BOMBSHELL Details on Prospect Park Deal: Has All My Children’s Online Debut Been MOVED to January? Is General Hospital ALREADY Part of Licensing Deal?!

Scuttlebutt is growing that fans of ABC Daytime soap operas are in for quite the season of change as not two, but likely all three Mouse House sudsers begin to transition to web series over the next year and a half. I'm hearing from multiple sources that General Hospital, the only daytime soap set to continue on ABC beyond January 2012, is part of the licensing pact that production company Prospect Park signed with ABC.

"Prospect Park has a deal in place that gives them the same rights to General Hospital that they have with All My Children and One Life to Live, once GH ends its run on television," says a source.

While ABC has maintained they have no plans to cancel General Hospital, with Katie Couric's talk show slated for next fall, the network's daytime lineup losing an hour to affiliates to facilitate said debut and ABC planning to premiere The Chew and The Revolution in September and January respectively, GH doesn't have a confirmed timeslot post September 2012. All of which has been previously reported.

"Even if one of the new shows ABC is premiering fails, everyone knows this is General Hospital's last year," an insider states. "The moment ABC cancels GH, Prospect Park's rights to broadcast the show for 10 years kicks in, just like with the other two shows."

 Speaking of those other soaps, Prospect Park's lack of communication with the cast of All My Children— which wraps production next month and is set to air last on ABC this Sept. 23— has whipped the set of the L.A.-based sudser into a frenzy.

"Some people are excited, others not so much," says one actor. "Really people just want to know what the hell is going on? We have lives and careers to plan for."

From what I've gathered, what's "going on" is there is unfortunately no way Prospect Park can make good on previously reported plans to start airing All My Children online just three days following the ABC finale. In fact, the online version of the long-running sudser likely won't premiere until January 2012.

"The New York Post story [which broke the deal to move the shows online] took Prospect Park by surprise," explains one insider. "As people are now seeing, things weren't quite in place. They plan on making a go of [taking the soaps online], but the leaks have had them scrambling to adjust their plans."

According to my sources, Prospect Park is now asking All My Children's head writer Lorraine Broderick and creator Agnes Nixon to end the serial's network run with a life-or-death cliffhanger, where the audience won't know who in Pine Valley lives or dies.

"That way, if certain actors decide not to do the show, it can be readily explained when the new show debuts alongside One Life to Live next year on the web," says the setsider.

Despite all the growing pains associated with the ABC soaps moving online, many in the know remain optimistic.

"In the short run, the fact that some popular stars might not go with the shows will piss off fans, but this is still a win for the soap opera genre," says one mole. "The very fact that someone is willing to keep these shows going with all the bad press soaps have been getting is something to celebrate. We just have to wait and see if they [Prospect Park] can make it happen."

Keep checking back with Daytime Confidential as this industry redefining story continues.

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  1. Profile photo of THEBEST

    Lord, they better do something like Greta’s Coronation on DAYS. The montage of everyone in danger and certain characters getting shot was excellent. Another tornado will hit and 40% of the cast will be dead come January LOL
    Prospect Park better promote the living SHIT out of AMC during it’s 4-month hiatus…

  2. Profile photo of AllmyDaysatGh

    Wow thanks for the info Jamey. I really don’t like the sound of that “life or death” cliffhanger but thinking about it, it would kind of make sense. How else would they explain almost (or perhaps even more) than half of PV being gone by the time its online? Man I really want to know whose staying or going. This seems really messy. How would the life or death cliffhanger be? Would all of PV be at some big event where a tragedy happens as the cliffhanger and were left to guess who died & who didn’t? Wow. I really would hate the show ending like that. I’d rather see it end on a good note..

    I’m glad GH will be a part of the Prospect Park project.

  3. Profile photo of justangel24

    It actually makes more sense to debut AMC: Online in January. That way, they could promote it a whole lot and nurture it and get stuff together advertising wise and cast/crew wise. I am not mad about this at all. PP should, however, take a cue from The Bay and promote the show by doing low cost prequels (Far From The Bay isn’t low cost though) Confessions… was a simple one shot doc interviews type of thing.

    My idea is that something happens if/when Jackson and Erica get married at the daytime finale. I could see Jane doing some shit.

    In a way I DO want AMC to end on a good note.

    Also, while were talking AMC’s move to the internet, I love the current opening but when they make the move, could they go back to basics with the opening? I never DID like the title not being in old english font on a book like from 1970-2004. I would love to see a remake version of the 1990-1995 opening. No bells and whistles like the 2004-2010 opening. I want to see pictures falling on top of other pictures. Taking pictures saves more time than using video. They could update it a little by using digital frames along with the pictures falling on top of pictures. Or also (sort of setting the tone) they could use somebody taking a picture of a couple or characters with children (I could see Bianca and her children posing with Kendall and her children.) Sort of thinking out loud.

  4. Profile photo of jphelps

    No offense to these people but they are waiting because they have careers and lives to plan for? Before this deal was announced, what the heck were these people doing. Me I would continue planning for whatever I was going to do post AMC and OLTL regardless. Anyone sitting around waiting is foolish. It also gives you more leverage if and when you head into negotiations knowing not all your eggs are in one basket.

    As for changing the finale, I dont get that at all. Agnes already said the show was going to be left in a position where it can be picked up. If they feel they need a natural disaster of some sorts to pull in people it doesn’t speak well to me. I hope they have more in their bad of tricks thsn same old same old otherwise these ventures will flop to the nth degree.

  5. Profile photo of larkin

    This whole Prospect Park thing is smoke and mirrors. ABC was looking for a way to remove some of the tarnish from their reputation by appeasing the fans. There may be on-line versions of AMC and OLTL but neither will look anything like what we currently see on ABC.

  6. Profile photo of MadDogLane

    Wow that would be really dumb to end with a life or death cliffhanger.

    PP needs to get their heads out of their arses and realize not everyone will be able to watch the web version of AMC, and therefore ending the show like that will cheat people who won’t be able to watch.

    So far PP isn’t impressing me, this all sounds like a hot mess. This is why people should be careful what they wish for, I think the web AMC is going to flop miserably

  7. Profile photo of KarlWriter

    ABC had better take a wait and see attitude before rushing to place GH on the broadcast cancellation roster. GH might be the only thing bringing viewers to ABC daytime come January, since many soap fans who still feel betrayed will never watch The Chew and The Revolution.

    I think that ABC is simply trying to appease viewers by agreeing to online deals with Prospect Park for AMC and OLTL. Execs realized that soap fans were outraged and lost viewers meant their new shows would only fail. Despite ABC’s deal that will allow two soaps to continue online, in my view, it is not enough and therefore I will never watch ABC daytime or prime time when the soaps are gone. Let’s hope many soap fans share the same view, strength in numbers.

