Carol Burnett Returns to All My Children!

TV and comedy legend Carol Burnett is returning to All My Children. According to USA Today, Burnett will reprise her role as Verla Grubbs "for a few episodes in September." Reportedly, Verla will appear opposite Susan Lucci’s Erica Kane and Jill Larson’s Opal Cortlandt.  

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    A waste of time!!! VERLA GRUBBS was one of the best characters on AMC with Palmer and Langley and Phoebe, she has no connections with anyone on the show! AMC need to get rid all the newbies and focus only on Erica Kane and her daughters, make a storyline at the end calls, THIS IS YOUR LIFE, Erica Kane, and have her all husbands tells storys in flashbacks. No Verla or those boring characters…
    FOCUS on the VETERANS! That is why B&B, and Y&R are so good in the ratings.
    the Bells soaps focus on Nikki, Victor, katherine, Jill, Lauren, the Abbotts, the Newmans, the Forresters, Stephanie, Ridge, Brooke, Taylor etc.
    OLTL has Dorian, Vicki, Buchanans, Echo, Clint, Bo, Nora, Blair..etc.
    DOOL has Bo, Hope, Marlena, John, Stefano, Kate, Vivian, Carly, Sami etc.

    Don’t get me started with GH where is Bobbie, Alan, Edward, Quatermains, the GH I know was about the Hospital with great families, not the Mobs.
    GH got nothing, bye GH, its going off in July 24th 2012
    AMC has Erica, and Tad….Martins is fading….WOULD BE NICE to BRING BACK NINA and CLIFF (new actor) the real LIZA…get rid of Caleb, Cara, all the new charcters are the same, AMC always had the most exciting characters on Daytime: Myrtle, Daisy, Phoebe, Langley, Palmer, Skye etc.

    Bring back Kathleen Noone, Robert Gentry, Marcy Walker! Those are the real AMC stars…..No NEED to have VERLA GRUBBS! No need for Carol Burnett~

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    Cool casting coup. I would love to see Rosie O’Donnell reprise her role as Naomi the maid one last time. She loved AMC and would always talk about it on her talk show.

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    I myself am always happy to see Carol Burnett. She has been a solid and loyal viewer and supporter of this show for many years. Her connection to this show is that she loves it and she is a small but special part of it’s history. I do not watch AMC but I will be tuning in for her eps.

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    This is GREAT news!!! She is part of AMC history and wasn’t she Langley’s daughter? Opal and Erica were both on when Verla was on so it makes sense for her to share story with them.

    As for giving Erica and her daughters more story…..that’s what the show has bee for the past 5 years and where has that gotten us?? Canceled.

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    Yeah, the show shouldn’t be only about Erica and her daughters from here on out. Not everyone is a Kane fan, and there are other vets besides Erica still on the show.

    I don’t see the point of bringing Verla back, but Carol Burnett is one of their most famous cast members. I think this casting news is cool.

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    I agree with the first poster. Although I’m very fond of Carol Burnett and the character of Verla Grubbs was cool back in the day, the fact of just bringing in all of these past characters for a few episodes is not something I’m looking forward to seeing. Same with super hot stud, Josh Duhumel. While I want to see that fine body on my tv screen, I’m not looking forward to a contrived and silly plot point just to have them all revisit for 5 minutes on the show’s exit. It would be great if they could focus on hard wrap ups of the stories in place now and resolve them away properly.

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    TV Gord

    Carol Burnett is always golden. I will enjoy seeing her on AMC one last time and she can share in our misery, because she is a lifelong fan who is mourning along with the rest of us.

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    I loved Carol Burnett as a child! I even have a ringtone of “I’m so glad we had this time together”

    I am so happy that the show is bringing back Verla. Watch some old Youtube clips, and you will see why Verla is just as much a part of AMC as other characters are.

    Also, I think that anyone who can bring star power to AMC in its final days is only a good thing. Some people, who may not even be soap fans will tune in just to see them.

    <3 Verla!

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    Yay, halleluajah! I don’t rememember Carol’s initial run but I loved it when she popped up for a return. Maybe Erica or Opal will be getting married?

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    So many things I personally disagree with in your comment.

    – You start by saying that Verla was one of “the best characters on AMC”, but then say there is no need for Verla or those boring characters. If she’s a great character, she will be able to stand alone and still be great without all of her old sidekicks (if they aren’t going to be there). I’ve watched AMC a few times, but I was a baby when Carol was originally on.

    – Yes, OLTL does have all of those veteran characters that you mentioned, but they also had an influx of newbies….HELLO; the Ford Clan!! All soaps have been guilty of this at some point and to some extent.

    – DAYS is just now bringing Marlena and John back, and have fired (rather stupidly, but I digress) Carly and Vivian.

    – Hey, I would LOVE to see Marcy Walker return too! But, I don’t know if that will happen, as she is devoted to her new life in North Carolina (the last I heard).

    All in all, I think Carol returning is great, and I will watch. I remember Leo and Greenlee fondly and never did agree that they didn’t recast the role because they were a popular couple. So, I’m all for that return too.

    Does anyone have any inside info on what the AMC finale is going to be like?? happy, sad, cliffhanger??? I’m sooooo curious. Same goes for OLTL!

    Happy Saturday to all!

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    TV Gord

    Santa_Barbara_4Ever, I love your name! I don’t think anyone knows how AMC is going to end (Lorraine Broderick’s scripts only start on Monday), but I hope it’s not as bad as the finale of our beloved Santa Barbara! I hated to see my all-time favorite soap become what it did at the end. The worst image that is sadly burned into my brain is the image of that horrible Paul Rauch walking off the set in those spotlights (a totally misplaced homage to Frank Sinatra).

    As much as we are all saddened by the demise of AMC and OLTL, I doubt they are going to give us anything but the happy ending we all crave. When SB ended, no one was paying attention, so Rauch got away with his self-indulgent ending. In the case of AMC and OLTL, everyone is paying attention. Frons and the other idiots in charge may not care about what the core soap audience thinks, but they will be trying to save face with the broader entertainment audience. They’ll be shooting for an ending that lets them bring these shows to a close with a nice big red bow.

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    TV Gord

    By the way, I think it’s interesting that this story goes under the Pop Confidential banner rather than the Daytime Confidential masthead. That shows something signficant about the demise of soaps, doesn’t it?

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    [quote=CHRISTOPHER]A waste of time!!! VERLA GRUBBS was one of the best characters on AMC with Palmer and Langley and Phoebe, she has no connections with anyone on the show! [/quote]

    I couldn’t disagree more. Especially now that the show is ending, it would be tragic to not recognize the importance of characters such as Langley, Phoebe and Myrtle — and Verla had connections with all of them. It makes far more sense to bring her on than to have random characters like Randi, Madison or even Ryan spending time talking about their connections (that they never had or, in Ryan’s case, barely had) to these veteran AMC characters.

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    [quote=TV Gord]By the way, I think it’s interesting that this story goes under the Pop Confidential banner rather than the Daytime Confidential masthead. That shows something signficant about the demise of soaps, doesn’t it?[/quote]
    *sigh* Yeah, it’s sad. It’s the end end of soap operas as we know them.

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