True Blood’s Jessica Tuck Would “Jump” at The Chance to Reprise ‘One Life’ Role

While Judith Light has reportedly passed on a return engagement at One Life to Live, another famous blonde alum of the sudser says she'd love to reprise her Llanview role. In a recent Access Hollywood interview about the upcoming season of True Blood, Jessica Tuck (Nan) revealed she would "jump" at the chance to play Viki's (Erika Slezak) deceased daughter Megan (the one she had up under the ground) again. Hey, maybe Megan could be a vampire? That would explain how she's alive. (Just kidding) Watch the interview below!

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    Jessica Tuck’s return as Megan would make a lot more sense than Judith Light’s as Karen, and I really hope that Frank will accomodate her request. They would be foolish not to.

    But am I selfish for wanting BOTH Jessica and Judith to come back??

    Oh well, who cares if I am???? ;) ;)

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    Hi All…I didn’t watch OLTL while Tuck was on as Megan, but I’ve watched so many youtube clips over the years to know that I want Megan to make an otherworldly appearance before the finale. Besides, Jessica Tuck was responsible for one of the most shocking (for me) TV moments of the past 10+ years when her Judging Amy character Gillian flatlined after giving birth during the season finale. The big concern had been on the kid being born OK and for some reason I just didn’t see Gillian having a crisis instead of the baby. I remember gasping “Gillian!” when I realized what was going on. God, I miss that show (especially that season).

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    I really hope she does come back for an episode… Always loved Megan.

    Megan dying in Jake’s arms is still one of the most gut wrenching scenes in soap history. I am going to go watch it on Youtube because I haven’t had a good cry all day ;)

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    I would love for Megan to return, even as a vision of Viki’s for an episode if not for a few moments. Megan Gordon is one of my all-time favorite soap characters and got me hooked onto OLTL. Jessica Tuck is a phenomenal actress.

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    Bourgeois Nerd

    It would be great to see Megan, especially since Tuck couldn’t come back for the 40th Heaven episode, but it would have to be as a ghost or something. If they bring Megan back to life or something just for a few episodes, I’d be very, very upset.

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    I don’t see the reason to bring her back if she is dead. I went thru the gl/atwt cancelllation and I rather just see current people. These are jobs just like you and I go to jobs and then retire. The actors move on as we do. I am being realistic.

    I did enjoy this actress/character on Judging Amy a few years ago. She was married to the brother andwas a regular.

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    Im sure they could make it work. I remember when Ben woke up in 2004 for that day Megan body over a nurses took so she could be with her family. I think she did the same before when Al had to take over Michael’s body and her and Luna helpeed him with that final transition. I remember Luna and Megan holding hands and going back to heaven.

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    I would LOVE to see Jessica Tuck as ghostly Megan before the end. True Blood Season 4 wraps production at the end of the month, and the new season won’t begin filming til January, so Jessica could very easily return for an appearance before OLTL stops filming in November.

    If you recall, Jessica was supposed to return for the 40th anniversary in 2008 and appear as a ghost to Viki, but it fell through and they brought on Erin Torpey instead (another person I’d like to see return). Hopefully this time they can make it happen.

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