Ex-Guiding Light Actor Doug Hutchison and Child Bride Explain Their Union on Good Morning America

Former Guiding Light actor Doug Hutchison and his new wife 16-year-old aspiring singer, Courtney Stodden sat down with Good Morning America to defend their new marriage. The couple explained how their courtship started over the Internet and with Stodden's parents blessing.  The duo also reveals a reality show is possibly in the works (Color me shocked, NOT!) Watch the controversial interview after the jump!

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    This is absolutely disgusting. What is this world coming to!? And That girl makes the weirdest facial expressions! Whenever he’s talking she just stares at him with these very awkward facial expressions and then when she opens her mouth to speak she sounds just so dumb.

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    She does not look 16 to me. Looks like she is 30 or older.
    WHo cares?
    Just attention seeking crap.
    All i remember him as is Toombs I believe on X-files the creepy guy who could slither thru vents.

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    [quote=Y2Jin99]She does not look 16 to me. Looks like she is 30 or older.
    WHo cares?
    Just attention seeking crap.
    All i remember him as is Toombs I believe on X-files the creepy guy who could slither thru vents.[/quote]

    I fully agree with you, my 28 year old daughter look younger than she does, seriously!

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    She sounds dumb because she is 16 years old! I am having trouble thinking of the girl that dresses like a hooker and is a good christian girl. But then that is her parents fault as well. In fact this is noones fault except her parents and a 51 year old man idiot enough to want to finish raising someone elses teenager……

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    Agreed! She looks 40 to 50. I’ve never seen a 16 year old who looked so old.

    As for the marriage, her parents should be ashamed of themselves for letting their TEEN date someone so much older.

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    I have to agree with those who don’t think she is 16, teens have a softness to their skin that cosmetics companies try to tell us is possible to recapture but alas we ladies over ahem 35 know that once it’s gone it’s gone and that woman’s is gone.

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    That man will never get past Percy for me. He could play Jesus Christ himself and never be redeemed in my eyes. He was a disgrace to Roger Thorpe. I’m sure Roger turned over in his grave when he showed up on GL.

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    I thought the Roger son story was horrible. P&G/CBS took away gl’s money so it was horrible the last two years. Does anyone know who came up with the roger son story? Aweful….I agree with KZ that the show should have gone two years earlier. I am glad they didn’t destroy atwts to that point. Hey remember Ashley, Deaged Daisy and Grady. I was so resentful when those three became gl. I will have to check to see if the Roger son story was in the last two years or so.

    As far as this relationship I can see where she is 16. No offense to 16 years old but they tend to do that annoying giggle in their speech. It tends to disappear by the later teen ages. So yes, I do believe she is 16 Of course, there are exception to that rule like Pam Anderson and/or Anna Nicole Smith. Need I say more???

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    Pumpkin, Kreizman was the HW when he was on.

    As for these two, that is quite an age gap. Time will tell though if this will last or go up in flames.
    I don’t think though a reality show is a good way to start a marriage but that’s just me. Good luck to them.

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    She looks really really old if she’s sixteen that’s sad, and she looks like she’s had some surgery done but either way her strutting her stuff expousing how she’s such a good Christian is a hard reconcile..and he does look rather sad marrying this child. I don’t what his story is but he’s not dealing with a full deck. When all is said and done she acts like a ho’ on the stroll.

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    Why am I shocked. First, she dosent look 16 – second, he is the guy Horace Goodspeed from Lost. Oh well, as the song goes, different strokes for different folks, and so on and so on

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    My dad would kill this dude. Like my mother said when she told me about this nonsense, this Doug Hutchison is looking for someone to raise… I’ve seen Lifetime movies like this. Men/Women get someone like this, someone young enough to be their child and certainly not of legal age, they’re looking for obedience and someone who doesn’t have a mind of their own to function outside of the relationship… ick.

    BTW, in pictures, she looks REALLY, REALLY old, but looking at the vid and past the pounds of makeup, she doesn’t look AS old… but she still looks OLD, if that makes sense. And WTF is she doing with her mouth and eyes around the 4:50 point of the vid when she’s looking at him as he‘s talking??? Just all kinds of strange going on here!

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    Restless Vixen

    Sadly, I totally think this girl is 16. Based on the way she sounds, she sounds young and naive. Not just the giggling, she’s got the “outside voice” going where she’s a tad too loud. And she’s trying really hard to look older by constantly pursing her lips, making her mouth look pouty and adopt some kind of femme fatale walk. I had to LOL at her pitiful Marilyn Monroe routine with her hips awkwardly rocking and her chest poked out while walking that dog.

    The reason she looks so old can be answered in two words: Sun Worshipper

    Another cautionary tale of what excessive tanning will do to paler skin. Add the frosty bleached blonde hair and dark brows and roots. That alone screams “ageing”. She’s probably also getting botox and other fillers that are supposed to be “preventive” when really frozen face is setting in way too young (see Kim Kardashian). Last but not least, the makeup! Even with nude lipstick, she still manages to look overly made up. Man, she looks hard! As in rode hard and put up wet. It’s the same thing that makes Hulk Hogan’s daughter look like an old Vegas showgirl well past her prime.

    Hopefully she will tire of his old peen one day when she comes to her senses and realizes she wasted her youth. Hopefully this will happen sooner v/s later.

    Her dad looked really unhappy walking her down the aisle. Methinks the consent was motivated by the mom and not by the dad.

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    “And Doug can back me up on this…” O_o


    And is it just me or does it look like he is giving her a reason to make those faces…like in front of the reporter… I MEAN COME ON!!! JEEZE!!

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