Erin Torpey Returns to One Life to Live

Fan favorite Erin Torpey is returning to One Life to Live, according to TV Guide. Reportedly, Torpey will play a different character and not Jessica Buchanan, currently portrayed by Bree Williamson.

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    No Daisy

    I hope they bring her on to give Christian a love interest before he exits. His taste in women has taken a nosedive the last several years (with the exception of the Layla)and I’d like to see him get a happy ending.

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    Great unexpected news indeed, I grew up watching Erin as Jessica, so I am not complaining either,

    I wonder who she’ll be playing? A recast or a completely new character, I think she’s for Christian.

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    Well, if this is for a Christian exit then I think it is a cool thing…otherwise I just do not see the purpose. Bree has definitely made the part her own and Erin has been gone for a long time. In a side note: IT IS HARD TO BELIEVE THAT THIS SHOW IS LEAVING THE AIR – I HAVE BEEN WATCHING SINCE 1979 – IT IS LIKE LOSING A PART OF ME!

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    I love her! Erin Torpey is the only Jessica that counts, in my opinion. I loved her with David Fumero’s Cristian, so maybe she will escort him off the canvas as many are predicting/hoping.

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    I don’t really recall the circumstances in which Erin left: whether it was by choice or whether they let her go; but she really is the one and only Jessica for me.

    Erin’s Jessica seemed too nice and normal for the audience to buy her having mental issues. In addition, She brought a spark to this character that Bree Williamson’s Jessica has never had. I think that’s why they gave Bree the alters, to try to give her some of that spark.

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    Littlelamb, I have been wanting Erin to come on as Sarah and reunite with Cristian for some time now! That would be some cool casting, but I think it will be as lame as Xander’s return on GH to escort Natalia Livingston’s character off the canvas.

    It would’ve been cool if Bree could out for an episode and let Erin play Jess one last time.

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    I really liked ET’s Jessica. I loathe that retconned mess of a character that’s been running around Llanview for the past 8 years.

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    I was very excited that she was coming back…then I saw that she’s playing a different character :( It’s going to be a little strange to see the original Jessica as a totally different person, but if that’s the best they can do, I’ll have to settle for it. I’ve been over BW portrayal for years!!

    And I believe they replaced her because they wanted to “age” Jessica a little.

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    Great news; she’s still the only Jessica in my book(though I have to say for the first time EVER, last week BW was actually on fire….as Jessica! Wonders never cease apparently lol). I agree, it would be nice to see Cristian get a good send-off; he’s been wasted now for the last six or eight months.

    As for why she left, I think it was actually of her own accord. I seem to remember thinking she just wanted a break; don’t think she was let go or the character aged, though I might be mistaken.

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    Erin left the show because she needed a break. And she wanted to focus more on her music. She was not let go, OLTL wouldn’t do that to her. She was a great actress, a fan favorite, and had a story. They didn’t age Jessica when Bree showed up either. Bree is only 2 years older than Erin.

    Anyways, soooo excited for this! Its a dream come true. Erin was my favorite and i’ve missed her so much. It sounds like its only a one day thing, which is disappointing. But i’ll take what i can get. I hope it is to usher out Cristian since ET and DF had crazy chemistry.

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    Aww, I love Erin Torpey! LOVED her Jessica (love Bree better as Tess, but she’s been KILLING it as Jessica latelty). So GLAD ET’s coming back! I loved her with Cristian too!

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    I love Erin who left of her own accord, I want to say she moved to California. She and David were quite the tempestuous young lovers though they were so young back then. I don’t care why she’s back or who she is playing I am glad to hear she’s back.

    Imagine tuning into OLTL and hearing the part of Starr Manning or GH with Robin Scorpio is now being played by fill in the blank. Kristen Aldersen didn’t renew her contract and is off to try her luck at pilot season, KMc is directing an indie movie. It would be stunning because many of us remember them in the roles when they were in single digits. Well, I remember 9year old Erin Torpey playing Jess for 13 years and leaving her mark on my heart. It doesnt have anything to do with Bree.

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