Peter Garrett’s Search Takes Him ‘Far From The Bay’

Prolific web showrunner Gregori J. Martin is back with a prequel to Season 2 of his popular sudser The Bay. In Far From The Bay, Sara Garrett's (Mary Beth Evans) youngest son Peter's (breakout star Kristos Andrews) search for his adoptive parents leads him straight to the Big Apple.

After watching the haunting, visually-appealing first installment of Far From The Bay, I cannot wait for more of this in depth character study into Peter's world. Watch the first webisode of Far From The Bay after the jump! 

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    Although I LOVE LOVE LOVE the concept of THE Bay, I think it suffers greatly from being too big for it’s britches. There are too many characters (each one expertly played though), too many stories (each one I want more of). I would much prefer that the show whittle down the stories and cast to the primary ones and stop being so surface. It is like all glam and no substance. This show has enough backstory and great cast to keep a daytime soap busy for a year or two but we only get the story 3 or 4 minutes at a shot. Get the show on tv already. It is totally ready to go. And has a following.
    I personally like AND THEN WE GOT HELP (THERAPY) better. The characters are well defined and supurbly acted as well. The stories are intimate and clearly defined and we weekly see progress in the story. The intimate setting of an apartment where we see this group therapy without a therapist helps to creat a sense of place. The supporting cast is not overly large and also well played. What I like better than The Bay is that the show digs into the story for the moments and the bones of the stories. They just don’t touch on the surface of the events. I feel like I know and love these characters like I would on a tv show.
    On The Bay, I barely even get to distinguish who someone is and then never really catch up to them again for a long time. The care level is maintained only by the fact that I have had a personal relationship to the actors in previous daytime roles. On And Then We GOT Help, I didn’t even really know any of the actors that are on the show. Yet right now they are some of my favorite characters on a show of any sort.

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    I’m really impressed with the quality of the production. The visuals and audio were quite well done.

    It’s a pleasure to see the legendary Miriam Colom! Kristos Andrews’ acting has become stronger.

    I look forward to watching this series.

    Congratulations to the cast & crew!

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    marknsprmo, I agree 100% with your analysis of The Bay. I like what it aspires to do, but it tries to do a bit much. That is why I actually liked this a lot. I am really interested in what the story is here. I think it might be a good idea to do one of these if not for all the main characters, then each of the families on The Bay like they did with those talking heads thing before it launched.

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    I really like The Bay. Yes, I want more, but that’s a sign of a great show. It’s amazing what’s being done on a probably shoe string budget. The cinematography of this episode was beautiful. And Kristos isn’t bad to look at, either. :bigsmile:

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    That is a good point watchingallday! I really do like everything I have seen on The Bay, it is just I want it filled out more. You are right though, this summer sequel could be what fills in the blanks for this character. Then later on they can chose another and do the same! Actually a really good idea.
    I too am impressed with the look of the show. It has a very polished high end look. That is one reason I would like to see it move into tv because it is pretty much ready for the leap. It would be wonderful for prime time, daytime, I am not sure how fast they could pump out the scenes and stay so impressive looking. Maybe as a half hour show. This could be Fox’s venture into daytime. Perhaps a 3 day a week show…..

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