Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson on Soaps: “Why We Are Just NOW Canceling Them?”

Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell) is no fan of daytime soaps! The popular actor caused a little bit of a dust up on Twitter yesterday following his snarky comments on the genre. Ferguson tweeted:

Controversial thought: As I am waiting for my car to be serviced I am catching a soap opera & wondering why we are just NOW canceling them.I don't know which soap it is but I just heard this chestnut of dialogue: "I don't know what it is…but he is sex on a stick".

Ouch! Ferguson must have felt the wrath of soap fans all over, because  he quickly responded:


Sorry that I pissed of so many soap fans! No offense to many of the great actors on them… Soaps are obviously just not "ma thang". In all truthfulness I DO need to see how this scene plays out on" Days of Our Lives". #AngryLadyAtDoorInPrettyDress.

Later, the actor joked the incident off by saying:


Here is a picture of my friend Lea DeLaria who plays Madame Delphina on OLTL. She says you can't be mad at me anymore.

Maybe someone should school Ferguson on how it was revenue from soap that funded much of primetime development in the 80's and 90's? Twitter hath no fury like a soap opera fan scorned!

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  1. Avatar of appleridge

    He;s talking about The Days scene yesterday with will & Sonny. That was Kinsey’s reaction to sonny.

    I tweeted to jesse that the sex on the stick guy is Days first ever gay character in a contract capacity

  2. Avatar of alstonboy4315

    Another DOUCHEBAG who needs to keep his PHUCKIN’ mouth shut! When will these airheads rid themselves of the DELUSION that just because they happen to be CURRENTLY working on successful primetime shows that anyone gives a damn what they think?

    Jesse Tyler Ferguson is just another actor who got lucky and is now attached to one of the best new comedies out there. His career could be over with TOMORROW, so he needs to get his head out of his butt and realize how fickle this industry is. You don’t piss all over an entire fanbase just because you don’t like or understand it. I don’t understand “Trekkies” or people who like mermaid porn, but you won’t catch me badmouthing them.

    In simple terms: He needs to shut the PHUCK up!!!

  3. Avatar of bishbay

    He’s still getting beaten up about this, which I think is awesome. I dislike this ginger putz, and his show. What kind of self-respecting middle-aged gay man disses soaps?

  4. Avatar of SwanQueen59

    Well, my goodness. :| Methinks someone doth protest too much.
    Be careful sir-you may very well have bitten a hand that could possibly feed you in the future. Tsk,tsk…. 0:)

  5. Avatar of Arsanat

    Wow. That’s pathetic. I only learned about Modern Family’s existence because I watch One Life to Live and caught the adverts for the new sitcom. I’m not a usual ABC Nighttime viewer.

    Hubris is a b*tch. When TPTB decide it’s too expensive to produce sitcoms and replace Modern Family with yet another “reality show” no one here is gonna shed a tear.

  6. Avatar of GHfan-4now

    lmao, Modern Family is a damn fictionalized docu-soap! Primetime is all about soaps! DH is a freaking soap! The CW is all teen soaps! The new Dallas is a soap! Seriously, WTF do you think you come from in terms of your own show, Ferg??? Soaps are NOT just relegated to DAYTIME and bon-bon eaters over 60! I’m 25, and I’ve never even seen a bon bon up close and personal. WTF ever with his comments. I don’t even know why some people bother to go out of their way to say things like that in such an open forum when they KNOW they will get the wrath of the fans… soap fans go hard, recognize, dude.

  7. Avatar of KeriChandler26

    Love Modern Family and love him on it but he just lost a lot of points in my book. Not that that means much but what an ignorant and stupid comment to make. Very dumb to piss off the most passionate programming fans. Can’t say I’m too upset to hear that he’s getting hell. Maybe he’ll learn something.

  8. Avatar of Nat Guy
    Nat Guy

    appleridge, I like your tweet response to JTF.

    It’s fine if soaps aren’t his thing, but there’s no need to make such a douchebag comment about the genre.

