Why Prospect Park Should Make Susan Lucci an Executive Producer on New All My Children to Get Her to Sign On

Will Susan Lucci actually make the digital leap with All My Children to the web? That definitely seems to be the million dollar question. While reports have surfaced that Lucci is planning to make the move online with the series, her rep tells ABC Soaps In Depth, Lucci "hasn't made any plans."

This is where it's time for Prospect Park to take a page from primetime and film and cut the project's biggest star in on the proceeds in order to entice her onboard. Susan Lucci and Erica Kane are just as essential to All My Children as Sarah Jessica Parker and Carrie Bradshaw were to Sex and the City. I say make Lucci a deal to be co-executive producer right alongside Julie Hanan Caruthers, and give her a stake in the series' profits, much like Darren Starr did with Parker and the SATC franchise. Lord knows Lucci's earned it. Who, other than Agnes Nixon, knows Pine Valley's lore better than La Lucci? 

After embodying the most glamorous, sexually-brazen pop culture antiheroine since Scarlett in Gone With The Wind for over four decades, I think it's time Lucci got a little piece of the AMC pie, not to mention the respect from her mainstream peers she's often lacked. Plus, just think of all the free press making her a showrunner would generate for the new series. Come on, Prospect Park, make this diva an offer too fabulous to refuse!

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    Better yet take a page from Y&R and help her start an Erica Kane line of cosmetics, jewelry, accessories, and clothes. She can be the face of it and cross promote the show and the new line. She is a savy business woman above all things. This would keep Erica on the show.

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    Susan Could EP and Make apperances as Erica but not have to be full time. I like that idea Jamey

    As for EW of GL she does direct well and had some good EP moments Just the last year and half was not what fans wanted

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    [quote=Jamey Giddens]The last soap star to EP a soap was Ellen Wheeler.

    Just sayin’.

    Irna Phillips acted on her early radio shows. Just Sayin’.[/quote]

    This ain’t the 30s. Just sayin’.

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    Jamey Giddens

    This ain’t the 30s. Just sayin’.
    Nor was it the 30’s when Sarah Jessica Parker was named E.P. of Sex and the City, or Doug Marland (a former actor on shows like The Brighter Day and As The World Turns) helped Gloria Monty save General Hospital as head writer, and later became arguably the best soap writer in the business when the former actor took over as head writer for World Turns. Just because Ellen Wheeler didn’t know what she was doing, doesn’t mean all actors shouldn’t write/direct/produce. Besides, I am not saying, I want Lucci with a bull horn telling the actors what to do in some field. I mean give her the title, let her approve scripts, casting and cut her in on the backend.

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    WOW! That would be a great idea Mr. Giddens, for all the reasons you stated. I’m glad to see the Scarlett O’Hara reference because I’ve always felt Erica Kane was the modern day Scarlett O’Hara.

    For the naysayers, keep in mind that, if this indeed happens, she would be CO-EP, not primary or solitary EP. Also, if anyone read her autobiography you would see that Susan Lucci is a very intelligent woman who enjoys taking on new challenges.

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    They need to do whatever they have to to attach Susan Lucci to this show. If they want AMC to have a better chance of surviving the move to the net, they need to do that. Erica Kane is Daytime.

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    Brilliant idea. A lot of bigger name actors on prime time are offered producer or EP credit when it comes time to reup their contracts to entice them stay, why not Lucci?

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    A) The idea these shows can even be produced at anywhere NEAR the same level as when they were on network TV is insane. You’ll be lucky to get 5 minute webisodes shot in someone’s backyard.

    B) With all due respect, Susan Lucci’s bloated salary is one of the reasons that show is OFF the network. She should have worked for free to have kept the show alive since she makes enough money on al the QVC deals she has because that show was on the air.

    C) They have yet to produce anything on the internet that makes any back-end money and I’m sure they won’t pay the producers much anyway. Giving her an EP title is financially nothing and gives her the clout to further abuse the schedule to suit her needs. ABC let AMC run out of control with an EP who had zero vision and even less fiscal responsibility. You better pray they don’t keep her around if you want ANY chance of this working.

