All My Children Webisoap to Debut Sept. 26; Susan Lucci Reportedly Staying!

Prospect Park is wasting no time in transitioning All My Children to the web. TV Guide's Michael Logan is reporting the sudser's online version is set to debut September 26, and that Susan Lucci will likely continue on as the iconic Erica Kane!

Word is, the production company intends to waste no time — or lose any momentum — and will launch the reimagined AMC on Monday, September 26, just three days after the soap ends its network run. There's also highly reliable buzz — unconfirmed by Prospect Park — that Susan Lucci has agreed to move on with the show, though to what extent she'll participate or for how long isn't clear. Most (if not all) of the soap's other top stars have yet to enter negotiations.

Logan goes on to report Prospect Park plans to keep Julie Hanan Caruthers and Lorraine Broderick on as executive producer and head writer respectively. I think this is a good move — especially the Broderick part. As for Hanan Caruthers(sigh), while I've given her a hard time for allegedly not being able to bring the show in under budget in New York or LA, with the serial planning such a quick move to the web, this really isn't the time to be bringing in a new showrunner.

Additionally, I hear for all her reported budgetary faults, the cast and crew of AMC love their boss, so keeping Hanan Caruthers on just may boost morale. Besides, I am fairly certain the people at Prospect Park are going to keep close watch over their new licensees financials. The revolution will be webivised!

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    Susan Lucci BETTER stay!! There is no AMC without Susan Lucci! Simple as that!! They can (and should!) trim the fat ANYWHERE else in that cast, but give Susan whatever she wants to keep her onboard!!

    Furthermore, why are they keeping that show-killing heifer Julie Hanan Carruthers on? Don’t they realize that she’s one of the MAIN reasons that AMC was canceled in the first place? What’s that saying?

    “You don’t invite the fire ants to the picnic……”

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    I imagine Susan coming and going from AMC, as I think she will do a lot of episodic work and might just be on DH for the season. I see her being used for story arcs. I appreciate Lucci doing it and I think it shows how much she loves soaps, daytime, and of course, Agnes Nixon.

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    I guess that the rumors of a government grant must be true. They must have the backing they were looking for to continue forward. Really I think it could work out well as long as they don’t have any production issues. Which is why it is smart of them to keep everyone behind the scenes in place. These people already know how to keep a show going. Hulu type places are really smart about advertising because you have no choice but to watch the ads. They don’t last long enough for you to do much else but you can not fast forward them. So advertisers should be happy to place ads on the new website. I really don’t see a problem except getting the actors on board. And with the ever deminishing dramatic roles on tv due to unscripted programing, that shouldn’t be that big of an issue. They might have to bring back some older characters from the past or recast a few roles but overall, its starting to sound pretty good. Hope they don’t have any technical problems setting up the website.
    Now in a year when the government funding runs out, we might see some drastic changes on the shows……

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    PP has their own money gove grants and other investors but its funny that some seem to think they dont have the funds.

    I DOUBT PP woulda taken one not to mention both shows if they didnt have a business plan

    Be paitent people

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    Goody for Miss Lucci (and us in turn), staying on-She provides cast continuity as well as much needed boldness in going with this new direction on to the web.
    As for government money- as long as it is just for start up-“seed money” if you will. I would not appreciate if the FCC would decide to, at a later time, step in with “dos-and-don’ts ” about content, censorship,etc. Sometimes when you accept from such a source there are strings attatched… 0:)

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    This is good news if it works out as planned. My hope is that the new owners don’t micromanage and let the pros “make it do what it do”. Even if the show is not the same, I am kind of excited to see how AMC evolves. This could be the start of something big for the genre.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Another correction. Susan will appear more than once a month. The nerve of some people to reduce the vet’s on soaps to charity cases, while trying to create Passioniste bad acting style soap with Z-list actors.

    With Lorraine at the helm of writing this show and with many of the actors I know are sure to make the jump because she is there this show is set to take itself on a good course. No need to worry. Lorraine knows this show inside and out and learned from best of the all Agnes Nixon.

    But back to Susan. I’m sure she will workout a contract that will fit her. She doesn’t need that much money since she is married to an already rich business man Helmut Huber. So the love she has for AMC will shine through. She is a team player and will get behind Agnes and Lorraine.

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    swanqueen as of right now the fcc has nothing at all to do with internet. The internet up to now has been mostly free of government intervention. However the FCC is totally in control of what you see on AMC as it appears on ABC. THat is the reason you see no nudity, or fowl language. The FCC forbids it. The government generally never tries to place demands when it is giving money to an artistic endevour much to the chagrin of the conservatives who hates it because they want to censor state supported art or even never support it. I personally am very happy the govt. might be involved in this particular situation because state support helps take some pressure off of being an imediate success. It gives them some wiggle room to grow into the situation and find an audience. It gives them a competitive edge that they would not otherwise have.

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    [quote=appleridge]PP has their own money gove grants and other investors but its funny that some seem to think they dont have the funds.

    I DOUBT PP woulda taken one not to mention both shows if they didnt have a business plan

    Be paitent people[/quote]

    EXACTLY! It kills me how the majority of soap fans think that Prospect Park is this rinky dink company. They’re behind two successful cable series. I am also getting more excited as more info comes out. There is a feeling inside of me that believes that this will work because there’s too many naysayers. Everyone should be cautiously optimistic, but the operative word is OPTIMISTIC. I don’t see Prospect Park going into this deal lightly. They believe that this can work, so I’m gonna hold off my reservation until we actually see :)

    I also think that the transition for OLTL will be smoother than AMC because of how much time each show has. PP has to work on AMC aggressively, while OLTL is probably a slower process…

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    What I think is fucked about this article is now Lorraine has to scramble to undo the happy endings that were planned and create some cliffhangers for the finale. What a headache that must be at this stage in the game.

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    If anybody can handle changing an endgame into a cliffhanger, it’s Lorraine. It may not be so bad because, unfortunately, not every actor/actress will make the jump to the web. So, she’ll only have to leave cliffhangers for the remaining characters…

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    Vincent Irizarry posted the following on his Facebook page:

    To be or not to be on AMC…that is the question

    by Vincent Irizarry on Wednesday, July 13, 2011 at 10:53am

    I’ve been getting a lot of questions from many of you, asking 2 things: am I going to the AMC Fan Event, and will I be staying with the show when it transitions to the internet? The first is easy, yes, I plan on being at the AMC Fan Event at the end of the month. The second, not so easy. Some have even informed me that it was reported somewhere that I’m staying with the show. That is not at all true at this time. Until I hear from the new producers to learn what they’re offering, I have to work under the assumption that my contract with the show ends on Aug 31 and plan accordingly, which I am.

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    Great news for AMC! Lucci is a pro and her loyalty to the show that introduced her to the world is admirable. I hope all fans tune in immediately to the Web series and show the ABC execs that they made a big mistake in dumping AMC from broadcast TV. I will be watching to see how it all turns out.

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