  9. Avatar of soapbabie

    Modern Family is not a very funny or good or well done show. it wont last a tenth of the time the soaps have been around, and it WILL NEVER be as good or as loved.
    what a petty, unprofessional dumb thing to say……

  10. Avatar of

    WHAT AN ASS!!! Glad I never watched that cliche-ridden show. Haven’t watched anything on ABC primetime since the beautiful “Lost” left the airwaves 14 months ago.

  11. Avatar of josser

    Whatever. He has a right to his opinion even if we all think it’s simply bigoted, snobbish and disrespectful.

    Let’s be honest, virtually everyone on this site has called out bad writing on a soap at one point or another. Where I disagree with JFT is saying all soaps need to be canceled. That’s like saying that JTF’s comedy should be canceled because another comedy show suffered bad writing.

  12. Avatar of curacaoman

    He probably just got rejected on soaps early on in his career. I mean he is so cliche, it is hard to find acting jobs. I am sure that after Modern Family bites the dust, he will crawl back into the dark hole he came from.

  13. Avatar of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Well, one thing is clear. Soap fans are pretty much the thinnest-skinned people on the planet if an opinion from one guy causes such hysteria.

  14. Avatar of east.west

    Joss & TVGord said it best.

    We all have opinions and are entitled to them, so as soap fans (I’m gonna put myself back into that category) we need to stop w/the righteous indignation towards people who don’t see what we see of the genre.

  15. Avatar of dewlove

    Hi All…..Wow, either I’m really, really missing the sarcasm in pretty much everyone’s posts or you folks are ten times WORSE than Jesse. He witnessed a pretty bad scene on Days yesterday and gave an honest reaction. Most everyone here bashes Days 10 times more than that on a daily basis! I happen to agree with him. If soaps insist on being cliched and old-fashioned, why should we expect the non-soap viewers to tune in and support them? Regardless, why did pretty much everyone here respond to his honest reaction with such hateful vitirol? My goodness people, gain some sanity! Instead of responding with such negativity, why don’t you tweet him and tell him about all the good things happening on soaps right now?

  16. Avatar of ghaddict

    I think his comment was extremely insensitive…He probably just saw the show and wondered “What the hell is this?????” coming from prime time where awful stuff gets canceled he simply wondered how it could be on the air…..

    I’m not gonna lie…I groaned when Kinsey said that yesterday… was pretty bad….

    P.S. I can’t wait to see Sonny’s story play out with Will….hopefully Chad gets jealous and realizes his “true feelings”….LOL….

  17. Avatar of

    Here’s my tweet to Mr. Fergie:

    @jessetyler Um, you gay gingerheaded moron, your show is actually a docu-soap, so if I were you, I’d shut that redheaded mouth of yours!

    Oh, and then I’ll unfollow him and block his skanky ass!

  18. Avatar of SoapArmageddon

    The “sex on a stick” comment was pretty much in character for Kinsey.

    I’ll just add to what I said earlier and say that by getting the vapors and going all “How dare he….” soapfans are really just lending credence to the idea that we’re a bunch of unhip crazies.

  19. Avatar of east.west

    matealestlmo tweet is where the all of this anger becomes a moot point for me.

    I just can’t. Yeah, for argument sakes and for me not looking like an ass, I said we are entitled to our opinions, but seriously name calling? What does that prove. The notion out there that soap fans are a bunch of cray-crays.

    And like someone mentioned here earlier, why the indignation when we say bad stuff soaps all of the time. Sure most of the time it is in guise of criticism, but still. I read the scene in particular was on DAYS w/that silly ass Kinsey. Nuff said.

    So in short, #teamJesse on this.

  20. Avatar of beansmorgan

    Wow, people need to take a chill pill. He didn’t knock actors, he was knocking the writing. And let’s face it, at times the writing of these shows are really bad. He was just tweeting to kill time. It’s not like he wrote a book on how atrocious soaps are.

  21. Avatar of KeriChandler26

    I don’t mind him knocking the dialogue because as it’s been previously stated–we’re all guilty of it–and it creeps into most shows every once in a while. That’s no big deal. For me, it’s the headline about canceling soaps and getting rid of the entire genre that is incredibly insulting and uncalled for.