  8. Profile photo of goyankees

    I’d love to see CBS or NBC swoop in, grab up the ABC talent (think your Slezak’s and Knight’s people!) and create a whole new soap…a soap NOT on ABC, obviously. Ahhh, wishful thinkin’.

    And anyone who envisions GH still on the air after, say, 2013 belongs on an Orlando Jury. The writing is on the wall. All it needs is Katie Couric sporting a bump-it and horrendous bun.

  9. Profile photo of charleyhorse

    Smoke and mirrors is exactly right. Even if there are good intentions somewhere in this deal, there is a blatant lack of common sense. There is zero chance the shows can afford to go online with their current budgets and cast and if Prospect Park hasn’t already gathered the teams and talent and made deals with everyone, people will scatter for new opportunities if they can.

    Sounds to me Prospects Park has simply licensed the brands and will do their own thing with them that will not really resemble the shows we all know. They will have to hire everyone for free or little pay so you will only see actors you never heard of and maybe they will get a couple of familiar faces on board to make it seem legit.

  10. Profile photo of THEBEST

    All of you naysayers are doing exactly what ABC wants. If you guys don’t watch online, Frons & Sweeney will be the victors. They already say that these shows are not worth it anymore, and ya’ll will show them how worthless they are by not watching.

    Why in the hell would this PP deal be a smoke screen to appeased fans? This would mean that ABC actually gives a shit about us. Disney doesn’t care about soap fans. they proved that by canceling the shows in the first place.

    Come. Sept 2012, GH is toast. Who cares if Katie Couric pulls in a 0.9? It’s gonna be a whole hell of a lot cheaper to produce, so they’ll still make money off of it. People thinking that GH could stay on ABC if the new shows collapse are kidding themselves. The network will just develop new bullshit to replace it.

    I’m sorry to say, but most of the viewers who won’t be watching weren’t counted anyway. They don’t have Neilsen boxes in their house. Plus, Madison Ave don’t care about baby boomers. The net will appeal to the tech-savvy demo they want…

  11. Profile photo of lfad

    [quote]If they feel they need a natural disaster of some sorts to pull in people it doesn’t speak well to me. I hope they have more in their bad of tricks thsn same old same old otherwise these ventures will flop to the nth degree.[/quote]

    Nor does it build any sort of goodwill towards PP and their AMC. Oh great, some of my favorite characters may be maimed or killed. Yippee. PP could easily use Mrs. Nixon’s and LB’s original plan to end with a cliffhanger, and then do a time leap to explain some characters’ absences. That’s no more lame or overused than a third effing tornado barreling through Pine Valley.

    [quote]Sounds to me Prospects Park has simply licensed the brands and will do their own thing with them that will not really resemble the shows we all know. They will have to hire everyone for free or little pay so you will only see actors you never heard of and maybe they will get a couple of familiar faces on board to make it seem legit.[/quote]

    So a soap vet or two, not even necessarily AMC or OLTL vets, surrounded by hair models who couldn’t even get cast as extras on one of those ABCFamily or MTV teen shows.

  12. Profile photo of appleridge

    Thanks ThebEST

    This naysaying is stupid and did anyone truly believe the sept 26 start date

    If anything I could see Both OLTL and AMC starting on the web at the same time Like Jan 30th for example and I agree NY Post broke too early and PP wasnt ready

    People are gonna go people are gonna stay and some roles will be recast. The same would have happened if it went to another network

    Actors need to not be putting down the NET makes em no better than ones who slam soaps

    As for GH I hope thats true so the actors still have jobs past sept 2012.

  13. Profile photo of

    I think both AMC and OLTL will look very different online, with only a handful of familiar faces staying on with the shows dominated by mostly new characters.

  14. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    Prospect park doesn’t even have to force LB and Agnes to do life or death Melrose Style cliffhanger…all it needs to do is speed up the show a few months or a year, and then gradually explain later what happened, and why certain people are no longer in PV.

    A year or so later, once the shows are more stable, maybe they can convince the actors that didn’t move to come back and film those stories that happened in the 6 month gap?

  15. Profile photo of appleridge

    Thats a good Idea. Jump a head like DH and OTH did on PT. It gives both shows (AMC, OLTL) the chance to use that missed time to create new story for the characters

  16. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    They should have everyone in Pine Valley jump off the cliff into the Pine Valley Ocean, and on their plummet, they realize the water below is turning into a rainbow of colors. Then, when they all claw their ways to shore, the come out as South-Park-type animated versions of themselves. That way, they don’t have to deal with any of those pesky actors and they can produce the show for a fraction of what it costs now.

  17. Profile photo of

    angrierblackerman, that is a good idea. I’d do it with a slight twist, though.

    Give AMC a proper ending on ABC with everything tied up. Then in the last few moments, Erica Kane collapses and is rushed to the hospital. She wakes up in her hospital bed only for Bianca to tell her she’s been in a coma for a YEAR. Cue shocked look on Erica’s face. Presto! Instant cliffhanger! Tune in to Prospect Park to discover the new status quo and find out what happened during Erica’s “lost” year.

  18. Profile photo of

    Hey Jamey, can you please look into something re: Prospect Park?

    Since OLTL and AMC air are broadcast in Canada on Canadian networks, is it possible they will stay on TV in Canada or other countries?

  19. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    /A\ (soon to be re-branded as CTVtwo) has already set its fall schedule and B&B is moving into the AMC timeslot. I just hope the PP website won’t block international viewers, but I don’t think it will, since the reason American network websites block their shows is so Canadian viewers (for instance) will be forced to go to the Canadian network websites to view the shows. (Of course, the problem with that is that not all American shows air in Canada, and not all Canadian websites post all of the shows they carry.)

  20. Profile photo of At50

    I find the idea of a life and death cliffhanger as its tv finale disturbing and disrespectful to the fans who will be unable to follow the show online. Can’t some of the characters who won’t be continuing with the show just move away? Can’t some roles be recast? It may be dramatic but I don’t think fans want to see a bunch of popular characters die or put in danger as the show’s tv finale. I think AMC’s tv finale should be dignified, not a GH style stunt. It doesn’t feel like the right way to go for AMC at all and if thats what they do than I’m not watching PP’s new version of AMC.

  21. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    @AlistarCrane, I will definitely ask around about Canada. The thing is Prospect Park is not talking to ANYONE, so until they reveal their plan in more detail, a lot is up in the air.