    D) I am sorry to announce that this whole scheme is just raising the hopes of all the loyal viewers of the show but I see no way to make this work…not only do you need a model of production that can make them affordable, you have to pay ABC a license fee on TOP of the production costs. If the shows couldn’t live on TV where ad rates are MUCH higher than the internet, why on God’s green earth does anyone think this will work?

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Look Mr. Crane despite your single minded protestation. Soaps are not about to cater to 12-15 year olds. Most fans of daytime love the vets. They are like fine wine, they get better with age. But you on the other hand want us to accept Z-list tween actors, alien and demonic storylines as the status of daytime.

    People like Irna, Anges and Bill didn’t do all that work to make this genre last for so long so it could be turned into the Sci-fi Network meets TGI Friday’s!

    The longest running soaps in daytime have spent MOST of their time on air telling character driven storylines, not that far out shit! And MOST sure lasted longer then 6 to 9 seasons.

    If you want soaps to be accepted as a legitimate form of acting, then starting things off with that mess is what will help you kick the bucket before you can even finish high school.

    Now on to AMC. At GL they had no one behind the scenes on that series who was remotely connected to the show’s glory days. Those ties were long since broken thanks to Putt and Glut! Meanwhile ABC even in its bad times has always had some sort of connection to the people who know AMC. From Agnes its creator (who could have taught James E. Reilly how write an A+ multiple Emmy winning soap) to Lorraine Broderick (who could have also schooled the man on it too). And see Lorraine didn’t need to have fame recognition. She didn’t need Rolling Stone or anyone else to help keep the show going well. She just like her mentor Agnes wrote a show that engaged the fans with social relevancy and engaging characters that we grew to love over the years.

    So Susan’s production credit is not going to do anything to harm the series. It will enhance her pocketbook and I for one say, “More power to you darling!”

    In closing I will say: “You workin’ really hard for what you want!”

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    Why dont people look up Prospect Park & what they have done & who is behind it & what they have done

    No one knows the money they have. It maybe kept the same it may be 3 days instead but it is gonna be 60 mins each episode

    So lets hear the plan before we say it wont work

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    [quote]If the shows couldn’t live on TV where ad rates are MUCH higher than the internet, why on God’s green earth does anyone think this will work?[/quote]

    I don’t really think it will work, and from what I’ve read outside of here, most people agree. I can’t even see this show lasting for six months, let alone a year, but it’s worth a shot. If anything is going to work in terms of online programming, it’ll probably be something entirely new, not reboots and spinoffs of dead soap operas.

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    First of all I just want to say THANK YOU to Prospect Park for saving OLTL and AMC..I think its great what they are doing and I wish them the best of luck!..As far as Susan Lucci being an Executive Producer I think thats a great way to show her that she was appreciated for all her hard work on AMC, BUT is she ready to be an EP?..There are a few former soap stars out there that I think would be GREAT as the EP of the two shows..There is one person that I feel would make a fantastic EP and thats MARTHA BYRNE(Ex LILY ATWT)..She IS an Executive Producer and she “GETS” it!..Martha has been trying to help the soaps for a long time and her ideas are amazing!..I just dont understand why she has not been given the opportunity to help the soap genre!..Martha is ready and willing to give her time and ideas to a show or network!..she “GETS” what is needed to be a success online and she has many ideas of how to save money and STILL make a show that will be successful and profitable..If anyone out there is listening(including PROSPECT PARK), PLEASE consider MARTHA BYRNE as an Executive Producer!..This woman knows what the soap genre is all about and would be a valuable asset to anyone!

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    I don’t see any of these legendary vets (Lucci, Knight, Slezak, DePaiva, Woods, etc.) moving to internet soap territory.

    Let’s face it, we’re gonna be stuck with the Nic Robucks and Josh Kellys. Ugh.

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    Let’s face it, we’re gonna be stuck with the Nic Robucks and Josh Kellys. Ugh.[/quote]

    Absolutely true. Some people are going to be in for a rude awakening when these shows go online!