    I don’t think that this outrage is an overreaction as much as Jesse choosing a very wrong time to put that statement out there. He showed tastelessness considering recent events. We may no longer be losing OLTL and AMC but it’s still very fresh.

  22. Avatar of bishbay

    Notice that in my first comment I didn’t say that soaps were an amazing, all-quality genre. What amazes/disgusts me is that an out actor would call campy writing (that line is a mess, but a funny mess, and the DAYS writer who wrote it knew it) an example of why something should be canceled. All of you who are being holier-than-thou on this thread should think about this incident in that light. The dude was being a snobby jerk who’s let his success go to his head. Screw him and his stupid show, which on its best day isn’t as fun as DAYS on its worst. And I am by no means a ride-or-die DAYS fan.

  23. Avatar of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    SOAP FANS – “OMFG!! Days/B&B/Y&R/OLTL (depending on story)/AMC and/or/GH is hot f***ing mess! MAB/BB/KK/JFP/Dena/Guza-Booza-Looza-Fronz-Fronsie/Sweeney/Moonves need to be fired for the way they insult viewers!! Get this asshat [insert unpopular whether-they-can-act-or not actor name here] off my screen!!! This s**t hasn’t been good in the 15-25 years since I’ve been stuck watching this putrid mess hoping it will get better when it obviously won’t unless they listen to THE FANS, when Patch&Kayla/all of the Cassadines/Sheila Carter/Haley&Mateo were burning the screen up when every story was great/fantastic ALL THE TIME.”

    SOAP FAN REACTION TO SOAP FAN RANTS – “Ditto. Yes. Co-sign.”

    JESSE TYLER FERGUSON: “Controversial thought: As I am waiting for my car to be serviced I am catching a soap opera & wondering why we are just NOW canceling them.I don’t know which soap it is but I just heard this chestnut of dialogue: “I don’t know what it is…but he is sex on a stick”…”Sorry that I pissed of so many soap fans! No offense to many of the great actors on them..”

    SOAP FAN REACTION TO JESSE TYLER FERGUSON: “How DARE this dumbass muthf**ka on a dirty, shi**y hit sitcom FU****G DARE to criticize a scene on a soap that is regularly ridiculed by fans for being over the top, ridiculous and filled with unbelievable dialogue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dumbass punk bitch!”

    End scene.

  24. Avatar of dsrbroadway

    To be fair, I watched DAYS for the first time in forever yesterday, and that scene he was talking about was pretty awful. The rest of the episode made up for it though.

    C’mon guys, we need to lighten up. Anyone whose seen Jesse on a chat show knows he’s sarcastic – most of his friends are theatre actors who have been on any number of the NY soaps.

  25. Avatar of justangel24

    Ok…to add. Here is a tweet I sent him:

    @jessetyler Another case of #actorwantstobemorefamousbecauseofunpopularopinion God you are so UNfunny. Wait until #ModernFamily gets canned.

    I mean its harsh but I stand by it.

  26. Avatar of bishbay

    JBJ, just because they let you write a few (flat, boring) posts on this site doesn’t make you G-D let alone an authority. What he said was different in tone and intention than the majority of fans’ criticisms of soap writing. You’re not cool for disagreeing with this fact.

  27. Avatar of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I’m sure that tweet will really hurt one of the most popular actors on one of the most popular shows on television. Way to look really, really silly.

  28. Avatar of appleridge

    The thing that stung me about his first tweet he wasnt talking a certain show but the whole genre

    I jusyt said 2 him that he may wanna see the whole scene and not just half of it before tweeting

  29. Avatar of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    [quote=beansmorgan]no wonder some people think soap fans are crazy…[/quote]

    At least there are a few of us left who haven’t gone off the deep end.

  30. Avatar of GHfan-4now

    One of the great things about this site is learning about all kinds of things….like mermaids and porn!


    Tisnt that a wee little interesting combination, hmm??? lmao

    I still swear by the fact they do it with their eyes. that whole “i wanna bang you” thing just goes a tad bit further. like when the Coneheads put their hands and pointed heads together… or maybe they use their fins and then the scales start a’tingling… like GHvet said, inquiring minds… :LOL:

  31. Avatar of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    Well, bishbay, I take your branding me a sucky writer as a compliment. After all, we can’t all be over-the-top, invariably disgruntled, apparently emotionally constipated venomous nattering nabobs of negativity bitching about everything that doesn’t fit into a sad, bitter — and quite frankly — pitiable worldview like yours. I happily concede that argument to you.


