DAYS’ Molly Burnett Tweets Pics of Some “New” Costars!

It's old home week in Salem! Molly Burnett (Melanie) tweeted the awesome pic above, with a few of her "new" Days of Our Lives costars. Hmm, they sure look fantastically familiar! I tell you what, I cannot WAIT to see John (Drake Hogestyn), Jack (Matthew Ashford) and of course, the ravishing Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) back on my screen! September in Salem should be a month to remember!

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    I am looking forwar to september. ill finally get to watch Days again!!! on a side note: isn’t the little boy who plays Sami’s son Johnny adorbs!!!!???

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    Jack is being held hostage, mark my words! I hate all the character assassination of Jack that’s going on right now! It’ll turn out he’s being held hostage by the DiMeras and that Daniel is actually Peter Blake.

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    @sillytee I love that you said adorbs. And yes, they are (he’s actually played by twins).

    @AlistairCrane I agree with you that Jack is probably being held hostage. I’m betting he was chasing down a top-secret story, but didn’t tell his family for their safety. Then he got himself into serious trouble and wound up being taken hostage. Whoever’s holding him probably set up the blog and sent the emails to avoid suspicion. It would be cool if Peter Blake wound up being behind it. Daniel isn’t Peter Blake, though. Victor has known Daniel his entire life, and he knew his parents. Carly also knew Daniel when he was younger. They must have had their affair around the time that Peter was in Salem. Plus, Daniel’s just not a bad guy.

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    @BradysPub, Peter could be Daniel with plastic surgery, with the real Daniel either dead or being held captive. Either way, Jack’s gonna kick lil Danny’s @$$!!! :-D :-) :-D

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    ^^ No he’s not. There’s plenty to do with Jack, but the first order of business has to be reuniting him with Jenn.

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    I’m more excited to see Will in that sharp suit on the television in the background. Is that a location shoot? It looks like natural sunlight!?

    I didn’t even recognize Jack in the photo–I thought that was some behind-the-scenes-dude. LOL.

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    The beard doesn’t necessarily mean that Jack’s being held hostage. A beard is also totally consistent with a guy whose been roaming the world trying to “find himself” and, last we heard, staying at the compound of some spiritual guru. I know alot of people hate the walkabout story for Jack and want him to be some victim of the DiMeras or whatever but I don’t. ENOUGH! with the DiMeras holding people hostage crap. It hasn’t worked or been interesting in over ten years. They’re no longer credible as the biggest, baddest, most evil guys in the world. They’re selfish and twisted but they’ve also become pathetic idiots whose plots are sloppy and pointless.

    I don’t think that the walkabout is necessarily out of character for Jack. As a journalist, he’s a seeker by nature and despite his love for Jen is a bit of loner. And to whatever extent that it seems out of character, I’ve seen people totally snap when they realize that they’ve hit middle aged, their marriages have become more about companionship than passion, and their kids are older and don’t depend on them the same way that they used to. Major life changes can really screw with people’s head and make them do things that they ordinarily wouldn’t even dream of. I’ve seen people do far worse things to families that they genuinely loved without even realizing that they were hurting them.

    I think it would be far more interesting to have Jack return, having done exactly what Jen says he’s done, truly sorry for leaving and regretting it deeply. He and Jen have issues that have been glossed over when they’ve been reunited. They need to deal with them and making Jack the victim of some silly nefarious plot and Daniel a cartoon villain who’s been in on it this whole time just so they can reunite merely by default is boring and far less than what their relationship deserves.

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    It would be far more interesting to have Jack held hostage by the DiMeras than have to put up with the character assassination foisted upon him by the Higley regime. We’ve had to put up with enough bullsh!t over the years. The new writers better reunite Jack and Jenn ASAP!!!

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    GaryJr, Will is on the new set, the Horton Town Square, that has been constructed and will be introduced with a giant party the week of September 26.

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    Just bring back the Jack from years ago. Early 90s Jack would be good. The character was ruined in the mid 90s and never recovered. Though I see some viability in a Jack/Jen/Daniel triangle.

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    I don’t think Jack was “ruined” until the Tom Langan era. Mark Valley wasn’t the ideal Jack, but his stories were pretty good (with the exception of the hooking-up-with-Laura nonsense). Steve Wilder’s Jack didn’t do very much except wrap up the previous Jack’s stories so it’s hard to judge him.

    It’s Langan who turned Jack into a buffoon, particularly with the “Jack’s gay” story. Then Dena Higley did a hack job on the character with that whole “In The House” crap. Jim Reilly didn’t really damage Jack, but he did one too many “Jack’s dead” or “Jack’s dying” stories and sort of marginalized the character.

    The idea of a Jack/Jenn/Daniel triangle repulses me unless Daniel is written as a villain and Jack as the clear-cut hero/person to root for. I do think they should revisit the Peter Blake thing, especially now that their daughter is dating a DiMera.

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