Will Ivan Escort His Madame Out of Salem on DAYS?

When Vivian (Louise Sorel) returned to Salem, Days of Our Lives fans hoped her beloved manservant Ivan (Ivan G’Vera) wouldn't be far behind. That didn’t happen, however, it looks like we will get a chance to see Vivian and Ivan together before Sorel exits the series.

Spoiler photos have popped up on the web of the pair together in scenes. Does this mean G'Vera is back to help usher his Madame off the canvas? Watch a classic clip of Vivian and Ivan after the jump!

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    This is what Madame needed the whole time. Ivan is as much of Vivian as her right leg is. Ushering her in without her sidekick was well like having Laurel without Hardy, Lucy without Ethyl, Seinfeld without his entourage. Happy to see him back! Sorry she is going!

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    Soap Opera Digest confirmed his return yesterday. I am excited! Ivan should have returned with Viv in ’09 instead of this new Gus guy. Sorry but he’s no Ivan. I’m glad Ivan’s returning because it means they’re making an effort to give Vivian a good send-off.

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    I thought those pics looked suspect, but if you say it’s taped, ok.

    That would be awesome to have them together again. But it makes me ask, if they got him now, why couldn’t they have hired him 2 years ago? What was the problem then? Don’t understand. Just curious if the guy lived out of state and couldn’t/didn’t want to leave his job or if Days didn’t want to make the effort to get him.

    This good idea must be the product of the new headwriters/producers. Bittersweet though now that Madam is leaving Salem. :(

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    naughtytomato, I agree, Ivan should have returned in 2009. Obviously the previous head writer and executive producer had their own thoughts regarding Vivian and opted not to bring back Ivan, probably viewing him as extraneous. Thankfully the new writers are bringing him on to give Viv a proper send off. I’d rather have him back late to escort Vivian off the canvas than never have him back at all.

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