Stuart Damon Checks Back Into General Hospital!

Head writer Garin Wolf wasn't playing when he said, folks would be reuniting to General Hospital!  According to ABC Soaps In Depth, Stuart Damon  is returning to work on the sudser. No word on when Damon's first scenes are slated to air or how long his stint is. The actor begins taping next week.

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    Hot diggity damn!!! RESURRECT ALAN QUARTERMAINE FROM THE DEAD, AND THEN BRING BACK AJ!! Monica doesn’t deserve to be widowed and childless.

    Stuart’s return needs to be PERMANENT!!! Undo one of Guza’s USELESS killings. I don’t care what you have to do, just do it. Port Charles hasn’t been the same since Alan died, and won’t truly be the same until he returns.

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    Alstonboy so true, Guza destroyed this show while he was there, lets hope and pray that Garin has the good sense to bring back these vets alive and well. Every response I have seen has been positive to Alan coming back in the alive form. Write a huge mysterious return story for Alan, that will bring the audience back in droves. I hope that Garin Wolf gets this right, all he needs to do is read the posts and he will know what the audience wants.

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    *Happy Dancing* And Jlaf, Alan is returning in a ghostly form, and twitter is all a flutter with different spumors. Some have him ushering Edward to the other side, and some even have him visiting Jason after he’s hurt in a car crash. Anyway, welcome back Mr. Damon. You’ve been sorely missed.

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    He best be coming back alive and as the earlier post said with AJ in tow. In fact I want to see Emily back on my screen too! Then you can bring Nik back but as a dark Casadine. That would be some real drama right there and keep Helena around too. I am so tired of that stupid Lulu and Dante storyline. Please recast Dillion or better yet pony up some money and get Scott back on GH and do a triangle with him, Lulu and Dante. Even better make it that Lorenzo kidnapped Georgie from the morgue where he faked her death and have a quad! I cannot wait for the endless possiblities. No matter what less Sonny! Less Mob!

    The way it can all be undone! We are in 2006 and Sonny has his meltdown! The past 5 years have been a dream that Sonny had made up! I know that AJ died in 2005 but hey who is keeping that close track or wth even cares at this point if it means AJ is back on our screen. Now is Billy Warlock AJ or do we get a new AJ? Perhaps they can get Sean Keenan back. ABC get smart and get your actors back on your network!

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    Whether he comes back in body or in spirit, all that matters is that he’s coming home. :bigsmile: He was my first major crush when he played the Prince in Rodgers and Hammersteins’ “Cinderella” opposite Lesley Ann Warren-way back when…I was 6… 0:)

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    Swan–Stuart Damon certainly was a dish in his day. I don’t know if you watched GH back in the day, but SD brought the first hint of real sex appeal to the show. Those eyes!

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    Wooooooooooo! Stuart Damon is THE man. I really wish that he was coming back alive! It would make me that much MORE excited, but I am still happy. I have a feeling he will be doing a John Abbott and visiting all of the Q’s. I don’t think he’s gonna be on much, but any Alan is better than none. Its still such a tease. I REALLY hope he isn’t going to be ushering Edward to the other side. I have heard that rumor too and think it would be a step backwards for the Quartermaine’s.

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    The article says the return is being kept “close to the vest”. How do we know its in fact back as a ghost? Is somewhere else confirming this?

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    Tealita-I remember turning to my Mom and saying-“Can he come to our house?”
    At the risk of sounding like I’m in Jr. High, Be still my heart!
    This is just such wonderful news! 0:)

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    Tealita – I remember him back in the day. Wasnt he the best when Monica was cheating on him in the attic with Rick? Remember That? My Dad used to have fits with me watching this stuff. 0:)

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    Luke–No, nothing is confirmed. That’s why I used the term, “Spumor,” and mentioned them as twitter rumors. GH Happenings finally posted a spoiler about a multi car crash, so I figured that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Wubs has the, “Edward dying,” posted as a rumor, if I recall; definitely not a spoiler yet (that would be an awful mistake, btw, and so sad unless it’s JI’s choice). And Giogio: Alan was a force to be reckoned with. I can still see Monica buried under all that rubble after he brought the house down on her and Rick.

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    How Guza, Frons, and Phelps allowed the gutting of the most popular and best Soap family on soaps I will never know. And who the hell kills Prince Charming. That said I don’t see Alan coming back from the dead but he can be a ghostly presence off and on. Similar to how Y&R use John Abbott from time t to time. Either way, welcome home Prince Charming. We missed you.

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    I wonder how he’ll come back if he’s dead its not many options, a ghostly spirit or dreams or something the way Frons allowed his buddies to destroy the show its good to see Wolf trying to repair the damage…I check back into GH when Guza’s writing is gone in a few days to see if there will be better writing. Until I see his stories I’ll reserve any comments. You can talk the talk but I want to see what kind of stories that he’s telling.

    Then there is a Jill Phelps on board the show killa so lets see how much Garin’s vision can bypass Frons and Phelps…he can only do what his boss approves.

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    I quit watching GH when they killed Alan off. I’ll start watching again when he comes back. I don’t care how they do it, just do it! I’d be fine with him just showing up and having an announcer say “We’re just gonna pretend the character of Alan Quatermaine was never killed off”.

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    [quote=Ryan-Scott]Thank you Garin.
    It’s amazing what happens when a headwriter respects the show they write for.[/quote]

    No truer words have ever been spoken!

    Very excited for this!

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    Been waiting for this for so long!! Stopped my 30 Years of GH viewing cold turkey when they dropped Monica. Now that they have brought her back and Alan right behind, I am sooo excited to watch again. Bravo to Garin Wolf for realizing what a colossial mistake it was to destroy the Q’s!
    Alan & Monica have always been amazing!The chemistry between Stuart Damon & Leslie Charleson is unparalleled. Can’t wait to see what is to come!!

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