Josh Duhamel Talks All My Children Return

Transformers star Josh Duhamel recently dished about his return to All My Children during a The Tonight Show appearance. Jay Leno—who is apparently new to soaps—debated the actor on how the character of Leo du Pres could come back since he “died” in 2003. Watch the clip after the jump!

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    Since haven’t herd anything no last minute stay of execution for the soaps, but the fans know not to get their hopes up. I liked the show Vegas, shame it ended to soon.

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    GreenLeo FOREVER!!!! :love:

    JD’s right, they never found the body! He was hanging onto that branch in the water and then he swept away! Josh goes everywhere saying they never found Leo’s body, and has said so on twitter countless times when asked, that they never found the body… I know he only tapes or had taped just a few days, but he BETTER be ALIVE! Too much to ask? Maybe, but dammit, I’m keeping the faith! I mean, Dixie’s back from poisoned pancakes, Jesse DIED onscreen, Erica’s aborted fetus came back all grown up, Leo can easily snatch Greenlee out of Valley of the Doppelgangers in a one/two episode pop! Ryass McDouchebag can spend time alone (pssh, like that’s ever going to happen), or he can go find a Gillian look alike. Or hell, find Gillian. So WHAT if her heart’s in Laura’s chest….

    On that note, I’m SOOOO Happy for his return, but SOOOO sad that it happened at this expense. But I do love that he is so sincere about returning to where he got his start, and does talk about it as often as possible and tells us about it on twitter when he can. He seems excited about it. He’s like the Nathan Fillion of AMC!

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    I don’t know where you get the idea that Jay Leno is new to soaps when it is known to Days fans that Jay LOVES & has been a HUGE Days fan for YEARS.
    In fact i remember Drake Hogasten saying in a interview once that Jay was his biggest fan and loved the character of John.He also said Jay use to sneak over to their set to watch them film and would always invite the actors on Days to come watch the musical acts rehearse before the show.
    So yes Jay does watch soaps.

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    I totally enjoyed the dynamic between Mr. Duhamel, Vincent Irizarry, Rebecca Budig and Marj Dusay. They were their own quadrangle that was always entertaining. I never managed to forget how special Greens was with Leo. Her pairing with Ryan never matched up for me. I think that’s one reason I fell away from AMC.

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    [quote] I never managed to forget how special Greens was with Leo. Her pairing with Ryan never matched up for me. I think that’s one reason I fell away from AMC. [/quote]


    Yes, so sad. Rylee was such an epic failure, so forced. I was and still am a huge Greenlee fan, but I fell away from her during the Rylee years, because I felt it wasn’t true to her character anymore. This girl grew up with Leo because they were so much alike, yet, they grew up together and changed together. Putting her with Ryan just made her all insecure and silly again, and it was insulting. Let’s hope AMC gets it right with GreenLeo reunited in harmony! :love:

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    SwanQueen59, I wholeheartedly AGREE! Alot of us GreenLeo fans from way back are hoping, and wishing, and praying that Leo returns alive and takes his true love Greenlee away! Love, love, love! :love:

    [quote] There are some pairings that shouldn’t be tampered with. (But that’s me.) [/quote]

    Yes, I feel the same way, INDEED! lol

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    I’m really looking forward to Josh Duhamel coming back and I agree with SwanQueen59. I really wish the show would find some way to bring Marj Dusay back in.

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    Love how everybody commented on Arnold Schwargenegger cheating on his wife. And Tiger Woods.

    Josh Duhamel screws all those pole dancer girls and none of you soap female fans get upset? (he cheated on HIS WIFE FERGIE)

    Tragic state of female soap fans and what they will put up with (anything)

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    First off, I don’t know who ‘everybody’ is, but I don’t recall saying a THING on this site about Tiger or Arnold. Josh’s personal life is NOT for me to judge publicly. I’m happy that he’s retuning to where he got his start and possibly honoring GreenLeo fans with a better ending than Rylee. My thoughts on what he may or may not have done OFF SCREEN will remain just that, MINE. Anything else in his personal life is between him, his WIFE, and whatever God he chooses to believe in.

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