  32. Avatar of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    [quote]Oh, what a relief! I thought that bad writer comment (replaced with “le sigh”) was meant for me! ;-D[/quote]

    Oh no, it was meant for me. Or at least this was:

    [quote] JBJ, just because they let you write a few (flat, boring) posts on this site doesn’t make you G-D let alone an authority. What he said was different in tone and intention than the majority of fans’ criticisms of soap writing. You’re not cool for disagreeing with this fact.[/quote]

    I know, I know, Gord. It’s disappointing not to be the target of bishbay’s wrath, but alas it fell to me for being uncool to disagree with someone who disagrees with someone who disagrees with what may or may not be a prevailing sentiment of….where was I? Oh yea…

    I mean my few flat and boring posts here (which I think number upwards around 200+) doesn’t make me God…at least I think that is what “G-D” means — or maybe was supposed to read that it doesn’t make me “GOOD” or “GUD”, who knows — let alone an authority…but I think its safe to say that I have missed neither the tone nor the intention of the criticisms of “SOAP FANS”™ compared to ” JESSE TYLER FERGUSON”® in my sarcastic reply that implies something else altogether without being opaque about my meaning. Either that or the whole point of it was completely missed by my critic, bishbay. Or maybe I’m just a sucky writer. But, Gord, it wasn’t you this time. But maybe next time. Keep your fingers crossed.

  33. Avatar of bishbay

    My, my JBJ, you seem to be very familiar with my work. Interesting, in a wearyingly familiar way, that you go ad hominem to dismiss the criticism that you (incorrectly) termed as ad hominem. I may be negative about the genre, but you mix contempt about the fanbase with a cloying recollection of a yesteryear that never was, a false yesteryear which you describe in bad prose. I’ll take my perspective over yours any day. Also? Nixon speechwriter phrases? Girl, your age is showing. (That’s not ad hominem, just a bitchy observation, by the way.)

  34. Avatar of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    [quote]My, my JBJ, you seem to be very familiar with my work. Interesting, in a wearyingly familiar way, that you go ad hominem to dismiss the criticism that you (incorrectly) termed as ad hominem.[/quote]

    Actually, I know little of your “work.” The few examples I’ve read over the…um…months you’ve been here seem to bear out my opinion about it and the, er, worldview from you operate pretty well.

    [quote]I may be negative about the genre,[/quote]

    ..oops, there it is…

    [quote]but you mix contempt about the fanbase[/quote]

    …showing that you truly have no idea what me, TV Gord, east.west., or anyone else is saying about certain overblown reactions that are sweeping through certain parts of “the fanbase”….

    [quote] with a cloying recollection of a yesteryear that never was, a false yesteryear which you describe in bad prose.[/quote]

    The bad prose I’ll cop to, bishbay. You got me dead to rights on that one. I’m really terrible: wordy, I go off into tangents, hideous grammar. I’m just AWFUL. However, I do not recall anyone in all of those “few” (200-ish) posts ever calling me out for a) the veracity of my personal recollections (which I always identifed as….personal..subjective…owing to my personal history as a (gulp!) fan..I know: shocking) or b) the objective facts of the vast majority of my work here when discussing soaps as a genre, business or art form or their history (with allowances for a few minor corrections..almost always self-corrected at that).

    This, of course, illustrates how utterly unfamiliar with my work you are, if you’re just being disingenuous aside from your poor attempt to mischaracterize it or, more tellingly, your own knowledge of daytime serial history or the actual workings of it. Nice try, though.

    [quote] I’ll take my perspective over yours any day.[/quote]

    You have my condolences.

    [quote] Also? Nixon speechwriter phrases?[/quote]

    Quite apropos, n’est pas?

    [quote]Girl, your age is showing.[/quote]

    Of course it is. I’m 46; 47 next June. Hopefully, you’ll be able to extrapolate how old I’ll be in 2027. No guesswork needed.

