Head Trip: James Franco and Kalup Linzy’s “Rising” Music Video

Remember when James Franco’s friend Kalup Linzy performed on General Hospital? Well, the pair has released a new music video for “Rising,” a single off their album collaboration Turn It Up. I’m not sure how many albums the video will help sell, but when it comes to any Franco endeavor, that may not be the point. Decide for yourself after watching the “Rising” video after the jump.

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    I have never seen the Laura rape story before. It is a wonder that women from everywhere didn’t storm the studio and burn it down. Let me get this straight. First he rapes her, but he feels real bad about it right after while she is out in the streets screaming like a banshee. Then she hides the information from everyone but goes to him and he tries to guide her about her rape therapy…… did I get that right? no wonder this story made General Hospital number one!

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    I don’t get it……….

    I can only surmise that my dear James Franco produced while in a drug induced haze?

    I like the guy, but some stuff simply can’t be explained or understood. I think this qualifies.

    Either way, I am officially scared. And I might not be able to sleep tonight. :( :(

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