Bold and Beautiful’s Adam Gregory Reveals Why Thomas Went Along With “Manipulative” Grandma Stephanie

What is it about the Forrester men and their inability to resist Stephanie's (Susan Flannery) manipulations on The Bold and the Beautiful? Each generation of the male Forresters some how fall into the matriarch's web of deceit — not to mention Brooke Logan's (Katherine Kelly Lang) bed. Well, almost in Thomas' (Adam Gregory) case! 

I caught up with the gorgeous Gregory at the Daytime Emmys to get his thoughts on why his character went along with La Forrester's latest treachery.

"You try not doing something Stephanie's telling you to do!," he said with a laugh. "She can be a very convincing, very manipulative woman, she has been for many years."

According to Gregory, it wasn't just about those Forrester Creations shares Stephanie promised him. His genuinely wanting to make his parents and sister happy definitely played a factor in his actions.

"Thomas want his parents back together and he sees that his sister Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) is getting so excited about the possibilities and it would be heartbreaking not to see that [happen]," he explained. "He loves his sister and his family and he wants nothing more than to have them back together, but he also knows on one hand, he's wrong and he's ruining Brooke's (Katherine Kelly Lang) life, someone who's helped him in life and in success with Taboo and basically his starting to be involved in the company, period."

So if Thomas realized it was Brooke who has had his back all along, why did he go along with Stephanie's stunt?

"If it wasn't for Brooke he knows he probably wouldn't be where he is," Gregory continued. "There's so much conflicting emotions he's having here and every time his grandmother speaks out about his family, he thinks, 'Okay this is the right thing to do; you're right,' but then he will ponder on it for a while and then realize it is not right to hurt Brooke. It is a lie."

And now that everything is out in the open. Is there any hope for Thomas' relationship with his father Ridge (Ronn Moss) to heal? 

"Ridge will be his father, he will always be Thomas' father, no matter what he does," vowed Gregory. "I believe Ridge will still be there for him and understand that his kids were torn apart by their family ending."

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  1. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Honestly!? These Forrester kids all need to grow up and stop trying to bring their parents back together. Was Taylor ever truly happy with Ridge? Is that the kind of family and marriage you would want for your parents? Based on a lie.
    And I’m so sick of Steffy and Thomas doing the same thing, Felicia and Thorne tried – I think – two years ago. People get divorced for a reason and grown ups should be able to deal with this. Thomas and Steffy aren’t kids anymore. They are both mature enough to respect and follow the wishes of their parents.

    This story maybe makes for good plot but in the end, for me, it makes no sense and it just proves that Brad Bell likes to do the same story over and over again. Thomas had no reason to go up against Brooke. No REAL reason I mean. He should know what’s right or wrong and he should be able to not get manipulated by Stephanie.
    But instead of showing how mature he is, Thomas destroys the marriage not only of his father but of the woman, who helped him with creating his first own line.
    And to have this Taylor/Ridge/Brooke triangle on-screen for even one scene makes me wanna puke. We saw this almost 20 years now. And it’s ALWAYS the same story behind it. Can’t we just drop this or at least getting somewhere with it????
    Ridge is still behaving like a complete self-centered man and Brooke’s still able to forgive him everything as is Taylor. Why, oh why do we have to put up with this, when the rest of the show isn’t that bad.
    And it’s just shameful that KKL’s talent gets wasted in this plot another time. -.-

  2. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    I think that the problem with B&B is that nothing catches there. The only stories that ever go any where are the original characters stories. Even the next generation can’t catch on. I am not sure if it is just that Bill Bell did a better job with creating characters than his son does, or if it is his story tellling.
    That is why all these characters come in and then have to exit six months later. They get one good story but then their is no what happens next for them. What happens next is Stephanie does something and it involves Brooke, Ridge and Taylor. This may just be the longest running story line in daytime history. I can just see in the year 2050, they will have desorased everyone so that Ridge and Taylor and Brooke and Stephanie are all at their 1990 ages lol.

  3. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Brad Bell needs to get those creative juices flowing. B&B is at a tremendous disadvantage due to the fact that it’s only a half hour show, but Brad seems to be burnt out. I think he needs to take SIX months off and let someone else write the show, introducing some new concepts into the mix. This show is staler than 10-year old potato chips sometimes!!!

  4. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I Grandma uses to say, doesn’t matter if it’s the 90s, the 2000s or today – you haven’t missed anything. It’s still about mamaboy Ridge, two women who just can’t say no to him and Stephanie who’s the only one who can’t accept that all the men in her life love Brooke.

    And yeah, it has to be the LONGEST running story in daytime history.

  5. Profile photo of AlexB

    I don’t get it. Why anyone would want Ridge? He’s the biggest tool in the box. What I really want to see is Thorne come back and wreck shit. Unless I missed something, he is the true Forrester son. Isn’t Ridge Mossimos’s kid? I would love to see Throne fighting for his rightful place and for his child’s legacy. If he…gets Brooke in the deal…more power to him, or let him get another woman. Let Dolla Bill get Hooker Ho Barbie..erm Steffy, out of his system and realize “hey, I love my wife, but who the F is this dude?” and have DB and Thorne fighting for Katie’s attention…I don’t know, something that isn’t Ridge and Stepehanie all the damn time.

    I will say this, the one thing I got out of this story is Thomas and Dayzee’s relationship. As I’ve said before AG may not be the best actor, but he isn’t a hair model and the young woman who plays Dayzee is good, I love their dynamic and their relationship seems so honest. I love watching it.

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