    [quote] (That’s not ad hominem, just a bitchy observation, by the way.)[/quote]

    So very sad when someone thinks something like that counts as either an insult or an observation.

    And so it goes…

  35. Avatar of dimera190

    This guy’s an ass, and the comment was uncalled for, but he has a point… That line came from Kinsey on DOOL, and it was horribly written. Thank GOD Days is getting a makeover! And I hate to say it, but Kinsey IS a terrible actress. They need to write her off. Oh, and cancel Modern Family. That show’s worse than any soap ever is/was/will be…

  36. Avatar of Chocolate-Mama

    The problem I have these days with comments like this, is the twitter aspect of it. These actors, like ordinary people, use that site to say whatever ignorant shyt they want. And actors by now, should know that they have to be a little more careful about what they say.

    I have no idea who this guy is. I tried watching ‘Modern Family’ once and found it uninteresting and not funny. I also don’t remember him being on it, but I was probably so bored by what I saw, that just didn’t notice this actor.

    Being a soap fan is to defend the genre every damned day of your life. Defend the genre and defend why you watch them. But I would not even know half of these lame ass, primetime shows exist, if I did not see commercials for them during soap commercial breaks. I don’t think I even watch ABC except for the local news at night.

    But to this Ferguson actor, to each their own.

  37. Avatar of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Congratulations to Jesse Tyler Ferguson on his Emmy nomination this morning and to Modern Family for its 17 nominations (more nominations than any other comedy).

    I’ll check back later for the predictable Emmy bashing that I’m sure will follow…

  38. Avatar of Plum

    I really liked DAYS’ episode yesterday, but did think the “sex on a stick” line seemed out of place coming from a teenager. What teen talks like that?

  39. Avatar of appleridge

    kinsey On DAYS says inapporiate stuff all the time and always at the wrong times

    Jesse is a great actor & well deserved emmy nod. Look he said something ignorant without the full facts and made a generalization on the soap genre which I did not like

    BUT I believe he didnt say it to be Malicious Like Im glad they are getting canceled

  40. Avatar of lfad

    [quote=TV Gord]Well, one thing is clear. Soap fans are pretty much the thinnest-skinned people on the planet if an opinion from one guy causes such hysteria.[/quote]

    Agreed. It’s not that serious and he has zero power over the life or death of daytime soaps.

  41. Avatar of marknsprmo

    Seriously have we not all switched channels to a soap that we didn’t watch and cringe at what was going on on screen? I know I have. Especially when the screen is filled up with the nubies. Soaps are NOT for casual viewing.
    I must say though that I am not that impresses with Modern Family. The show has too many characters for a half hour eps. The stories are fly by at best. They do the pass over the story and call it a day. No depth of emotion or details. The soap opera elements are unescapable but it is like showing a soap in fast forward and missing the beats. Plus the gay couple on this show are too stereotypical. Well actually all the characters are too stereotypical….

  42. Avatar of sillytee

    many of you ‘basher’ are acting and typing like a bunch of children. as if insulting people will make you feel like the better person. i think i will take your crayons away and make you sit in the corner!! grow up!! move on!! and get over this guy’s twitter!!so what if he tweeted his opinion?!!

  43. Avatar of gato1

    Many times soap scenes seen out of context are not good. It is what it is. That actor made a bad attempt at humor. PS Bishbay calmn down yo! I think Mark hit the nail on the head.

  44. Avatar of GHfan-4now

    so what if he tweeted his opinion?!!


    And so WHAT if people disagree or ignore it or respond or don’t??? I’ve had random people tweet me daily when they openly agree or disagree with what I say on twitter about OLTL and it’s characters. If I didn’t want to hear what random people said in reponse, even if I disagreed to the hilt, I’d lock my tweets. The dude who plays Nate tweeted me when I said something about my Nate hate. No harm, no foul, and he joked about it. It was an opinion and no one died. It’s a human reaction when you want to say yay or nay to something someone says in an OPEN FORUM like twitter, especially if your tweets are unlocked and out there for the world to read.

