A Tale of Two Kendalls: Will Sarah Michelle Gellar Appear on All My Children?!


Will the real Kendall Hart please stand up? One Life to Live has two actors playing Todd, so why can't All My Children have two actresses playing Kendall? Okay, so that probably won't be the scenario when and if Sarah Michelle Gellar makes a cameo appearance on All My Children before the show jumps to the web.

According to TV Guide's Michael Logan, the A-lister who orignated the role of Erica Kane's off kilter, hellcat daughter, has possibly agreed to appear on the series before it leaves the Mouse House airwaves. How awesome would it be to see Kendall (Alicia Minshew) and Gellar's character get into a bitchfight?  Watch a clip of Gellar's Kendall raising Kane with Erica (Susan Lucci) and Myrtle (the late Eileen Herlie) after the jump!


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    I LOVED Sarah Michelle Gellar in the 90s. She was arguably the best actress under 25 that AMC had during that time frame. However, Alicia has worked very hard to make the role of Kendall her own during the past 9 years, so to give her the Trevor St. John/Davetta Sherwood treatment would be both classless and egregious.

    Furthermore, Sarah Michelle Gellar is too classy to swoop in and steal another actress’ job right from under her. She still has PLENTY of other irons in the fire, and doesn’t seem to be desperate for the paycheck. And with her new primetime series and the demands of motherhood, it’s unlikely that she’d want to return to the show full-time.

    I say bring her on as a different character, give her some meaty scenes with Alicia Minshew, Rebecca Budig and some of the other vets that she shared scenes with in the 90s, and if she wants to continue on a recurring basis, accommodate her. But something tells me that Sarah would be FAR too expensive for TPIC to afford, especially with the new online format.

    Better to invest that money elsewhere, perhaps with trying to woo back David Canary or Julia Barr???

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    And in case I didn’t mention it, the idea of seeing Sarah and Alicia playing enemies onscreen THRILLS me to no end. I have always been a SUCKER for a well-written, well-acted female rivalry! I personally think there’s nothing better on soaps………

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    I agree craig. I miss Buffy too. Was a great show.

    I think you should check out Vampire Diaries and True Blood though.

    True Blood only if you are not offended by lots of sex/nudity/language.

    That show is on fire.

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    Swans Crossing. LOL Going way back Ryan.
    I remember that too.
    I only watched a few episodes but totally remember it for SMG.

    Alstonboy- No chance whatsoever of SMG returning on a regular basis.
    This is just a cameo. Same as Leo (2 episodes).
    Doing it for the fans.

    She has her Ringer show coming on CW.

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    I feel sorry for folks that weren’t watching ALL MY CHILDREN circa 1994. Although Alicia Minshew seems like a nice lady, her portrayal of Kendall Hart has pretty much been a snooze-fest over the past nine years.

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    [quote=craigcp]SMG is great, I miss Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I have not watched any other vampire movie or series since then, I like the humor.[/quote]

    GUUUURL, you need to subscribe to LOGO. It seems that’s all they care about airing these days. =(

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