Check Out a Then We Got Help! Marathon

Weeds and The Big C return to Showtime–where the best cable comedies call home–on June 27. Before you dive into an On-Demad marathon to get ready for their return, might I suggest you brush up on one of the funniest series on the web, Then We Got Help!. Each and every episode of Then We Got Help! gives such TV series a run for their money.

On this week’s “A Kiss is Just a Kiss” Part 2, Marcia DeBonis (The Big C and Letters to Juliet) returns as the hilarious couples counselor in training, Sharon. The group pounces when she accidently reveals information about her personal life. Dan (Nicholas Rodriguez) and Eric (Blake Hammond) are emotional as they reveal to the group what has happened with their adoption. 

Check out a Then We Got Help! marathon of recent episodes after the jump.

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    Great end to season 2! Although I must say that it was a sad episode that the guys lost their baby. I kinda feel they wrapped things up incase they don’t do another season and that made me sad as well. Thanks for two great seasons of the most original web show out there. In fact it is maybe the most original show out there.

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