Josh Duhamel: “I Really Enjoyed Those Three Years on All My Children”

All My Children fans anticipating Josh Duhamel’s upcoming cameo need to check out Soaps In Depth. The fan favorite-turned-movie star talked to the magazine about how important it was for him to return to his old stomping grounds.

"if there was a chance that I was still alive, then I wanted to go back and do something. I really enjoyed those three years that I had on AMC, and I've kept up with a lot of the people there."

Duhamel, who played scoundrel Leo du Pres from 1999-02, will first appear back in Pine Valley on August 4. For more details, check out Soaps in Depth's website and ABC Soaps in Depth on newsstands.

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    HELL YEA! AMC is very much starting to hit on all four cylinders and this is just perfect timing and to move forward online, let Greenpea have a fresh beginning.

  2. Profile photo of rebalove7

    Leo & Greenlee are the couple that got me hooked on AMC. Watching Greenlee with Ryan, after he was so mean to her back when Leo was on, makes me mad.

  3. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    When he “died” so did a little bit of AMC for me. I truly miss him with Rebecca Budigs’ Greenlee. I will be paying attention on August 4th and I will probably let a few tears fall over what could have been… :(

    Glad he’s back for a “wrap-up”. 0:)

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    Oh my goodness! :) She was a gorgeous girl and during that period I loved how she made such progress as an actress. She was a lovely example of someone who grew into the role to the point where you, I think, would have a difficult time accepting someone else in her place. I try to not use the word hate when describing stuff that’s soap oriented; I try to look at as many aspects as possible for why writers do what they do as well as actors/actresses. This was one time where I can honestly say I hated how they wrote her out of the canvas…

    Thank you for bringing up a beautiful memory… 0:)

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    TV Gord

    My pleasure. :-) When Gillian died and Ryan reacted to her death by “grief-boinking” with Liza, that’s when Ryan became irredeemable for me. I don’t care if it’s a soap, when the love of your life dies, it’s going to take a day or two to get over it (he says, sarcastically). Anyone with any emotion at all knows that when you’re in a period of grief, sex with someone new is the last thing on your mind. That’s why when Gillian died, Ryan did, too (for me, anyway).

    I was more accepting of Leo (and Proteus) dying, because I knew Josh was headed for something better, but it was still a BIG loss for AMC. The time when they were on was a very good period for the show.

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    I love Josh, and I loved loved Leo! I think it’s great he is willing to come back. I just hate the fact he will not be reuiniting with Greenlee! UGH! What a waste!

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