  22. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    I love the idea of a super cliffhanger! (Of course, I would). All this rigamarole about being disrespectful to fans who won’t be able to tune in online is just hogwash. Those fans would be lost regardless (hello, they can’t watch online!), so why not give online connected current tv viewers at least some reason to tune in on the interwebs™ instead of giving them reason to tune out by tying up everything in neat little bows or letting people “move away.” (Nice, yes. Compelling, no.) Now, there are a few ways they could do it, drawing from the illustrious/infamous cliffhangers of Soaps of Daytime Past:

    • Flood Pine Valley like “Search for Tomorrow” did the town of Henderson. (

    • Moldavian massacre, Erica & Jack-style! (

    • Have Erica put in front of a firing squad in an Arab country and the screen cut to black, like they did to Sloane on “Capitol” (and Jessica on “Soap”). (CAPITOL: and SOAP:

    • At Erica & Jack’s wedding reception, have gunshots ring out as the camera pulls skyward from outside the building, then cut to a funeral where we only see the legs of the mourners and a casket lowering into the ground, a la Falcon Crest’s brilliant first season cliffhanger. (

    • Burn down the Chandler mansion with everyone trapped in it, just like the did when Southfork was torched on Dallas or when that racist bastard Teague set fire to the church with ALL of Oakdale in it! (DALLAS: and AS THE WORLD TURNS:

    • Was someone….MURDERED?? Edge of Night Style! (

    • GENERAL HOSPITAL: Too many to mention.

    OR…Agnes & Lorraine could do it Pine Valley Style!


  23. Profile photo of GHdoolFan

    I’m glad that AMC isn’t going to start until OLTL is ready to move online. They definitely are gonna be more useful as a package deal.

    I’m conflicted on the cliffhanger ending because in one way it would make for a more exciting ending, leaving tons of questions, obviously. Hence cliffhanger. And since I’m going to follow the show online it will be an exciting time. BUT at the same time they are wrapping up a legendary show and AMC : Online is going to be a completely different show in my opinion. I don’t want to think I watched a show for so long only to have everyone over the age of 18, besides Opal, die a horrible death in the finale.

    I would really rather do the normal ending that they had written. Wasn’t there a rumor that LB & Agnes were gonna end on a cliffhanger anyway before PP even came into the picture? I could deal with a nice cliffhanger that doesn’t involve anyone who is anyone dying. I really don’t think any key characters will move online. I’m going to watch anyway, but lets not kill every person in AMC’s recent history.

  24. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Ha! Those links (haven’t watched them all, but they) bring back some great memories! I think an Earthquake would be a good cliffhanger. It would not only leave everybody hanging, but when the dust settles in January, characters would be in pockets of the rubble together and it would help to re-establish the characters’ relationships and allow for a nice combination of action and character development. (Remember how Stuart and Marian bonded in the explosion at Holidays?)

    An earthquake also allows for some branching-off drama: some could be trapped in an area where the air may be running out; some could be trapped in an area where another cave-in could kill them; exposed wires in another area could threaten fire and/or electrocution. This could be a great opportunity to really show the skeptics what the online edition can do!

    Or maybe this whole Prospect Park deal could fall through between now and then. Either way, this is an exciting time to be a “soap industry” watcher (if not a “soap” watcher).

  25. Profile photo of josser

    Please, CBS and NBC are not going to create a new soap opera. As for Prospect Park, to be fair, I can’t see how they could get AMC on the web by September 26. They don’t have a marketing program in place. Jumping to the web would require months of advertising and a program to get non-Internet users onto the web. They’d have to have partnerships in place that they probably don’t have now.

    Wouldn’t it make more sense for them to use the necessary time build the proper Internet and marketing program first?

  26. Profile photo of jlafferty23

    You know what, I’m ready for this.

    I’m done being negative about it. I wanted my soaps saved, they have been saved.

    I am ready to follow them on the internet and see where it heads.

  27. Profile photo of harlee490

    I personally think this is probably a smart move on PP’s part. To take its time and launch both soaps at the same, work out whatever kinks the first year, (for GH) because there will be growing pains. It was probably the similar growing pains back when soaps were converting from radio & TV. I have patience if this means we have are soaps. I already accepted there could be some new cast members…but if they use their history and bring back beloved characters rather in recast or by original actor and fans have a sense of who the characters are on canvas it could be ok. If it is just a bunch of newbies and nothing is connected to either soap, then I would be upset, but I don’t think that will happen. Think about all the crop of new websoaps on the internet now….there are quite a lot of soap vets doing websoaps now so we could have few more familiar faces then what fans are proclaiming and being “debbie downers”. I am sure before any other actors that will be asked to come aboard, PP’s priority is Susan Lucci, if they can lure Ms. Lucci will will still make money. The actor’s contracts will probably be more open for other projects and not so tied down, which could make actors very happy. Not just recurring status and no contract but much more liberal with letting them persue other projects and build in around their time. I would think it could be a win-win for both sides. If nothing is happening with other offers the actors are still getting a paycheck.

    I could live with a big “OH MY GOD” moment and wait for the launch. What PP could do are what websoaps are doing now, to make minisodes but around 7-10 minutes snippets to continuation of the story where AMC leaves off in September. The actors that follow them to web the fans know are alive to carry these minisodes forward until the big launch then of both AMC & OLTL as 45-50 minutes in length thus forward. They could be more ready and prepared for OLTL’s launch in Jan. by showing commerciasl promos on ABC for OLTL and AMC the last week of OLTL’s final airdate. This could help drive people to their website for launch and while OLTL is on until January they could do each 2-3 times a week and take 10 minutes and actually show the minisodes on OLTL. It wouldn’t be like OLTL would be losing any story and great cross promotion.

  28. Profile photo of MadDogLane

    Personally I’m sick of hearing people being called naysayers cause they don’t go along blindly with everything they read, nor do they believe everything they read. People have reason to be skeptical. I can’t wait to see the whining & complaining when AMC is so beyond unrecognizable people will be wishing it had never continued on.

    How is it hogwash? Why should people who are watching it ON TELEVISION be cheated of a proper finale cause PP are so dang stupid they think they’ll draw in those same viewers?

    Let the show end properly on ABC, then they can leave it at a point it can be picked up, it’s not unheard of.

    All this rigamarole about being disrespectful to fans who won’t be able to tune in online is just hogwash. Those fans would be lost regardless (hello, they can’t watch online!), so why not give online connected current tv viewers at least some reason to tune in on the interwebs™ instead of giving them reason to tune out by tying up everything in neat little bows or letting people “move away.” (Nice, yes. Compelling, no.)

