Y&R’s Julia Pace Mitchell Gets Engaged

Congratulations are in order for The Young and the Restless star Julia Pace Mitchell.  According to Essence.com, her boyfriend Stephen L. Hightower proposed to Mitchell over the recent holiday weekend, after accidently texting a picture of the ring to her instead of his sister.

“Stephen came running in the door after texting me a photo of the ring,” Julia says. “He dropped to one knee and said, ‘I was trying to find the perfect moment but every moment is perfect with you. Will you marry me, please?’ I was overwhelmed with joy, I immediately yelled ‘YES!’ and jumped around thanking God! I had a wave of joy, and then came tears and a sense of calm and comfort.

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    She looks so beautiful and did you know Julia was named by CBS Soaps in Depth magazine as ‘The Most Beautiful Woman in Soap Operas’?

    Most people find it difficult to look past that exterior beauty of hers and see what a complex and brilliant actress she is. She brings vulnerability, intense devotion and comedy to the role of Sofia Winters.

    BTW, HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO PACE-MITCHELL. She joined the cast of Y&R one year ago this week.

    [happy dance with my baby boy]

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    [quote=mra0108]I’m I the only one who got a kick out of the fact that she is marrying “Steve Hightower?” Congratulations to them!!![/quote]

    I laughed about that too. Just don’t tell me he is a high school teacher.

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    LOL! I didn’t pick up on the Steve Hightower thing until I read through the comments. Heck, he looks a little like Steve Harvey!

    I like Julia but wearing pink eyeshadow to match your pink dress is kinda high school;)and that black has gotta go!

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