RUMOR REPORT: Is All My Children Getting a Two-Hour Finale?!

I'm hearing the last episode of All My Children will be September 23, and reportedly the serial will be getting a two-hour send off! Keep checking back with Daytime Confidential as more information becomes available!

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    Wow, it ALMOST seems as if ABC actually gives a damn about this show. ALMOST……….

    P.S- I will be watching the finale with a heavy heart, just as I did with GL and ATWT!!!

    Sigh. :(

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    :) At least the Mouse dropping network is giving AMC some respect. I much rather have it continue but that isn’t happening because ABC refusing offers from other entertain industries to purchase their soaps. I am enjoying AMC more then OLTL, with Anges and Lorraine back I am loving how things are coming together. Dastardly David is going to sleep with Jane is going to be a fun ride. LOVING this move.

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    [quote=appleridge]If AMC Does, OLTL better as well. Just Sayin. Fair is Fair[/quote]

    Hey don’t fool yourself. I’m sure OLTL’s finale will get reduced to 30 mins and then the day of, ABC will announce it’s been preempted.

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    The show certainly deserves it but even more it deserves NOT to be canceled.

    ABC thinks they are slick. To me this sounds like another PR move for damage control. They appear to respect the soap “now” so that the fans will stop writing and expressing their anger about it being canceled. They’re hoping to get some heat taken off of them because they expected all the talk to be strictly nostalgic by now with all the returns and the interviews in Soap Opera Digest, other soap outlets and by doing fluff pieces with Kelly Ripa on our local news programs about how the show should end. Bully for them it’s not. Fans are still angry, on fire, writing, campaigning and making their voices heard.

    Sorry. Some of us are still fighting and won’t quit no matter how much they would like us too.

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    2 hours? Does that mean it’ll go from 1-3 (with OLTL being pre-empted), or would it air from noon-2?

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    I know it’s a longshot, but I do agree with apple and keanna. I hope that OLTL gets the same. If not, well… it will NOT shock the shyte out of me, as usual. The stepchild of ABC is continously going LOUDLY into the night already. I hope with the AMC finale, RyJerk McDouchey skips his daily tree of life fruit, ages rapidly, turns into dust before Green’s eyes, and Leo comes back to comfort her and they go half on a baby … HEY, a girl can certainly dream… even if I need to wake the hell up and face facts…

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    I’ve come to terms that AMC is almost over, I want them to go out with a two hour show pleasing as many fanbases as possible.

    I guess I want a two hour finale for OLTL, but I wouldn’t lose sleep if they didn’t. Your show is getting an extra four months on the air, that’s enough compensation for not getting a grand two hour finale.

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    OMIGAWD! I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m not playing favorites here. I’d like a proper finale for ALL of the ABC shows … including GH which I loathe. It’s inevitable given ABC’s tactics as of late, and they ALL deserve the same amount of respect, IMHO, given their years on the air, for the actors, and fans….

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    In a dream world, The Chew would tank as soon as it premiered, and ABC would agree to a 30 mins AMC and a 30 mins OLTL for at least the next two I said, a dream

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    SoapStud, rumour has it ABC is keeping OLTL in its back pocket in case The Chew tanks. This could be why we’re seeing a mass exodus of veterans BEFORE the finale: they could be trying to “trim the fat” and reduce the budget (while simultaneously re-focusing on newer, inexpensive characters) should the series continue.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Soap_Stud: Even in a modern world they could spin off some characters or families into their own full fledged 30 to 40 minute web series making deals with hulu and/or Netflix or others. They have the audience already there and could start with 13 episode seasons and take it from there. I see the various series now:

    -The World According to Erica: About Erica Kane her daughters. The life of a modern day business woman, the loves, losses, and drama both corporate and personal in the lives of Erica and her family while trying to run Enchantment. (This could also become a Lifetime TV series primetime drama or even on the O network)

    -The Hubbard’s: About the life and struggles of this prominent African American family. It would be like The Cosby’s accept with non-comedic drama and long term storylines much like Soul Food had. (With this one they could also sell as a primetime TV Drama series on BET or the Black Family Channel)

    These could work because they each focus on the most popular media friendly characters and families from the show.