  29. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I don’t think the websoaps that are being made now are a good comparison. They are labors of love (translation: nobody’s making a living by being on a websoap).

  30. Profile photo of MadDogLane

    Oh and killing off fan favs, is not the way to get people to want to tune in, they’re risking alienating a good portion of the audience that might tune in.

    If OLTL can have Kyle & Fish in town and mentioned from time to time, AMC can do the same with various characters, it’s really not hard to do.

  31. Profile photo of Soap_Stud

    As much as it stinks to wait until January, if it means stronger shows, better PR, and gives PP time to iron out some of the kinks, I can wait. Long live soap operas!

  32. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    I think the entire thing sucks!!!!! I won’t be watching one or two or three hours a day of tv shows on my laptop!!! Not enjoyable at all and not interested!!!

    I’ve been watching AMC and OLTL for more than 25 years and GH since 1974 so it’s a darn shame!!! But I use my laptop to get work done while I’m watching tv and I’m not able or interested in tying up my computer for 3 hours a day where I can’t do anything else but sit and stare at a little 15″ screen!!! Everything in my life would have to come to a complete standstill during those hours since my computer would be unavailable to me while the tv shows were on!!! It’s not happening in my house at least!!!

    If the internet shows actually look anything like our soaps on tv (which I seriously doubt) I might be willing to check out GH if it actually lands on the internet, but since that hour would completely tie up my computer that would be it for me!!! I’m disgusted with the entire thing and I think ABC/Disney did this on purpose to screw the soap fans and to get us to shut up and go away!!!

    NBC and Sonny offered to buy the soaps and Disney wasn’t interested. Instead Disney arranged for two junior Disney executives to start up a new company to buy the rights so that Disney could be guaranteed that the shows would never show up on television again!!! They couldn’t take a chance that a network would air our soaps and that they would beat the ratings for anything ABC had on the air at the same time.

    Well I’ve got news for ABC/Disney! I will not now nor ever be watching The Chewie or The Revolting!!! They are DOA as far as I’m concerned so they didn’t do themselves any favors by selling the soaps to PP! All they did was say screw you to soap fans everywhere in the hopes that most of us will not watch or cannot watch on their computers and the soaps will die a quiet death!!! And anyone who believes anything different will I am afraid be sadly disappointed by whatever PP puts up on the internet in 2012.

    As I said, this really sucks!!!!! |( |( |(

  33. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    The cliffhanger idea sounds fun and it’s definiteky using the tune-in-tomorrow maxim. Very soapy. When Howard Stern moved from terestrial radio to Sirius he employed a similar tactic. He and the other staff read a list of revelations that tied to each of them, but they did not reveal who matched what. If you wanted to know then you had to tune into his first day on Sirius. That was definite incentive for me to get an account before launch.

    Dynasty Season 4 was just released on DVD and I am on disc 3. It is so good. I cannot wait for the Moldavian massacre.

  34. Profile photo of giogio

    Here is what should happen if they go the stupid shoot-out route: OLTL gets saved and stays in their time slot on ABC cause nobody watched the CHEW – As I heard ABC does have OLTL in their back pocket Just in Case. Than an disaster in Pine Valley. When the dust settles who ever survives the disaster finds themself relocating one town over to LLanview. NOW the AMC people are from NY moved to LA because of whatever. They can move back here cause they never wanted to go there in the first place and join oltl in the NY studios. To credit Ravenbeauty in her March 15th news, she did say their was a meeting at abc and rumor had it they were teetering between cancelling AMC or combining AMC and OLTL to an hourly show. She even had a list of all the characters that were discussed as being safe to be on this show. I for one thought it was a great idea cause the people who had to leave NY and are comuting back and forth can come back, we probably would get David Canary back and fans would be happy. Nothing was ever mentioned again about that. But I wish they would have gone this route.

  35. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    I sincerely doubt Prospect Park is building their business model on people watching on their laptops. With most new TV’s all you have to do is hook them up to your laptop, and you can watch online shows that way. Plus, Prospect Park made mention of the shows being available on Internet ready TV’s.

  36. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    Jamey even if you run the cables across the room from your laptop or computer to your television, the show is still playing on the computer at the same time. You still cannot use your laptop or computer for anything else while the show is on and I have no intention of going out and purchasing an internet ready television when the televisions that I already own work just fine!!! And not everyone has their television in the same room as their computer! So again, it is not something that I would be interested in doing!!!!!

  37. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Apparently not, lfad. Look at the number of people on these blogs alone who have put up mental roadblocks to going online. They’re only interested in looking at ways it can’t work, not ways in which it can.

  38. Profile photo of lfad

    [quote=MadDogLane]Oh and killing off fan favs, is not the way to get people to want to tune in, they’re risking alienating a good portion of the audience that might tune in. If OLTL can have Kyle & Fish in town and mentioned from time to time, AMC can do the same with various characters, it’s really not hard to do.[/quote]

    I agree.

    And anyway, a damn stunt isn’t going to draw new viewers. Most of the viewers who watch AMC currently and have the ability to move over to the web are going to follow the show to the web, at least for a little while, whether the finale is boring or “exciting.”

    [quote]Plus, Prospect Park made mention of the shows being available on Internet ready TV’s.[/quote]

    Who the hell is going to go out and buy a new tv just to watch their soaps? Hopefully they’re looking into making the shows available to be streamed over video game consoles, or advising people to purchase Apple TV or a web ready blu-ray player.

  39. Profile photo of giogio

    Gord – They are not mental roadblocks – People, and that means me also are mad that this is happening and cant be bothered with all this stupid bullshit. I have to be the first to admit I am not Tech Savy but my husband is and he can do all this stuff. Some commentors are mad at those of us who dont like this idea. We dont all have the same opinion – Im a lawyer not a tech person. While I admire people who know how to do those things, Its as confusing to me as it is for them to read a legal paper. And Ive been hearing its one plug, and one plug too much for me. This is not for everybody and those facts need to be faced. It has nothing to do with loyalty. SASSY I agree with you. Please with this story.

  40. Profile photo of Desertrose

    I don’t have a problem with soaps going online…but think about it….this company was created in 2009….with a “former” Disney exec as head.

    I am pretty sure they knew they would be canceling their soaps at that point and had this whole “deal” ready to put in place to make sure no other network would get them. So ABC/Disney looks like heroes for trying to “save” the soaps, it (hopefully) shuts the fans up and they, Disney still basically retain control, while continuing to reap the profits… and if it’s successful, they are hailed as innovators. Oh yeah don’t forget that they save money with their crappy talk shows. It sure looks like a big win/win for ABC/Disney to me- bottom line being profit over reputation or any concern about the fans that they laugh at.

