Nadia’s Next Chapter: Exiting DAYS Star Nadia Bjorlin on Rom-Coms, Reality TV and Wonder Woman

Her once strong, opera diva character Chloe Lane might have turned into a hot mess on Days of Our Lives in recent months (almost committing suicide, becoming a reluctant hooker), but Nadia Bjorlin couldn't have had it more together when I ran into the actress recently at the Daytime Emmy Awards Gifting Suite in Las Vegas.

The striking starlet, who has been playing the immensely popular Chloe on and off since 1999, took time out from checking out the swag with her equally-hot, soaper boyfriend Brandon Beemer (Owen, The Bold and the Beautiful) to discuss with Daytime Confidential why she believes TPTB decided to write out her character.

Bjorlin also dished about what's next for her career, including an upcoming, big screen romantic comedy and the E! reality show pilot presentation she recently filmed with General Hospital stars Kelly Monaco and Kirsten Storm and One Life to Live's Farah Fath. We also chatted about her pal Crystal Chappell (who was also recently let go from DAYS), winning a Daytime Emmy for her popular webisoap Venice, which Bjorlin costars in. Will Bjorlin be back for a third season of Venice as troubled lesbian Lara Miller? What about her dreams of playing the title role in Wonder Woman? Is she still holding out hope of playing Diance Prince one day? Keep reading to find out.

Daytime Confidential: Fans are really upset that Chloe’s going to be leaving Salem on Days of Our Lives. What’s next for Nadia Bjorlin?

NB: That’s a good question. What is next for Nadia Bjorlin? I’m actually shooting a movie in August, right after I leave DAYS. It’s a romantic comedy and I can’t really say more than that right now.

DC: I can totally see you doing rom-com on TV as well. Have you ever considered it?

NB:  Oh I would love to! Actually one of my dreams would be to do a sitcom or a comedy.

DC: Chloe used to be really funny!

NB: I know! Chloe lost her humor somewhere along the way [Laughs]. I think she’s still funny; she’s just one of those characters who truly suffers the worst consequences for her actions. She’s not a bad person. She has no malicious intent, but Chloe always suffers [Laughs] for all her decisions, good or bad. So now the character is sort of at a crossroads, and they’ve decided to send her off.

DC: With only four soaps remaining after January 2012, some exiting soap stars are saying they won’t be doing any more daytime dramas. Do you think you’ll ever do daytime again?

NB: You know what, I’m gonna say, “Never say never.”  I’ve left a couple of times before and I’ve come back. I never know what the future holds. DAYS has been so great to me over the years. They’re like family. I grew up with them. It’s bittersweet obviously, because I’m going to miss them dearly. ..They’re just kind of like my family and I love them, so you never know.

DC: What about this E! reality show I keep hearing about?

NB: Well, we don’t know yet if it’s a show, but we shot a pilot presentation for E! around the premise of following young, Hollywood actors around and to our jobs and seeing what it is we do every day.  It showed sort of the craziness that surrounds us daily. What we do in our lives personally and professionally.

DC: Oh wow, that sounds like a fun show!

NB:  Yeah, it could be really interesting and I think it would be a kind of nice way to also show all the hard work that goes into what we do. The daytime genre, I think, is so underrated. The show would be a nice way to let people see how we bust our asses every day, from the cast to the crew, every aspect that goes into creating our shows. I think it would be a nice way to document that hard work.

DC:  Speaking of hard work. Crystal Chappell, your friend and boss on Venice, won the Daytime Emmy for Special Class Short Format.

NB: Yes! I am so thrilled. I’m so happy and proud to be part of that project. I adore her and love her. I look up to her and just think she’s so talented. I think it was well-deserved, so onward and upward for her!

DC: I know she’s doing this new web series, The Grove, but will there be a third season of Venice and if so, will your character Lara be back? 

NB: Yes, there will be a third season of Venice. I believe we start shooting in October. Crystal’s going to be really busy, obviously, producing and acting and creating both shows!

DC: One project that didn’t get off the ground was David E. Kelly’s Wonder Woman for NBC. You know I’m convinced it didn’t happen because you weren’t attached.

NB: Well thank you [Laughs]! You’re very kind. I’ve had so much amazing support from everyone. It’s truly humbling.

DC: Oh come on, you know you were born to play Wonder Woman!

NB: I would love to play her, but I think it should be a movie. I want to play Wonder Woman on the big screen!

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  1. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I personally find Nadia Bjorlin to be a HORRIBLE actress. Stiff, unnatural and quite painful to watch most of the time……………

    But she seems like a pretty nice woman, and I wish her nothing but the best. :) I think her talents lie in modeling, singing (since I hear she’s got a beautiful voice!) and perhaps voice-over work, not acting. Any acting jobs she does get should be ONLY in supporting roles. I have never seen her do comedy, so I can’t really say if she’d do well on a sitcom or not………..

  2. Profile photo of DaytimeFan0001

    Nadia’s a good actrress, and beautiful. And she was one of Daytime’s last real identifiable and iconic soap opera teens. I wish her well in the future, I definitely see her coming up the ranks in TV.

  3. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    I really liked Nadia as Chloe in the early days, but I just don’t think she really grew as an actress, or maybe it was Dena’s failure to use the actress in ways that played to her strengths.

    I think she could do well in a less demanding medium like a primetime soap. Nadja also does well at comedy, so she should at least pursue that option.

  4. Profile photo of lostfan

    While Nadia is beautiful and reportedly a very nice person, she is a terrible actress. I don’t mean to be mean, but she speaks in a monotone and sucks the energy out of scenes. Sadly, she hasn’t improved from when she first started on days as Ghoul Girl. The complete unsympathetic way her character has been written hasn’t helped, because there is no rooting value for her. firing her makes sense. However, i wish the show would reconsider rehiring Louise Sorel–she is so great, and especially since they are now apparently keeping her son Quinn.

  5. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    I am NOT a Chloe fan nor do I think that Nadia should be on a soap. But I am 100 percent sure she was born to play Wonder Woman and she is right. This should be on the big screen. The role is not dramatically demanding in historical terms (what they do now days is sometimes more demensional) so if she picked up where Linda Carter left off, I could totally buy it.
    She does have a lovely singing voice and she is stunning to look at. She and Brandon should do a photobook with a good photographer. So I think she will be fine without soaps. Oh and if things get really boring for her she could always reboot Baywatch. She would be a shooin for Yasmine Bleethe role (although Yasmine is a much better actress).

  6. Profile photo of Soap_Stud

    Nadia grew as an actress. Chloe was ruined under Dena’s writing regime. I wish Nadia well and hope they wrap Chloe’s story up in a positive way.

  7. Profile photo of imane111

    Nadia:Such an amazing actress and woman.So talented…she gave emmy-worthy performances with the hysterical pregnancy and the post-partum depression..she grew so much as an actress,and her work in these two sl and on Venice show what an exceptional actress she is.Days is too stpuid for losing such talent,the hottest and most gorgeous woman on TV,and the better known actress on this show …she has the biggest fanbase on the show,maybe even on Daytime:Chloe,Broe,Phloe,Luloe,Danloe,Quinnloe….no other character has such huge fanbase on Daytime..their loss… Only the best for Nadia.She so desirves it.

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