Holy Salem Place, Batman: Carrie and Original Austin Return to DAYS!

It's the early 90's again on NBC's Days of Our Lives! TV Guide's Michael Logan is confirming the returns of one of Salem's most tortured (by Sami) and popular young adult couples of all-time, Austin Reed (Patrick Muldoon) and Carrie Brady (Christie Clark)!

If you'll recall, Muldoon said he was open to returning to the sudser when I interviewed him a few years back.  I'm so happy, I don't know whether to tie on some boxing gloves, try to land a modeling gig with Countess Wilhemina or go shopping at Ballistix!

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    omg omg omg omg omg I’m freaking OUT!!!!!!! Carrie and Austin are my FAVOURITE couple of the 90s and my second-favourite supercouple after John and Marlena!! Holy God in Heaven, this is amazing!! I never thought Patrick would return but I am so glad he is!!! And Christie! I love her!! I am in heaven! Thank you new headwriters! Thank you so DAMN much!!! :D :D :D

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    Too bad Austin Peck didn’t get the role. He played Austin the longest. Virtually all of my Austin memories are of Peck.

    That said, congratulations to both actors.

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    Great move, DOOL! Austin and Carrie are a great couple and the actors have a strong chemistry. In the same article on tv guyse, it mentions that Matt Ashford, Deidre Hall, and Drake Hogestyn will also be returning to Salem.

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    Patrick Muldoon can act CIRCLES around Austin Peck! I am so glad the original Austin is back. And Carrie. Oh man they are my favourite couple! I love them so much!!!

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    I JUST MIGHT COME BACK TO SALEM WITH THIS…I said i would only comeback if Kristen Dimera but I loved Carrie and Austin….I might check this out!

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    Susan Hunter

    This is great news. I am really excited about all of the news coming out of Days lately. He and Jennifer can restart their talk show. And he can be shirtless a lot. His hairy chest is better than Daniel’s hairy chest, imo.

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    Carrie & Austin, John & Marlena, Jack and Jennifer…Days is finally turning back into the soap I fell in love with! This news has put a big smile on my face. I am delighted. Ecstatic! Thank you soap gods! And thank you DC for reporting on Michael Logan’s story!!!

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    Patrick Muldoon has never shared scenes with Lauren Koslow’s Kate so it will be interesting to see their dynamic. I also hope the Jennifer/Austin FRIENDSHIP is rekindled (no breaking up Carrie and Austin, thank you very much!). Now if they only bring Lucas back, I’ll be on cloud nine!

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    Ravenbeauty said they would return ages ago, but I’m glad it’s “official”. I wasn’t really interested in Austin & Carrie, but I wasn’t oh my god, get them off my screen now either, so for those of you still watching, this should be decent news.

    Still not watching w/o Crystal.

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    Soap Opera Network reported about 3 weeks ago that Christie, Patrick and Bryan Dattilo were rumoured to be returning. Patrick and Bryan’s reps said “no comment” when asked, so I can only assume we’ll be hearing shortly of Lucas’ return. He is much-needed with Will coming out! Plus I want LUMI back together! Lumi vs. Carrie/Austin…omg I am getting excited!

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    I hope Carrie comes back pregnant or immediately gets pregnant…I want Carrie and Austin to have a child together!

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    Susan Hunter

    With both Austin and Lucas returning, does that mean we can get rid of Rafe? They can use his salary to bring back the Titan Set and the Penthouse Grille. Stefano shouldn’t be eating at Brady’s Pub. Or maybe we can get Lisa Rinna and Countess Wilhemina back.

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    OMG, am I going to have to watch Days again? Unlike many others, I loved Patrick Muldoon! Then again, I loved Lisa Rinna as Billie. This is very good!!! Can’t wait to see the old flashbacks!

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    can they kick Daniel out of Carries apartment and go up on the roof top and dance to that song that always played up there…the new changes better include revampted sets and lighting..hope she has a baby with Austin then breaks up and gets with EJ.

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    RavenBeauty spoiled this weeks ago. I’m happy, but I need to know how and why they’re coming back home. We had Carrie & Austin back a few years ago, and it kinda sucked…

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    Hopefully Austin’s personality will return with Patrick! LOL
    I am happy to see Patrick and Christie return. Hopefully they will have a story line that is not a rehash of the Sami/Lucas/Austin/Carrie story. It has BEEN played. Move on.
    Lucas needs to come to town and cap EJ again. This time with more than just one bullett.

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    I don’t want Sami to come between Carrie and Austin, but I do want her plotting to break them up even if she doesn’t want Austin for herself. That rivalry is gold!

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    I loved them back in the day when I watched Days as a kid with my mom! I switched over to GH when I got older, but this might get me to start watching Days again! Soaps are supposed to have sweeping romantic stories, Days got away from that. IMO nobody did grand romances better that Days back in the day, hopefully this and the return of Jack (hopefully to be with Jennifer!) will be a step in the right direction for Days.