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    Great idea Jamey.

    There are many examples of stars now getting producing credits. In addition to the ones mentioned, Alec Baldwin, Michael C. Hall, and Laura Linney have a producer and EP credit respectively on their shows.

    And like what Jamey was getting at, what a way to honor the Queen.

    Hopefully this will become something since it’s out in the universe.

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    Will they still be able to participate in the Emmy awards? What would that be called? It couldnt be called daytime soaps. Will the web be considered prestigious? Alistair – believe it or not – im with you.

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    Unfortunately, there is a whole lot more to producing a Daytime Drama than people realize. Unlike a nighttime show, like sex in the city, where most of the “producers” are writers, the daytime EP has to really run the show. The amount of work and hours are something that would be of interest to few actors, Susan included.

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    Here goes again. Name of the game, shift the blame. GL has no money P&G and CBS slowly killed it by taking its money away. They kept running actors/characters who were terrible every day. Remember Grady/Daisy/Ashley? You get what you pay for. That is probably the only way to keep KZ/RN among others on payroll.

    I have been watching amc but not for Susan L. I think it is better that she stay but I only can tolerate her once in awhile. She should be recurring, not star of show. I still respect her because when they did that tribute to her at Emmy’s, I thought she was such a lady. It was such a dumb tribute but she still kept her dignity intact. She is a lady for sure. I just don’t want her onscreen every day. Hope that makes sense.

    I prefer the other characters. I will duck after I post this but I did like David K’s writing. Even on GL I liked some of his stuff over others. People criticize him merifully which is why I say I will duck.

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    Charleyhorse makes some very valid points. Witness what happened to Guiding Light. Ellen Wheeler can sure be blamed for what happened but I bet her budget was so severely cut by P&G she had very few options available. Just sayin

    I would actually prefer a well written, directed and good production values of a 1- 2 hour serial each week instead of 5 days worth of poorly produced productions.

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    Ellen Wheeler is NO Susan Lucci. Jamey’s not saying to let her make all the tough decisions, just as something to sweeten the pot in order to get her to stay. I also believe that PP should take this same route with Erika Slezak and OLTL. These women ARE these shows, and them making the jump to the web could likely lead to more vets doing the same…

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    yeah kinda like when Aaron Spelling gave Jason priestly, Brian austin Green & Ian ziering producing credits and more money in later seasons of bH 90210 but it was just title, well except for Priestley

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    Something noone seems to have considerred is what would Susan Lucci really want? The woman is over 60 years old. She might not be interested in taking on a hurculean task of running a show. Especially when she is so busy with QVC, staring on a tv show, special appearances on other tv shows, comercials, personal appearances, an occasional book thing, grand babies……. She kinda has a full plate. And although she “seems” to be made of pure electricity, she is probably getting a little tired by the end of the day.
    Plus the woman thrives on adoration. Put her infront of the lights and camera and adoring audience and she shines. Is she really gonna thrive being in some office managing advertisers, juggling money, hiring staff, taking criticsm for every dumb move that AMC takes from here to eternity. Just think, Like MAB or EL, she will eternally be SL on this website and every negative thing that happens on the show she will be blamed for…. Doesn’t exactly sound like the Susan Lucci’s cup of tea.
    That is why I suggested some sort of product line that ties in AMC and Susan Lucci. She gets to own part of it and be the face of it. They can get Revlon or QVC backing for the product line and run with it. She is a savy business woman and the appeal of the Erica Kane line would be something she could sink her teeth into. Since Susan is already part of QVC as well as the new Jabot line, I think this would be an easy thing to do, lucrative for everyone and good advertising for the show, and good use of Susan’s frontman talents!

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    If Susan was named Co-EP, she could just do small things like consult on story & scripts. JHC can do all the heavy lifting. It’s about doing whatever it takes to keep your signature star with the show…

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    Jamey Giddens

    I never meant I wanted Susan to be on the studio floor with a clipboard. I fully realize what a daytime E.P. does. I am meaning she should be given the title, a cut of the show and consulted on casting, scripts,wardrobe, marketing, etc., simply to make taking another paycut more digestable.

