Sharon Osbourne CONFIRMS “Little Break” From The Talk!

Not to say I told ya so, but…I told ya so! Sharon Osbourne confirmed to AOL TV's Michael Maloney that she has asked producers of the CBS chatfest The Talk for a "little break", to spend more time with her husband, rocker Ozzy Osbourne, however Osbourne claims her exit from the show won't be permanent.

"I've kept it no secret that I really miss my husband," says Osbourne. "He'll have been on tour for 18 months by the time it's over. I've spent a lot of time away from him. He gets a break at the end of September and so I've asked [the show] for a little break so I can be with him."

Osbourne denies her exit has anything to do with tension on the set, which my setside sources maintain played a factor in her exit. Osbourne goes on to state she's "very close to the women on the show". Osbourne additionally tells Maloney, while she will be taking her "little break" when The Talk returns in September from summer break, she plans to remain with the chatfest, only in a "reduced capacity." Shout out to Maloney and Perez Hilton for the linkage!   

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  1. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Pretentious, self-entitled, prima donna!!! She should be lucky that ANYONE wants to hire her or that she’s got what seems like SOMEWHAT steady employment, since nobody is willing to pull the plug on this crappy show.

    Women like Sharon Osbourne don’t deserve steady jobs. I do find her to be funny–somewhat, from seeing her in other venues, but she’s clearly got a VERY twisted view of just how important, or rather UNIMPORTANT, she really is in the world of entertainment.

  2. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Good point, SoapArmageddon. When did we last hear that “taking time off to be with the family” line? Maybe she’s been emailing pictures of her penis to people.

  3. Profile photo of Forever21

    TV Gord may be she is taking time off to work on her marriage who knows what Ozzy has been up to while on tour. She has to keep him in line or his drugged ass will stray

  4. Profile photo of miztee246

    I must agree and co-sign with each and every post #1-4 — but #4 is precisely on point. Sharon has to keep Ozzy in check.

    Alstonboy, you are correct — no one wants to pull the plug on this crapfest because Julie Chen has Les Moonves’ ear. Whenever they can come up with another vehicle to Julie’s liking, she’s outta there and the show will go off the air! It will not be missed.

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    TV Gord

    [quote=miztee246]Alstonboy, you are correct — no one wants to pull the plug on this crapfest because Julie Chen has Les Moonves’ ear.[/quote]

    I don’t think it’s his ear that she has… ;-)

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