TVLine Dreamcasts One Life and AMC Actors in Primetime Gigs!

With the series finales of All My Children and One Life To Live nearing, many are wondering what will happen to the talented casts of both soaps. TVLine has created a fun content piece, "dreamcasting" the thesps onto primetime shows. According to them, OLTL's Eddie Alderson should be sent over to the CW's highly-anticipated The Secret Circle.
Alderson is one of the strongest young actors on daytime TV today, so why not let him work his magic — so to speak — on The CW's buzzy new series (premiering Thursday, Sept. 15)? We would love to watch Alderson come to terms with his witchy ways as the little brother of one of the New Salem coven's leading ladies. There's a slight Britt Robertson resemblance there, no?

To find out where the website's Meg Masters' feels Roger Howarth should end up at click here!

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    I am not real worried about E.A because he is already doing BIG SCREEN movies with people like Clint Eastwood (who directed him in The Changeling) and he will probably go back to making movies.

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    Isn’t this type of speculation and wishing the domain of Jamey Giddons?

    I hope he has copyrighted “wishful casting”, it could be the “jump the shark” of 2011 :)

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    I love their ideas for Eddie Alderson and Roger Howarth, but I have to admit I perfer TVGord’s ide for Robin on Castle even more? Does anyone on DC know if there’s any truth to the rumour that AMC and OLTL will be picked up by some new website run by a former Disney exec?

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    So what is Eddie Alderson’s status on OLTL? He’s clearly off camera which translates to likely not getting paid if he’s not working. Anyone know if he’s still on contract with the show?

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