    All that being said…I will check out online AMC & OLTL. These are “my” shows and the bastards at ABCD killed them…if they find life beyond the tube, and are recognizable at all, I’ll probably be there.

  41. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    All of this bouncing back and forth between what Prospect Park is or isn’t going to do (or be able to do), makes for one terrific headache. (.Makes me want to buy up stock from a company that deals in aspirin and ibuprophen. :~)
    My biggest resentment though is reserved for the NYPost who released the original leak/story. Putting the news out as they did was a double edged sword as now I don’t know what to believe, who to believe and are we just being led around in circles because those who started this are also leading themselves in circles.
    I’m all for change if it saves this genre-I wouldn’t have gotten excited about it otherwise because it’s a viable option. Yes, there’s a lot of things that have to worked out. I’m choosing to believe that TPTB do want these shows to survive and I’m totally willing to explore the technology needed to continue watching.(And this from someone who sometimes worries that my little PC is going to catch fire because I tapped a key I’ve never tapped before.)
    All I ask is that someone (preferably in the know and who can be honest, if that’s possible-speaking tongue in cheek here.)keep us updated as to the progress of this transition. We who have supported these shows and their attending casts and crew deserve no less.

    Praying for the best possible outcomes…
    Swan! 0:)

  42. Profile photo of appleridge

    Prospect Park stepped up and saved these shows and they will continue on-line. Im sorry but if your already on-line on this site for example and you chose not to watch then its on YOU the VIEWER not ABC or PP.

    As for PP having former disney people running it SO WHAT? These three have very impressive credits and have dealt with Million & Billion dollar deals. That is enough of a win for me. Just be happy that FRONS will be gone

    Why dont we take these months and help those that are not tech savy get tech savy and ready for the Transition

    As for folks in nursing homes I know a lot of homes that have hi-speed internet

    You can also hook up your internet to the tv and im sure u can watch on tv and then open another window on ur computer for emails and such

  43. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I didn’t mean to be disrespectful with the term “mental roadblock”, giogio, but that’s what it is. It’s the same as someone saying they’re not getting cable because it’s too complicated, or they’re not going to use a mobile phone. It’s the same mental roadblock some people have to computers. How many people are using computers today who never thought they’d be able to…but they ARE! Internet television is no more complicated that hooking up a VCR or DVR.

    Someone mentioned earlier that no one’s going to buy a cable-ready TV for soaps. Well, that’s fine, but a lot of people are buying new TVs for the better picture, for the wider screen, or simply because their old one is wearing out. Any of them are internet-ready. I didn’t even know mine was until I checked recently, and there were all the jacks in the back.

    Also, there are ways to watch internet TV and still have full use of your laptop for everything else you normally do.

    Now, beyond dealing with the hardware, I AM skeptical that this move to the web is going to work. Personally, I would prefer the soaps end on television, as originally planned. They aren’t, though, so I’m going to learn how to follow them to the web, because I’m fascinated that the people behind Prospect Park actually think they can pull this off.

    I can see why many AMC & OLTL wouldn’t want to move to the web, because it sounds as though the shows will be a pale shadow of their former selves, but I can’t understand why people say they want to see the continuation of the shows, but they aren’t going to because they don’t want to learn the simple connection from the internet to the TV.

  44. Profile photo of east.west

    Prospect Parks “stepping up” is wishful thinking. More like a business opportunity that benefits them and ABC/Disney. Oh, and the little soaps fans (God forbid we forget this is about the soap fans).

  45. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I don’t remember anyone saying this was about soap fans. It’s never been about soap fans. Since the dawn of television, it has been about SELLING you…soap!

  46. Profile photo of east.west

    Oh, I totally get it TVGord (your thinking about this “miracle” mirrors mine, but it’s more thought out). For someone who is barely watching these as it is, I have spent a few mins I will never get back typing my thoughts. Guess it’s the poking the bear mentality I have.

    And w/that I am really done here.

  47. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    It’s hogwash because a whole lot of people are making a whole lot of assumptions and declarations about what a “proper” finale is supposed to look like.

    The first problem with that whole line of reasoning is that this is not a finale. What AMC and OLTL are doing is a combination of a transition and a continuation from one medium (television) to another (online). In some respects, this is very much akin to how soaps have made this transition in the past, from network to network, for example.

    The most obvious example is the transition from radio to television at a time when there were more radios than tv’s in the country ensuring some loss of audience. Yes, many radio serials aired concurrent with their television versions for a while, but eventually those shows moved wholesale to television (with its then seemingly unlimited potential) and even with that “buffer” not all soaps survived the jump even as the transition to the new medium was inevitable and wholesale.

    Television soaps did not look, feel or smell like their radio counterparts because the economics and production demands were different. And so it will — and must — be when AMC and OLTL fully transition to online distribution, which people seem to forget or refuse to acknowledge, has been underway ever since ABC and CBS (specifically) began rebroadcasting them online along with original content, like CBS’ “In Turn.” Yes, they are going to change in huge ways, whether it’s 3 episodes a week and/or Pine Valley 90210, the online versions are going to be as “unrecognizable” to many of the current audience as Guiding Light was to its audience when the setting moved from Five Points, Illinois to Shelby Flats, California to Springfield, Illinois.

    The second problem with that line of reasoning is that by looking at the end of AMC’s (and OLTL’s) runs on broadcast television as “finales” ignores the fact that Prospect Park has a responsibility not to the fans who will not be able to watch new, original episodes (you know, the exact same ones who for whatever reason can’t watch current re-broadcast episodes online right now), but rather to the fans a) who currently, can and will be able to watch AMC, OLTL (and eventually GH?) on the internet and b) entice fans who might be willing and/or able to get some kind of online/streaming connection to watch going forward.

    To that end, while almost all of the so-called “non-cliffhanger” endings suggested here so far have been pretty decent (Alistair Crane’s is top notch!), the fact is they are still clifhhangers of one sort or another. Even more to the point, those same fans who are not online at all will still miss the “new” AMC/OLTL. So why wouldn’t or shouldn’t Prospect Park go for the biggest bang for the buck (rightly or wrongly) with a big frickin’ cliffhanger, given their enormous financial and long term commitment just to assuage a few fans who are not a part of their economic matrix/wild business gamble in the first place?

