Barbara Walters Lands Interview With Casey Anthony Lawyer Jose Baez

Barbara Walters has landed one of the biggest “gets” of the moment. According to ABC News, Walters will have a “wide-ranging” interview Jose Baez, Casey Anthony’s attorney. The interview, which will be his first network interview since the jury returned with ia not guilty verdict will cover “his courtroom strategy, his client’s demeanor, the reasons he thinks she was found not guilty, how he was ceaselessly second-guessed by trial watchers and the media during the six weeks of testimony, and his new found fame.”

Outrage erupted on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, after a jury acquitted Anthony of murder, manslaughter and child endangerment on July 5. Portions of Walter’s interview will air on World News, Primetime Nightline and Nightline on July 6 and on Good Morning America and The View on July 7.

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    I will not watch this interview. I will not allow my time, effort or money to enable Barbara Walters, ABC, the show or its sponsors to profit by the murder of Caylee Marie Anthony. I will now allow my time, effort or money to enable Casey Anthony, her family, or anyone associated with her acquittal to profit further by the murder of Caylee Marie Anthony. In this way I will honor Caylee’s memory, as Walters, Baez, ABC, and the entire Anthony family have failed to do.

    RIP, Caylee. YOU were NOT garbage. These people are.

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    The Casey Anthony verdict COMPLETELY ruined my afternoon yesterday! I am STILL sickened and saddened by it. Why should ANYONE continue to believe in the American justice system?

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    TV Gord

    So AubeO, you blame the media for exploiting this girl’s tragedy, yet you wouldn’t know a thing about this case without the media.

    I continue to be baffled that this local Orlando crime has become a worldwide obsession. It’s a LOCAL NEWS STORY. Why the hell do we all obsess on it??? If you google “mothers who kill”, you will find scores of other cases just like this one. Yes, the media has puffed up this one tragedy to become the ’cause célèbre’ of the moment, but you all (the mass audience) have sucked it up as though it’s mother’s milk. As sick as some of you are of ‘the media’? That’s how sick I am of you!

    And by the way, THIS is another reason soaps are dying. The Casey Anthony Show has been a ratings-grabber all along…and has been SO much cheaper to produce than our good ol’ soaps. Don’t be surprised if you see Brian Frons the next time you look in the mirror! ;-)

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