdoolfan is right then I get it. If not, then I don’t. His mother & aunt will be exiting soon, why bring him now? Yeah, Mel’s his sister, but that’s not enough to warrant a long term return. JMO.

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    He is only 23 according to wikipedia. He is very cute and if I knew he was staying long term I would be pissed that they hired someone so young. Since it is just to usher Carly out of town I am ok with it. He should have been at least 30.

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    WTF, this makes no sense.

    Vivan and Carly are leaving, what’s the point of him if the two people that are the closest to him are not even on the canvas??

    Sorry, but Ken Corday has lost his freakin mind.

  11. Profile photo of appleridge

    Once again its short term just to get Carly off the show and no Nicky should be mid 20’s the Victor Webster recast in 99 screwed that up. no way CC gave birth to VW’s Nicholas

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    Sillytee, no you are not alone. I would LOVE for EJ to be one of the characters to go away. I think JS is overrated and I HATE the character. I like bad characters, but I like the ones that not only own their badness, they do not think that they are perfectly justified in doing what they do for any other reason than they are bad guys.

    I think the age thing is dumb, but seeing how it is temporary and I doubt he has even one scene with Kate, it won’t really matter. My problem is that they are getting rid of Carly, bringing on a miscast Nicolas temporarily, and we will still be stuck with Melanie. And even though I have nothing against the actor or even the character, Daniel is useless too. There are a dozen males his age that I would rather have on screen. They are completely getting rid of the wrong half of that family.

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    Probably the 46 year old CC didn’t want a 30 year old son. I KNOW I wouldn’t. Just because a character was soras’s doesn’t mean they can not de soras him. Very few people said boo about it when they de aged Bill Horton for Alice’s funeral. They took oh 21 years off him from Ed Mallory (b.1930).
    John Martin (b.1951) is much closer in age to Mike, Bill’s son than he is to Bill.
    Mike’s first adult actor was Wesley Eure (b.1955). In fact when Days of our lives began John Martin would have been the ripe ole age of 14. Kinda prodegy to become a doctor.

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    lol appleridge just give up, you will drive yourself crazy. People do not read. They just jump the gun with comments like that about how dumb it is to bring him on when Viv and Carly are both gone. They will both be there when he’s on and I don’t think he will even be in Salem. He will probably have most of his scenes at the rehab facility with just Carly and Melanie. Probably Daniel. Maybe a few others. Then leave.

    The age thing isn’t that big of a deal. He’s 23. You can’t tell from one picture. Maybe he will come off as 25-26 and I think that is fine for Nicholas age. Erik Von Detton is only 4+ years older than Cody Longo. Victor Webster was a huge mistake but really was it that big of a deal where we can’t pretend that never happened? There was no Carly then.

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    I appreciate that DOOL is going to unite Carly with Nicholas before she leaves the show. I don’t know that his time on DOOL is long term. I am so excited about the future of DOOL. I will give Dena credit- the episodes this week have actually been decent and the pacing of the show is SO MUCH BETTER! :)

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    I admit, I didn’t read the whole thing, I was in a hurry, didn’t have time.

    But now that I have, I retract my last statement, if he is just coming on to have a few scenes with Carly then I don’t mind.

  17. Profile photo of GHdoolFan

    jlafferty23 – ha sorry not trying to sound like a jerk. You weren’t the only one. that was my initial reaction too. I just read the article before I saw this posted here so I knew most of the details.

  18. Profile photo of appleridge

    [quote=jlafferty23]I admit, I didn’t read the whole thing, I was in a hurry, didn’t have time.

    But now that I have, I retract my last statement, if he is just coming on to have a few scenes with Carly then I don’t mind.[/quote]

    Yeah I see him having scenes with Carly, Vivian & Melanie maybe Daniel. I dont him & Kate will cross paths

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    [quote=giftofamber]I would love this story b/c it would leave Carly open to return and whisk Jenn off of her feet for a happy ending. :)[/quote]


    Sure, Days could bring Carly back but not in the form of Crystal Chappell. CC has announced that she is officially retiring from daytime soaps. She will now concentrate on her two web soaps that she’s involved with.

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    [quote=Soap_Stud]Now comes word that Days has reversed their decision to fire Bren FOster. Now, it looks like Quinn is part of the the “resetting” of DOOL.[/quote]

    I don’t think Quinn/Bren Foster can be considered one of the three remaining returning actors (strongly rumored to be Christie Clark, Patrick Muldoon, and Bryan Datillo). I am disappointed that they are keeping this guy around, but if they ditch Melanie, Daniel, Rafe or Gabi in his place, I’ll be okay.

  21. Profile photo of naughtytomato

    This guy looks like he could be Lawrence Alamain’s son, the dark good looks. The age thing – oh well. It seems the new head writers gave some thought into Carly’s exit and we get her son returning and Sydney Penny as a guest star. That’s far better than what Steve and Kayla got the last time Days had a bloodbath. They just disappeared, no explanation! Higley didn’t write Stephanie off either, her scenes just stopped. I don’t recall if any character even mentioned her. Makes me sad the new writers won’t get a chance to do story for Carly.

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    I’m glad Carly is leaving the series but I am even more glad Nikki is coming to escort her off the canvas. I can’t believe it’s taken so long for them to bring him back. I imagine Nikki will share scenes with Carly, Vivian, and perhaps meet his sister Melanie. They should also bring back Carly’s brother Frankie so they can share one last scene and so he can meet his niece.

  23. Profile photo of soapbaby

    Whew. Happy the story is wrapping. Watched a few scenes and this young man is not a very good actor and I am fatigued by Crystal Chappell’s overacting in this drug addiction s/l. Such a poor way to write her off.

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