Soap Alums Marisa Ramirez and Jason George Play Spouses in Upcoming Lifetime Cop Drama

ABC Soaps In Depth has an new interview up with former The Young and the Restless and General Hospital star Marissa Ramirez, who has landed a role on Lifetime TV's new prodedural Against The Wall.  The series follows Chicago Det. Abby (Rachael Carpani) who lands a spot in Internal Affairs, much to the chagrin of her family and friends. Abby partners up with Lina Flores (Ramirez). Sunset Beach alum Jason George also stars as Lina's husband. Against The Wall debuts July 31 at 10 pm EST on Lifetime. 

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    Jason George sure gets around, doesn’t he?? LOL!! Everytime I turn on my TV, he’s doing a guest spot on another show. Good for him.

    This news is random and unexpected, but I guess I will tune in and see if it’s worth watching.

  2. Profile photo of snags

    Can we say cancelled? No offense to Jason George but he’s a show killer. “Eli Stone”, “Off the Map”, “What About Brian” are just some of the shows where he’s been a regular and they were cancelled. I think he’s charismatic but his luck with TV shows has not been great.

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    There will a time when soap “alum” will no longer be part of our lexicon. At least, we’ll no longer have to hear actor who have made it on prime time shows talk about soaps being great “training” grounds. (Websoaps are a completely different genre and actor who starred in them will be addressed in different ways.)

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