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    Jamie I don’t hate your idea! I just think that by making her an EP she would be the MAB of AMC. Surely noone would want that for her. Hell I don’t even want that for MAB!

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    So, Jamey, your idea is that Susan would do more work, on top of her acting chores, for less money and that the title would entice her to take the cut? Not very likely. Furthermore, while she is an icon as an actress in Daytime, that does not necessarily translate into skills in other areas. She has never ventured into those arenas, in spite of her status , which in the hay-day of the genre might have been parlayed into such a position.
    The success or failure of this venture will ride on Prospect Park’s ability to entice viewers to follow the show, but more importantly, to find the right balance of advertising, product placement and perhaps pay-per-view. Streaming, on-demand content is the future. the networks are or will be unnecessary. This is about the future of entertainment as a whole and who better to blaze the trail than the shows with the longest running time and the most loyal fans?

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    For me they could even peapak both these shows and as long as the writing & acting is there, Im in. Claire Labine, HW of RH, GH, OLTL & GL once said that if u write great scenes fans will watch and I believe that.

    The issue I had on Guiding Light was not the new production model is was that the writing was not there for a year. there was NO STORY. You Need STORY in Soaps.

    If JC & LB do continue on that will still fall on them. PP will just have to make syre they adhere to budget

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    Appleridge, I am with you in my love of good story. I think it is very very important. I would probably watch a show where the actors stood in front of a black curtain with an old sofa to set on.(I just about have on some earlier shows that I watched).
    HOWEVER I am not aware of Claire Labine making a soap top rated, so her idea that great writing is the only key is a little off in my opinion. A stable cast of decent actors, ok sets that are lit well, dialog that isn’t repetitious, and storys that play the beats but not too many beats. And good storytelling are ALL important parts of what gets people to watch. Music also plays a role. The much beloved (which I did love) Ryans Hope had a terrible problem with lighting, and casting. All the good story telling in the world is not gonna keep us glued to our seats if every other day one of our favorite actors is recast. Even though some of the recasts worked fine, others (like Mary) never worked. I thought Delia was well recast every time. Another example, her superior writing actually caused viewers to turn the tv off when she wrote for GH. They were used to the action adventures of the 80s and she gave them wonderful emotional and serious issues to watch. And while I would always tune in if Claire were writing a show, I am not in the majority in the world.
    Peapack was simply unwatchable on every level. Including the lack of story.

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    Jamey Giddens

    The E.P. credit, I suggested, would come with a percentage of the profits, I didn’t just say the additional work. Since Lucci will likely have to take a paycut, giving her a producer credit and a stake in the show, might sweeten the pot.

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    It’s only a good idea if Susan Lucci has the desire and aptitude to do it. I am not sure that her having been on the show since 1970 means she knows all about the show the way Agnes Nixon would. A lot of soap actors have even said they never get to watch their shows or see what happens in the storylines in which they don’t appear.

    I do think that giving her a stake in the show and the freedom to come and go as she pleases would help keep the show’s brand.

    Has Lucci ever shown interest in running the show or working behind the scenes? At Dallas, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray both got into directing, and that’s because they really wanted it, and they had to negotiate to get it.

    I guess the much bigger questions are where will AMC be filmed, who will stay, how will they revamp, etc? Because that show needs a lot of work (unlike OLTL).

    Personally, I almost wonder if the show should be rebranded as Pine Valley or something like that, so that they can rework it and have the history but a lot of new characters, too. I am going to watch when it continues (unless they want us to pay a lot for it), and I am also going to expect it to be new and different. Soaps are a community of actors and producers and writers and behind-the-scenes crew, and when that mix changes, the show is bound to be different. If having half-hour episodes, or thrice-a-week episodes, makes more sense, then maybe that should be considered also. I would rather have a really great show less often than a really crappy show 5x a week! I actually stopped watching for six months of the Pratt year–that’s how bad it was, and I was a loyal viewer since 1982!

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