    Third, Prospect Park is very likely gambling (and I bet they are right, if so) that there are few exisiting or current soap fans who don’t have some type of internet/online enabled device — desktop, laptop, smartphone, internet enabled television, internet enabled gaming console, and/or tablet — or, if they don’t have at least one of them now, they will in the very near future (why do you think that licensing deal is for 10 years?). Don’t believe me? Take a look at the tremendous business Apple is doing, the resources that Google, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, UStream are putting into the delivery of all kinds of content, repurposed and original, into online and cloud distribution…and doing near gangbusters business in what is otherwise a slow economy. The idea that there is a such a significantly large pool of fans out there who only have a television and will not be able to stream these shows at some point in the not too distant future is both antiquated and severely shortsighted.

    This is why your declaration that Prospect Park is “incredibly stupid to think they will draw in those same [number of television] viewers” is so wildly off base and totally misses the reason why Prospect Park is doing this in the first place. We don’t know what numbers Prospect Park hopes to pull with any of these shows. We don’t know what the benchmark for success is for original, online/streamed content is. We don’t know what their metrics for advertising (if any), viewership, or demographics are going to determine how they measure the strength and viability of their investment. We don’t know what their production budgets will be; hell, apparently THEY don’t seem to know yet. So such a statement is incredibly premature and without basis. It also exposes the fatal flaw in your logic and proves the point I’m making: if Prospect Park is going to lose those people because of the transition anyway, what sense does it make to give them some nebulous “proper” ending?

    Finally, on a slightly more philosophical note, the quasi-historical definition of soap opera is that they are continuing dramas, with the emphasis on continuing. Sure, there are plenty of soaps that have written full closure for their characters and stories, while others have been far more open ended (in fact, Edge of Night actually started a major storyline as the last act of its final episode and it was fitting and magnificent). But there is no “right” way or “wrong” way — or “proper” way — to end a soap other than in how that broadcast end is executed…

    Here’s the thing: All My Children and One Life to Live are, from where we stand today, not ending. They are continuing on with more stories to tell. The licensees have a duty to look to the future, not hold on to the past. Even if the originally produced online versions of these shows look “unrecognizable” to the current audience, then it is up to said audience either embrace the new paradigm or watch old clips on YouTube to relive the so-called glory days. There was a movement to “save our soaps.” Guess what: they’ve been saved. If this turns out to be an example of Be Careful What You Wish For, then that’s the way the cookie crumbles, huh? And as for the television-only audience, if they are economically able to do so, now would be the time for them to look into a Mac Mini, a Sony Vaio, AppleTV, and/or a Roku player. In other words, come September 26 or January Whatever The Online Premiere Date Will Be, its time for “the fans” to put up or shut up.

    You can’t please everybody, the floppy drive really is dead, and only so many passengers can fit into the Volvo.

    [quote]How is it hogwash? Why should people who are watching it ON TELEVISION be cheated of a proper finale cause PP are so dang stupid they think they’ll draw in those same viewers?[/quote]

  48. Profile photo of llanviewlover

    [quote=AlistairCrane]angrierblackerman, that is a good idea. I’d do it with a slight twist, though.

    Give AMC a proper ending on ABC with everything tied up. Then in the last few moments, Erica Kane collapses and is rushed to the hospital. She wakes up in her hospital bed only for Bianca to tell her she’s been in a coma for a YEAR. Cue shocked look on Erica’s face. Presto! Instant cliffhanger! Tune in to Prospect Park to discover the new status quo and find out what happened during Erica’s “lost” year.[/quote]

    This is a fantastic idea. Of course, they would need to have a lock on Susan Lucci staying with the show once it goes online. But also of course, there is no AMC without Erica. So there.

  49. Profile photo of giogio

    LLANVIEWLOVER – when I was reading your post I had the flash that maybe they gave Erica a dopplehanger with a dangerous double to possibly put Erica in HARMS WAY eventually having her to have reconstruction sugery on her face due to the injuries she sustained from an accident because Jane is a physco and if she leaves they can bring in a new Erica in to replace Susan. Oh Lord, sons of b******’s. Imagine that.

  50. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    @sassydreams. That’s understandable, but also your choice. This is how you would be able to continue watching your soaps. If they aren’t that important to you, then they aren’t forcing you to do it. I am sure many people who only had the radio were pissed when The Guiding Light started airing on TV only, but time marches on.

  51. Profile photo of justangel24

    Not saying anybody on THIS board has said it, but I find it strange that people are saying “I won’t be able to watch AMC/OLTL online because I don’t have the internet.” When they are clearly using the internet to complain about them not watching it online. It has crossed my mind that public libraries may not be as accessible with getting video as a home computer. Can somebody help me understand WHY people who have some kind of access to the internet are bitching that they cannot see the show online when they DO have some kind of access to the internet. Is it seems like to me they are just not liking change.

  52. Profile photo of giogio

    Justangel- As I have explained before someone like me who only turns the computer on and off- goes to where I need and thats it, finds the thought of watching a soap opera on line overwhelming, and feels like almost an impossibility to do. Its like a car – all I do is gas and go. My car was in the shop one day and I called to see if it was ready and they asked me the make of it and I said I dont know, all I know is thats its black. Im not stupid, I am a professional. But I could care less about the ins and outs of the computer beyond my needs. If you want to watch go do what ever you want, but dont bitch because people are bitching and you cant understand it. And half the people who get on this and say “I dont understand why people are bitching” really know why they are bitching. They just feel like bitching about the people who are bitching.

  53. Profile photo of appleridge

    Heres a thought though if someone really wants to watch they will find the way to watch them online. Its not totally impossible to do this.

    Also as many have said if u have the capability to watch and dont well fine thats your choice but im sorry iMHO u have no reason to bitch. You are chosing not to watch when u are fully capable of watching

  54. Profile photo of harlee490

    @justangel24…because those type personalities of people are the ones that are never satisfied no matter what is offered for an alternatiave avenue to continue to watch their soaps. They will only accept tv or nothing else to continue their rant. They love to complain and bitch…its their sport. Sadly, it’s not heart healthy excerise…. ;) :D :D

  55. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    justangel – I’m not very computer tech savy but I will say this. I believe just having internet is not enough. You have to have high-speed internet able to stream video. Not everyone has that capability or that type of internet. For me personally, I use my computer for work and can’t afford to loose access to it for up to three hours a day.

    I have never watched an entire hour of any tv show on my computer but the few times I even tried it was very difficult. Every five minutes or so the sound and picture would freeze for a few minutes until it would start up again. I can’t explain it better than that and I do have high-speed internet capable of streaming video. But I’ve never been able to watch an hour long show without it being constantly interrupted. I find that aggravating and definitely not enjoyable.