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    And this is why I want bitchy Sami back! Maturity, Shmaturity! The girl rocks when she’s causing poor milquetoast Carrie to break out in hives. We’re getting back people like Marlena, Austin, and Carrie; but if Sami continues to be the focus of Days, none of it will work unless she reclaims that manipulative, lying side of her character that made those people jump through hoops.

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    Really excited for this! Although I would rather have Shawn and Belle back. I feel like Austin and Carrie’s story was pretty much wrapped up during their last run and that they don’t really have any reason to return. I trust the new writers, though, to come up with a good story for them. I just don’t want to see Sami scheming to break them up again. That’s been played out, and I think Sami’s past that.

    I’ve never really seen Patrick Muldoon as Austin (except for old Youtube videos), so it will be a little weird not having Austin Peck in the role. I’m sure that I’ll adjust though, especially if this actor is as good as everyone says he is.

    I really hope confirmation of Bryan Dattilo’s return is coming soon. It’s nice that Kate will finally have kids in Salem again. I’d love to have Billie back to. Since I doubt Lisa Rinna would be willing to return, I wouldn’t mind having Julie Pinson back. Or maybe Lisa Rinna would be able to come back for a few guest stints now and then.

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    There is still plenty of story to tell with Carrie and Austin. Here’s my dream story:

    Carrie and Austin return and announce they are adopting a little girl from China. Meanwhile, Carrie is actually pregnant but is waiting to surprise Austin with the news when they bring the little girl home. Austin, meanwhile, learns the adoption has fallen through. He goes to tell Carrie but she announces she is pregnant. Fearing the truth will cause her to miscarry (I’d say Carrie miscarried a couple of times in Switzerland), Austin lies about the adoption.

    Austin goes to Victor and sells him Austin Reed and Co. in exchange for Victor coming up with a Chinese baby girl on the black market. Austin brings home the black market baby and they named her Marlena Katherine Reed, Marley for short.

    Meanwhile, both Carrie and Sami find themselves stalked. They receive menacing phone calls and letters. The stalker reveals Austin’s secret to Carrie and she is upset. Carrie can’t believe Austin lied to her.

    Soon after, Carrie and Sami discover the truth: they are being stalked by Sami’s rapist Alan Harris! He kidnaps them, takes them to the woods, and throws them down a well.

    In the well, Sami helps Carrie give birth to a son she names Robert Roman Reed. Together, they climb out of the well with the baby. Austin and Lucas show up and stop Alan. Carrie forgives Austin. Carrie and Austin fear they will have to give Marley up, but Victor reveals that the adoption was legitimate and he created the story of the adoption falling through in order to manipulate Austin into giving up his company.

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    ^^ No idea who that is. I chose the name Robert because it’s Austin’s mother’s maiden name.

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    I would love to see Lisa Rinna again as Billie for a short stint. Billie for sure is definitely played out—you couldn’t do another Hope/Bo/Billie triangle at this point in the game (it ended nicely at the end of ’98–there was no need to revisit it in ’02 and ’04), but Billie could definitely stop in for a short-term visit. I think Lisa Rinna would do it. She has a lot of respect for the character.

    As for Countess Wilhelmina, I can’t see Billie going back to being a cosmetics mogul, not after being an ISA agent and working for Titan security. I think those kind of “tough” jobs suit Billie’s personality better.

    It would be a lot of fun to see Lisa Rinna and Patrick Muldoon interact on Days for the first time in 16 years! (Not sure if they ever shared scenes on Melrose Place.)

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    Just a minor nitpick: Carrie modelled for Bella Magazine, which was published by Titan Industries (Nicole later modelled for them and was photographed by Eric Brady). Countess Wilhelmina is a cosmetics company (also owned by Titan, I think).

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    I remember when Carrie was named Face of the 90s and then had acid splashed in her face by Austin’s former boxing rival. It will be cool to see flashbacks from the Muldoon era!

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    AlistairCrane surely you watched the Brady Bunch at some point in your life. Robert Reed played the father Mike Brady on the Brady Bunch. So if you name the newest Brady kid Robert Reed, you will be naming him after the first Brady (Robert Reed).

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    Deidre Hall (Marlena) revealed to HOLLYWOOD 411 that her first airdate on DAYS OF OUR LIVES (her return was previously reported by Soap Opera Digest and Weekly) will be September 26. “It’s a brand new DAYS OF OUR LIVES. We are turning back the clock to the days when you used to love the show.” Hall and Drake Hogestyn (John) report back to the set this week.

    (from Soap Opera Digest)

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    ^^ YES!!! So glad to have a first airdate. I am beyond excited! :D Days will finally be recognizable again!

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    Since Christie, Patrick, Deidre and Drake all start filming this week, it stands to reason they all return the week of 9/26. According to co-head writer Marlene McPherson, there is a big party in Salem that week and I’m guessing that’s what brings everyone back. I wonder what the nature of this party is—a fundraiser? A birthday party? An engagement?

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