Sydney Penny Joins DAYS For Short Visit

Soap vet Sydney Penny is dropping into Salem for a brief visit. According to TV Guide, Penny will appear on Days of Our Lives for seven episodes as a doctor at the rehab center Carly (Crystal Chappell) is checked into.

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    I hope that she nails this role and makes such an impression that they bring her back into the hospital in some capacity after all the returns are final so no one can use it against her that she’s “taking a spot” of some vet. She is a good actress.

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    I’m happy for Sydney Penny, but I can’t really get too exited since it’s another short term visit. I’m with the others who want her to gain a larger role.

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    I’m glad it’s just a short visit. I am okay with former soap stars coming on to Days in short-term roles like this one, but I don’t want them getting larger roles and taking over the show. Days needs to focus on its own vets and NOT other soaps’ former stars. (Did you hear that, Y&R?)

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