    When I looked into getting Netflix I checked into buying the cables so I could watch the movies on my tv instead of my computer. And even though I have a fairly new flat screen tv, it still wasn’t as easy as just one cable nor was it inexpensive. And I was told that even when the movie or tv show is playing on my tv it is also simultaneously playing on the computer so the computer is tied up for the length of the tv show or movie. That was not a good option for me so I opted to have Netflix mail me the DVD’s. That way I’m able to watch the movie on my tv of choice and continue working on my computer at the same time.

    That’s why having the soaps on the internet and the internet only is not a good option for me. It may be great for other people but it just doesn’t fit in with my lifestyle. :(

  56. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I think what’s frustrating is that people “bitch” (if that’s the word we’re using here) that the shows are cancelled, and then they are saved and people are bitching because they don’t want to learn the SIMPLE way they can watch it. It’s not that difficult, but you who don’t want to learn are bitching as though it’s someone else’s fault…when it’s YOURS and YOURS ALONE!

    So, if it’s yours and yours alone, maybe you can stop bitching to other people and keep it to yourself, if you don’t want to be critized for it.

  57. Profile photo of giogio

    The people who have a difficult time trying to understand how this would work to watch their favorite soaps are in tears because of it. But no-one is bitching is a bad way, its an upset, sad, desparate, type of way when you cant imagine doing this. They have been accused of not being loyal, not caring about their soaps, not wanting to support their soaps and really being classified as horrible cause they/we dont get it like they do, and they/we sound whiny. Sorry if you guys are smarter then us/me. But I bet you if you ask the Leader of our country, Pres Obama how to do this his first answer would be I dont know. Why? Cause he puts his brilliance to better use. Would he be called stupid for not being able to get it? I should hope not. Instead of getting on this post and being mad at the people who arent as smart as you, why dont you just try and root them on and try and help instead of you – thats right you – bitching. We are not bitching, we are sad, upset and do not know whats going to happen to us watching. You’re bitching at our incomprehension. Sorry.

  58. Profile photo of samanthadelayed

    I already watch most of my tv online. I am not even sure why I pay for extended cable these days. I will take my OLTL anyway I can get it, if they produce it, I will watch. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that it does happen and that they can at least keep some of my favorite vets.

  59. Profile photo of giogio

    SASSY – I totally get what you say – Totally understand. I totally understand the sadness, and emotion behind it. If I want to watch I can. My husband knows how to do all that. My TV is good for it. So If I choose to I can watch. But you sound like you have another problem and Im sure this is hurtful for you. Just wanted to let you know I understand, cause anyone else isnt going to understand shit except that you are bitching. Much love

  60. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Everybody’s bitching on both sides, giogio, but in your defensiveness, you are thinking people are saying you’re stupid…or not as smart…or whatever. That’s not the case at all (not from me, anyhow). It’s not a question of intelligence and THAT’S what I’ve been trying to point out. You don’t have to be a computer super-genius to learn how to do it. We all learned how to use a computer. It wasn’t a question of being smart enough to learn how to use a computer, it was having the desire to learn. To me, saying you can’t figure out how to watch a show online is the same as saying you don’t know how to use a computer and–for that reason–you just never bother to turn it on.

    I had a grandmother who was terrified of escalators. It wasn’t that she couldn’t get on the escalator. It was that she didn’t think she’d be able to do it, so she didn’t. Until one day, she did. And soon, she would ride the escalator without a second thought. It was never a question of her not being smart enough to get on an escalator (and if I suggested that, she would have whooped my butt)!

    I’m just trying to get you on the damn escalator! ;-) :-)

  61. Profile photo of tealita

    Admittedly I know zilch about television/internet licensing deals, but I’m curious. Does anyone know anything at all about whether it will be free to watch, or is there anything out there about how much a subscrption might cost? I’m very cheap when it comes to paying for extras on the web. My cable bill is already sky high. Also, and I’m assuming that the licensing deal gives PP the rights to old episodes. How will this effect YouTube viewers? Would PP make agressive efforts to have content that it owns removed from YouTube? Will it effect old content, new stuff, or both. I love my YouTube fan videos, and would hate to say goodbye to them.

  62. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    appleridge – I really hope so!!

    giogio – Hopefully once the entire deal is announced there will be a way for us to see the shows but until we know whether or not it’s possible, I wouldn’t bother arguing with arrogant know-it-alls who clearly look down on anyone who doesn’t own all the latest technology and who aren’t as tech savy as they are!!! They have no empathy or compassion for anyone who’s been watching for 20 or 30 years and just isn’t able to access the shows via the internet!!! I’m still hoping there will be positive news once the official annoucement from PP is actually made!!

  63. Profile photo of appleridge

    So far nada has been said about it costing to watch

    When PP reveals its plans then I think we will know how we will watch and waht ways we can watch. That would be the best time then to ask places like best buy the best way to make this happen for the ones who have internet issues

  64. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    [quote=sassysdreams] I wouldn’t bother arguing with arrogant know-it-alls [/quote]

    Well, I didn’t call anybody stupid (as was suggested), but apparently it’s okay to call someone with whom you disagree an “arrogant know-it-all”. Classy.

  65. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    giogio – Thank you very much! I really appreciate the support!! You are right, I am very upset and saddened about this but being disabled my laptop is my lifeline. I simply cannot give up access to it for several hours a day, unless I’m sleeping. Having watched these shows for what seems like a lifetime I am very unhappy about not being able to continue watching them but unless I find a different way to do it, I will have no choice.

    TV Gord – I didn’t feel like you were saying we were stupid but I also didn’t feel like you understood where I was coming from. I’m aware of the new technology but when I checked it out at the store it wasn’t as simple as you’re saying. At least not for my equipment. To be able to hook up a cable from my laptop to my flat screen tv required more than just a cable and the sum total of what I needed was very expensive. And as I said, even if I purchased the equipment needed to stream the video from my laptop to my tv it would still not free up my computer for me to use. That’s my biggest problem.

    And although it is not my situation, there are many people who don’t have a computer in the same room as their tv or don’t have high-speed internet, etc. I’m not afraid of using new technology but not everyone owns it or can afford to buy it. So it really is more complicated then just saying buy a cable and hook it up.

  66. Profile photo of giogio

    TV GORD – You are my friend, I wasnt implying you. And I get your metaphor, which was very enlightning. All I am saying is when I did voice my opinion when it was first announced, I said we should still fight to keep it on TV – considering older people, people in hospitals and nursing homes etc. Some smart ass got on and said I was the type who enjoyed the fight. I had to defend my self, no I am not a fighter – I am peace/love and go to Strawberry Fields every year on John Lennon’s anniversity date. I am a stickler for language and words and no where except for you and a handful of people have I heard anybody trying to help out the bitchers. If they did they would say “all you need is a wire” and bla bla bla tech stuff. Nasty, cruel things that onlly can be said anonymously. As if this is not a big enough problem, people like you and I who have been watching almost from day one have got to be yelled out by maybe people who have only been involved for a short time. Arent they tired of being so damn mean? Thanks for your kindlnes.

