Young and Restless Stunner Angell Conwell: “Leslie is Continuing to Handle Her Business in Genoa City”

Genoa City received an additional helping of sexual chocolate this past season in the form of Angell Conwell. As take-no-prisoners barrister Leslie Michaelson on The Young and the Restless, Conwell has gone up against some of the most powerful performers on daytime's top soap, and from where we're watching, she's definitely held her own.

I caught up with the veteran of primetime (City Guys, Moesha, NYPD Blue), stage (There's a Stranger in My House) and music videos recently at the Daytime Emmys, where we dished about what was next for her popular character. What was it like for Conwell playing Leslie during the recent, emotionally-charged storyline where her alter ego successfully won custody of Baby Lucy for Phyllis (Michelle Stafford)? Also, will Leslie and Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John) ever get their party fully started? Keep reading to find out the answers!

Daytime Confidential: We are loving us some Leslie! What's next for her in Genoa City?

Angell Conwell: Leslie is continuing to handle her business in Genoa City. She's going to keep putting it down and being able to represent for Vance [Abrams] (Eric Roberts).

DC: She definitely represented her employer well when she went for the jugular during the custody battle for Lucy!

AC: She was trying to get that win [Laughs]! That's what she's supposed to do; that's her job. Clearly she found the perfect angles to go in on Billy (Billy Miller), Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Daniel (Michael Graziadei). Those scenes were fun to play.

DC: They were fun to watch too, even though you were taking my favorite, current Y&R couple's baby away!

AC: I'm sorry [Laughs]!

DC: It's okay, I'll forgive you [Laughs]. Speaking of couples though. What's up with Neil and Leslie? Kristoff St. John hasn't had the kind of chemistry he shares with you since Victoria Rowell (ex-Dru) left. Will we see more of that pairing?

AC: You never know [Smiles]. We may bump into each other. You know, Genoa City isn't that big of a town [Laughs]! I'm kind of in the dark too, but hopefully we'll be working together more. I think they have good energy.

DC: You've done a lot of work in primetime,  plays, videos. How does all of that compare to daytime?

AC: One difference I've noticed is definitely the work ethic. You have to be a lot more prepared in daytime. There's not a lot of time for lack of preparation. Of all the actors I've worked with, I'm most impressed with daytime actors, to tell you the truth. I like daytime a lot. It's definitely a challenge.

Check out Angel Conwell on The Young and The Restless, airing Mon–Fri on CBS Daytime. Check your local listings.

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  1. Profile photo of soapbaby

    Thanks Jamey! Ms. Conwell is definitely a stunner and a fine actress to boot. Wish Y&R paired her with Adam or tried her out with Nate Hastings (if he’s still on the show.) This is the last new character/actor I have enjoyed on Y&R since Adam Newman!

  2. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    I am vey much liking what they’ve done with her character so far. I’d like to see Neil in a pairing with her rather than being the possible (?) father of Sophia’s baby. As thay say “Time will tell..”

  3. Profile photo of bishbay

    I am so down with Leslie! It’s disappointing that they cast a new lawyer for Sharon since that would have given Leslie a lot of air time but I’m glad to hear that she’s going to be sticking around. I suppose if she goes contract she’ll be paired with Billy eventually–everyone else has! But I would like her with Nate Hastings or maybe Neil, though they didn’t really spark in their first almost-encounter.

  4. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I like Leslie here again she doesn’t really have “her own storyline” about her I got a little somethin’ somethin’ with Neil but she is not in top tier story and that is the problem they keep hiring all these people here is one that is working yet they don’t use her..I don’t get it.

    My only criticism:
    She was doing some serious moanin and groanin her love scene with Neil she can tone it down a tad and I’m glad they are getting her some better wigs. And she needs be throwin down with Nick or Adam or something Nick is back with dried up Phyllis he was hot there for a minute.

    IA Nate Hastings will work but it seems they won’t write for him; I forgot all about Nate where is he?

  5. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Is this a little hint of what could be going on with Debbie Morgan’s character? Maybe she is related to Angel Conwell’s character. Maybe her mother. It would be fun to see a mother/daughter fighting over Neil….

  6. Profile photo of Dyllan

    She’s the new Vail Bloom, IMO. An underrated actress. I loved her with Neil. I hope they drop Neil and this baby daddy storyline and go back to this.

  7. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Angel Conwell is doin’ the damn thang!! She has bits and pieces of my beloved Drucilla. (sniffle!) :((

    I wish they’d focus more on her and less on Julie Pace Mitchell, who….um, let’s just say hasn’t particularly impressed me with her rendition of Sofia. :Sp

  8. Profile photo of miztee246

    [quote=aveRex]I’d love if they would add Michael Ealy to the cast and pair him with Angie’s character. They would be smoking![/quote]

    Amen to that! Michael Ealy had a recurring role on “The Good Wife” last season. Don’t know if he will return or if he has other irons in the fire.

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