    Seriously, some people didn’t care what he said and moved along, and some people did and voiced it. He has a right to an opinion, we have a right to agree or disagree with it, kick rocks, and keep moving along too. Anytime you open your mouth to voice what you think or how you feel about something or someone, again, in an open forum such as twitter or even here on the boards, people have a right to respond to that however they feel, good or bad. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be debating our opinions on this site day in and day out about fictional characters. I’d bet the bank on the fact that JTF doesn’t GAFF about it anymore–if he EVER did–and is out celebrating his nomination. Yet, we are 72 comments in talking about this, including mine …

  45. Avatar of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    These comments are about more than agreeing or disagreeing, GHfan-4now. If it were just agreeing or disagreeing, do you think some of us would be pointing out these sorts of outrageous comments?

    “Another DOUCHEBAG who needs to keep his PHUCKIN’ mouth shut!”

    “I dislike this ginger putz, and his show. What kind of self-respecting middle-aged gay man disses soaps?” [What a bigoted thing to say, that all middle-aged gay men think alike. Make a generalization like that about someone of one race and see how far you get.]

    “WHAT AN ASS!!! Glad I never watched that cliche-ridden show.” [How do you know it's cliche-ridden if you've never watched it?]

    “Fuck that punk-ass bitch!”

    “What an asshat!!”

    “What a douche.”

    “@jessetyler Um, you gay gingerheaded moron, your show is actually a docu-soap, so if I were you, I’d shut that redheaded mouth of yours!” [This was actually tweeted to him. Classless.]

    “God you are so UNfunny” [another tweet to him]

    “This guy’s an ass”

    These sorts of comments are why I am sometimes embarrassed to call myself a soap fan. This is the impression people have of soap fans.

  46. Avatar of appleridge

    A Few Things:
    Yes it was his opinion but in this day & age when anyone can follow him and tweet him, Jesse is allowed to tweet whatever he wants but at the same time he should realize that if something he tweets rubs folks the wrong way, he will get responses.

    None of these responses although some rude at times never got threatning on his life

    Im sure this will eventually blow over but its just another caution tale of using social network that is open to anyone to read

    Also and ive been guilty of saying some acts make soap fans look stupid and im sorry I ever did.

    look all movies and TV have corny lines but JTF didnt attack the line or days itself he said point blank why are we now just canceling them in which he meany SOAPS and Im sorry but regardless of what he felt about that line, saying what he did afterwas a slap in the face to all the actors, producers, writers, directors and even fans who are trying to keep this genre alive.

  47. Avatar of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    So that’s where the bar is set now? Everything’s fair game short of threatening someone’s life? Wow.

    How many of the people making the rude comments above were waxing on and on not too long ago about how horrible bullying is? I’m honestly astonished at the idea that these kinds of comments are being excused, considering how innocuous his comment was.

  48. Avatar of appleridge

    Not condoning what some said but just saying Jesse may need to watch what he tweets or not be surprised that he gets so many responses.

    If u put something out there just be careful it could come back and bite ya a bit

  49. Avatar of cheryl85

    [quote=Plum]I really liked DAYS’ episode yesterday, but did think the “sex on a stick” line seemed out of place coming from a teenager. What teen talks like that?[/quote]

    The same teens who love saying “epic” “dope” and “swag” on a regular as if those are the only words in their vocab.

  50. Avatar of jodiegail19

    I never even heard of Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Now that I found him out on the internet, I regret even typing out his name. UGH UGH UGH
    His new boy to is a hottie. And I feel that this hottie must be desperate to find love. :~ :~ :~ :~ :~ :~ :~ :~ :~ :~ :~ :~ :~ :~ :~ :~ :~ J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J) J)

  51. Avatar of salem1975

    I love my DOOL, but I can’t hate on Jesse. “Modern Family” is the best comedy on television in a DECADE, and its ENTIRE (yes, ENTIRE) lead cast is nominated for Emmys. I feel sad for a soap fan that can’t also enjoy the genius that is “Modern Family.”

  52. Avatar of moneek77

    News Flash Ferguson….The soaps aren’t cancelled. Only ABC was stupid enough to cancel them but Prospect Park is intelligent enough to pick them up. Days is not cancelled. You just ruined your career after Modern Family.

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