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    TV Gord

    It would preempt OLTL (since it can’t force the affiliates to air it in the preceding hour, which isn’t network time). That means one less hour of OLTL, which doesn’t exactly make me cheer. If they give OLTL a two-hour finale, you can be damn sure it will preempt GH and not The Chew.

    (shaking fist) Frons!!!

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    “If AMC Does, OLTL better as well. Just Sayin. Fair is Fair.”

    I don’t know if it would be unfair if OLTL didn’t get a 2 hour finale. It has 3 or 4 more months to write a ending than AMC has.

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    A 2 hr finale is no big deal. I would rather abc agree to sell. They are not going to sell despite all their claims they would. …..It is all pr stuff. …..

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    A 2 hr finale is no big deal. I would rather abc agree to sell. They are not going to sell despite all their claims they would. …..It is all pr stuff. …..

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    A two hour finale – so what? ABC is playing a game, trying to calm upset fans. How about a two year renewal instead of a two hour finale? ABC is dead to me once the soaps are gone. CHEW on that!

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    OMG 1 extra hour of AMC! Who cares?
    Can’t believe you are acting like ABC cares and is showing some respect
    to the show for giving it an extra hour?
    That extra hour is just gonna pre-empt OLTL I bet.


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    A 2-hour finale is a good thing because, guess what, AMC is a goner! No amount of denial will change that. I don’t think any soap has ever had a two-hour finale so that counts for something.

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    I love All My Childen, it’s my home soap opera, but I don’t want to see it get a two-hour finale because I *know* OLTL won’t get the same tratment.

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    CONFIRMED! CONFIRMED! AMC IS GETTING A 2-HOUR FINALE ON SEPT. 23…HERE IS THE CONFIRMATION!!! :) :) :) I’M VERY HAPPY THIS IS WONDERFUL NEWS. They could always use this down the road on cable as a MFTV movie and ABC can make even more money. Smart move.

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    Cool. At least they have the decency to supersize the episode and give this 40+ show a proper send-off.

    I believe AMC will be the first soap to have a 2-hour finale (unless someone can prove me wrong).

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    Bittersweet news. I appreciate the network giving the writers more time to wrap up the show, but I still wish the show wasn’t ending. I think you are right, Alistair, that this will be the first daytime soap to get a two hour finale.

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    TV Gord

    The only thing I recall that comes close is that when CBS cancelled The Edge of Night, and ABC picked it up, the kicked it off on ABC with a 90-minute premiere. That’s back when soaps were still performed LIVE, and it was very exciting. I remember a big, action-packed opening scene with Mike Carr and Adam Drake on the steps of the courthouse! (Yes, not only LIVE, but an OUTDOOR location shoot!)

    Now that a few days have passed, I’m even less impressed that ABC is doing this. It’s not as though they are giving us an extra hour of soap time. The Frons giveth to AMC, but taketh away from OLTL, so it all works out to be the same amount of soap time. Meh.

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    But if OLTL gets a 2-hour finale as well, it will get its “lost hour” back. Really it’s GH who will lose an hour if it’s pre-empted by a double-sized OLTL finale.

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    TV Gord

    …which reinforces what I’m saying…an OLTL 2-hour finale would take an hour from GH…still the same amount of soap time. If you think GH will get a two-hour finale when there are no other soap hours to steal, you’re dreaming. By the time GH is inevitably cancelled next year, it will whimper out the way all other soaps have. (Frankly, I doubt OLTL will get a two-hour finale, since it has always been the red-headed stepchild of the ABC soap lineup).

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    GH can stand to give up an hour, after all it’s the only remaining soap on ABC. Gotta sacrifice and take one for the team.

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