Jennifer Gets Proof Carly is Popping Pills on DAYS

Concerned about her friend, Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) puts her detective skills to work and uncovers proof that Carly (Crystal Chappell) is popping pills. Will Carly end up in rehab?  Watch this week’s Days of Our Lives promo after the jump!

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    DOOL needs to have A LOT of CarJenn these next few months. Their one of my fave friendships in DOOL history. I just need to get as much of them as I can before Crystal’s exit.
    Now back to topic Carly needs to get to rehab ASAP. Sidney Penny is waiting for her.

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    Try to make her go to rehab but will Carly say yes, yes, yes? Probably no, no, no but off she will go to meet the wonderful Dr. Syndey Penny :)

    Call me crazy, but I have really been enjoying Days so much more these last couple of weeks..and the new writers stuff haven’t even started airing yet!

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    How much do I love that this recap includes both of my favorite characters: Carly & Jennifer! DAYS better bring back Carly soon & better have LOTS of CarJenn these next few months. I swear they light up the screen together. Jenn needs to spend LOTS of time with Carly in rehab.

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    I already read on another website, that carlys contract is up, and she will be leaving DAYS. so my prediction is that, she will be busted for stealing drugs from the hospital, and she will lose her license, and be fired, thats when she will probably make her exit, sux, i like carly..

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