Jeff Probst Gets Talk Show With CBS

You’ve watched him in primetime as the host of the long-running CBS reality show Survivor and now the Tifanny Network hopes you’ll tune in to watch him during the day too. According to, Probst has landed a syndicated talk show with CBS TV Distribution, beginning in 2012. Reportedly, the talk show “will cover everything from newsmakers to ordinary families in extraordinary circumstances.” 

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    My one question is who is going to watch him? Does he really have that many fans? I do think its funny that him vs Katie Couric….I think I’d rather watch him and Katie cost ABC 20 million!

    But really what are all these talk shows going to talk about? There all going to talk about the same thing and interview the same people its getting a little rediculous.

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    I’m actually hearing Lets Make a Deal is on the block for cancellation so its possible that Jeff Probst will get that time slot….so it will more than likely go up against Katie in 2012.

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    >) Perhaps replace Nancy Grace, didn’t hear it will be on CBS. Guess go back to working the day shift. Never understood the fascination with reality competition crap, Survivor is the one really don’t get, they work to together, then vote each other off, proud to say never watch a single episode, but your force fed this crap rather you want to hear about it or not.

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    TV Gord

    Probst’s show would be syndicated, so unless CBS plans to turn over the network time where Y&R or Let’s Make A Deal now are, it won’t replace either of those shows. People really need to learn the difference between network and syndicated timeslots.

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    What the hell is up with all the dadgum talk shows??? Seriously, I feel like I’m back in college being lectured to about crap I don’t care about everytime I turn on the television these days. Bad enough Julie Chen has a talk show, now this??? I don’t care to hear him talking for an hour about nothing.

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    [quote=jockteen10]NO MORE TALK SHOWS!!!!!!! |([/quote]

    If people stop watching them then they will stop making them, as they are doing to soaps.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @alstonboy4315: I think that if they just ended soaps as they are now and reinvested in telenovela style meaning the short form soap opera with an actual ending and let creative writers like Sally, Kay, Lorraine, Ron, Michele and some new and other writers come up with 6 to 9 month series based off what the traditional American soap fan likes at a lower cost then they could revive the daytime genre. This could also allow them to sign actors on like they do for films with production companies. Actors like say Lindsay Hartley, Debbie Morgan, Robin Strasser, Eric Braden or James Scott could be signed to 1 to 3 series deals with the networks, ranging from one series ranging from a lead to a supporting role. This way the actors would have time to try their hands at primetime or film if they so wished to.

    Writers could then write series with a certain actor or actress in mind in the lead or discover new ones. We would also be able to have more diverse show’s. Even some with a majority African American cast.

    I would say test the waters with 1 and see how that worked and if it was good then we could move on to doing more. Maybe 6 months out of the year would be good. So at least there would be 2 given soaps in the same time slot on the same network in a year.

    Instituting a salary cap at the start of this would be crucial and given that the production time would be shorter for each soap they could half hour series much like B&B is today. That means double the taping and keeps the cost down.

    Now given that it has 6 months on air we are not locked into such deals with actors, advertisers, etc. That the cost would be high.

    Then you also wouldn’t have to deal with the rotation of writers and producers because it’s just one 6 month soap.

    And so there you have it. Now that could be done on the sly and keep a daytime genre that wasn’t dependent on reaching such high ratings metrics. And hey Maybe Victoria Rowell could star in her own soap.

    Finally this could reinvigorate the daytime Emmy’s. Because you would know who the star of what soap was during that year.

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    I actually know the difference between daytime and sydnication. All I was mentioning is that on my twitter this morning there was an update that “Lets Make A Deal” might be up for cancellation. It’s highly possible Jeff Probst could get that time slot.

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    TV Gord

    Katie, if Probst’s show is syndicated, which it is, it won’t go into a network timeslot (which is what Let’s Make A Deal’s slot is).

    I wasn’t just addressing you with my comment. :-) This sort of confusion is all over the boards.

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    I guess that means next years 2 Survivor’s will be the last 2.
    I like Survivor. Hopefully they don’t end it and just give a new host.
    Its not like his job is hard.

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    TV Gord

    Y2Jin99, other stories point out that Survivor is done in the summertime, when Probst’s show will be on hiatus, so there’s no reason he can’t do both.

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    Telenovelas are too expensive for network daytime. The reason they work in South America and Mexico is that they are shown all over Mexico AND South America and the US on the spansish network. They are syndicated to every country there by the cost is shared by a HUGE market. Right now daytime cant aford a new set. How would it get better if a show had to find a studio, new sets, hire production, hire actors, buy or rent all the new equipment, advertise, etc. etc? They already have all that stuff and they still can’t make it, because one source is trying to support it. Bold and the Beautiful makes a ton of money in other countries and that offsets the cost of the show somewhat. But ABC shows are only in the USA market (and Canada) so the cost is huge comparitively. The only way a telenovela would work is for an independent company would create it and market it world wide. That is alot of resources for a single company to expend on something that may or may not work. Plus the format does not work for the networks in the current model that it works in, so it would have to be shown on a cable channel. Thereby eliminating part of its potential audience in the US.
    I personally see the idea of hybrid soaps to be the answer. Shows that are a mashup of two or more things. A reality/soap or a dramedy, a soap with deep ties to the internet, a musical/soap, horror/soap or even a combination of these. That way the show has a larger audience potential. For instance, a person who likes horror might watch but would usually not watch soaps, and vice versa. I think Days and Y&R are starting to get the hang of it with their consumer ties. The books from Days and the Jabot line are definately great ways to cross promote.

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