Jeff Zucker Chats Up Katie Couric Talk Show

Now that ABC’s deal with Katie Couric, to host her own talk show, is a done, longtime Couric friend and former NBCUniversal president and CEO Jeff Zucker is talking about their upcoming project.  The Hollywood Reporter filed this report from Promax BDA, where Zucker appeared with CNN’s Ali Velshi at a Q&A session.

“I think Katie is a unique brand in television. The mere fact that we can just say, 'Katie,' and everyone knows who you’re talking about is evidence of that fact. I think what people have missed for a long time is the Katie who was part of …the Today show and who is big enough to have fun and be serious all in one show. That’s really what you’ll see [on her talk show]. That’s what her brand is. It’s a brand that has credibility and fun. Our hope is we take that into that program. It’s a tremendous opportunity.”

Zucker was also asked about the disastrous Jay Leno primetime experiment.

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    I’m sorry…Unique?! Unique?!!? Forgive me. I really don’t make a habit of saying something like this out loud or otherwise…Unique my **@&*!! |(
    (Apologies to those who like her personally.)

  2. Profile photo of jetty

    These days, a lot of people think Katy Perry before Katie Couric, if, like the old days of the game show “Match Game,” you have to fill in the blank: “Katie _______.”

  3. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    I just asked a room full of about 50 people whose last name came to mind if I said Katie _________. I heard Katie Perry, Katie Holmes, Kate Winslet, and that chick who just married the Prince. Not one single person thought of Couric. I feel a little sad for Katie Couric. There were a few old people in the room and even they didn’t think of her.

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    TV Gord

    I’m really disappointed in a story such as this one, that only gets written to generate a bunch of unfairly negative posts. If this website wants to survive the soap purge, you’re going to have to embrace all forms of daytime television at some point. After all, it’s called DAYTIME Confidential, not SOAP Confidential.

    I love soaps, but I also love talk shows (I watch Regis and Kelly, Ellen, The View, The Talk and The Gayle King Show. I plan to watch Katie’s new show, as well as Anderson Cooper’s.) and I love game shows, too (not any of the current ones, though).

    I hope this website still exists once all the soaps are eventually and inevitably gone, but if you keep up this bashing of anything that is not soaps, you’re going to shrivel and die along with the soap opera genre. That would be a shame.

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    TV Gord

    That’s not what I’m saying, alstonboy4315. I’m saying stories such as this turn into a Katie-bash largely because people are upset about their soaps being cancelled. As many of us have said many times before, the cancellation of soaps is not the fault of the shows that replace them, but you’d sure never know it reading these anti-anything-but-soap threads.

  6. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    TV Gord,

    I understand where you are coming from, and it’s obvious that you are a fan of Katie Couric, but many others, such as myself, find her boring, nauseatingly contrived and just plain…………..MEH. Yeah, I know “MEH” isn’t a word, but I just made it one. :D

    Speaking for myself, I would complain even if soaps WEREN’T dying. I just can’t stomach the woman. She makes my teeth itch. But I respect your opinion, so I won’t say anything further about this matter right now. ;)

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    TV Gord

    I’m not particularly a fan of Katie’s. I’m a fan of television (which is why I listed all the daytime shows that I watch…not just soaps). :-) If they brought back Match Game or Password (the way they were both done in the 70s), I’d be much happier than either of the shows ABC is doing to replace AMC or OLTL, but I give most new shows a chance.

  8. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    I am not sure this story was written as bashbait. It is simply reporting Daytime news. I watch talk shows like Regis and The View. I remember Password and Match game fondly. I miss The Gong Show and the Original Family feud as well as the Pyramid show. I can still point out the incredible stupidity of saying Kate Couric is the first Katie people think of. Katie isn’t a unique name like Cher or Madonna or Oprah. It is probably one of the top five girl names ever if not number one. Well, maybe Mary. I don’t think it was bashbait.

  9. Profile photo of jetty

    GHvetfan, I hope the winner of the round picked Richard Dawson for the Head-to-Head Match Round!

    Most of the readers here aren’t pleased with the prospect of more talk shows taking up the daytime landscape. And while Katie Couric may have a following and fans, I personally don’t think her show will do all that well. The morning show format was her ideal setup; it allowed her to cover both puff pieces and more in-depth, serious news, and having cohosts helped her persona seem friendlier. Alone, I think there’s a hardness to Katie that doesn’t endear her to viewers.

  10. Profile photo of Carol2

    I like talk shows too, but I’ve rarely seen any good talk shows in recent years. Just Ellen, and sometimes Regis and Kelly, if I can stomach them. Nothing about Katie Couric seems like a talk show host to me. She’s fake, cold, and struggles to really connect with people she interviews. And as others have mentioned the idea of her being immediately thought of when people say “Katie” is very out of date. I immediately thought of “Katie Holmes.”

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    TV Gord

    I never really watched The Today Show, but I know her from her appearances on Letterman, and she always seemed pretty genuine to me. I liked that she took the CBS News gig because I was anxious for anyone to knock Damn Rather out of Walter Cronkite’s chair.

    Anderson’s show starts September 12th, Ryan-Scott.

  12. Profile photo of hottdamm

    Jeff Zucker is a bit deluded. Katie Curic does not have first name recognition. Wishful thinking on his part. With Zucker involved, the show probably doesn’t stand a chance. He turned NBC into a ratings’ basement dweller.

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