  67. Profile photo of pumpkin

    This project may be a few years ahead of its time. I do know my next tv will be an internet ready tv. Someone said a 40 inch is around 900 or so. It is only what I read so I have not looked myself. I did read somewhere that they expect internet ready tvs to be hot this Christmas. I don’t know. It could change fast. Remember how quickly the flat screen tvs took over from the old heavy clunkers. People chucked the heavy ones just for convenience even though the old clunkers were working. If production changes where tv shows and internet collide the internet tvs will start selling quickly. I know my son always updates quicker than I do. I have a larger screen on my computer in the bedroom but I still prefer my tv for my shows. I have never seen a internet tv myself. If there are enough shows to wash online, the demand will grow.

  68. Profile photo of pumpkin

    This project may be a few years ahead of its time. I do know my next tv will be an internet ready tv. Someone said a 40 inch is around 900 or so. It is only what I read so I have not looked myself. I did read somewhere that they expect internet ready tvs to be hot this Christmas. I don’t know. It could change fast. Remember how quickly the flat screen tvs took over from the old heavy clunkers. People chucked the heavy ones just for convenience even though the old clunkers were working. If production changes where tv shows and internet collide the internet tvs will start selling quickly. I know my son always updates quicker than I do. I have a larger screen on my computer in the bedroom but I still prefer my tv for my shows. I have never seen an internet tv myself. If there are enough shows to watch online, the demand will grow.

  69. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    [quote]I wouldn’t bother arguing with arrogant know-it-alls who clearly look down on anyone who doesn’t own all the latest technology and who aren’t as tech savy as they are!!! They have no empathy or compassion for anyone who’s been watching for 20 or 30 years and just isn’t able to access the shows via the internet![/quote]

    Sassy, I’m a frustrated-with-the-fans and sometimes arrogant know-it-all (LOL), but seriously, Gord is right on the money here. I understand exactly where you and others are coming from. In fact, there are kind of two distinct angles to the arguments: the first revolves around the almost near certainty that the soaps moving to streaming distribution (which is what we should really be calling this) won’t “look” like the soaps as we know them today; the other is that this will be a big technological hurdle for some people and an economic one for others.

    To the first, the answer is simple: the future is here. Now. The move has been afoot for at least five years. Predictions of either broadcast soap operas or new soaps moving exclusively to the online distribution realm started accelerating at least four years ago, and every sign pointed in that directions for at least the last 3 years. And a whole lot of soap fans ignored those predictions, thinking that it wasn’t going to happen or tuned it out completely or, worse, lived in denial that as long as their soaps aired on [insert channel/network] at [insert time slot] in the daytime, they would always have love in the afternoon regardless of the fact that soaps were getting cancelled left and right. Nevermind the part that most of them don’t watch during the regular broadcast and haven’t for years, including myself who now watches GH, OLTL and , lord help me, AMC, exclusively on my iPad…but I digress…

    So, now AMC and OLTL are migrating to online distribution, when in all honesty they could have been cancelled for good like As the World Turns, Guiding Light, Passions, Sunset Beach, Loving, The City, Another World, Santa Barbara and so on. AMC & OLTL have been brought miraculously back to life and what is more fitting for a soap opera?

    The second issue is that one can watch soaps online. Right now. Seriously. Right. Now. You sure can. Here (, here ( and here ( Yes , these shows are rebroadcast (reruns), but the only difference between what is being currently offered online and AMC/OLTL in the near future is just that AMC/OLTL won’t air on tv. That, in a nutshell is it. If there are people who don’t have the right computer or internet connection or device to stream these shows, they will find a way if they really want to do so and are able to do so. Those who won’t or can’t (for whatever reason) will be left behind and there is no way around it.

    So, it is up to the fans who love soaps, who have the right connection and a computer or other device that can stream video to embrace this new way of watching these resurrected shows or not. Because if the fans don’t because they have an aversion to an iPad or learning how to stream their shows from their laptop and if these shows fail online, there will be no place left for them to go.

  70. Profile photo of GAgal28

    You know I’m thankful that someone in Hollywood that was NOT connected to the daytime industry saw the value in buying both OLTL & AMC. I do NOT care if it is online or on my TV. Both of these soaps are going to be able to continue, which is something fans of GL, & ATWT were begging for. I think it’s a slap to the face of those fans for us to sit here complaining that “our shows won’t look the same”, or “I won’t watch it cause I don’t want to watch it on my computer”, or “I won’t watch it cause so & so won’t be on”. So many are complaining about things we don’t even know about, that is just purely speculation at this point. It really does do an injustice to the fans who do NOT have their soaps back, & also to the fact we campaigned our hearts to save our soaps. I think we need to realize what a gift we have been given by PP taking them online, when we didn’t even have to have this. We could be sitting here complaining that our soaps are still canceled. You know what I mean?
    Of course we all want “fairness” in contracts for all of the people who work on the shows & I’m sure that will happen. We just have to give it time. I think the fact that PP bought the sets of both shows says a lot. To me that says they actually care even more about these soaps. The fact that we’re hearing both OLTL & AMC may be going to the TV “season” route says a lot. Personally I think that’s great! You get burned out doing the same thing everyday, every week with NO off season. Everyone needs a break & a time to recharge. And there’s SO much more that they can do online than they can do on TV, with ABC, right now. I for one am excited to see how the websites for the shows will change. I hope that PP will do some cool things like online character blogs/vlogs, or something like that. Idk….To me there’s a lot more positive stuff to be talking about than there is negative, at this point in time. And OF COURSE both shows are not going to look to the same as they did on TV. That’s a given, but so what? It might be better than we could’ve ever thought of. The point is we just have to be patient, be hopeful, & give it a chance instead of beating it into the ground before it even starts. Anyways…..

  71. Profile photo of giogio

    GAgal – we havve been trying to explain outselves all day that we are not beating this or bitching because we are whiny people – then you come in with this. you’re not reading it right or you just feel like bitching. No one is slapping anyone in the face. Read the posts properly.

  72. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    J Bernard Jones – Thank you. I appreciate your eloquent post. I do understand the current situation and the dilemma. That’s a large part of my frustration in that I understand there is a solution available but not necessarily one that I can afford to be a part of or that would work for me. It may seem simple enough but as you acknowledged, not everyone is able to afford the newest technology or has the ability to use it. For everyone that will be able to continue to watch the soaps I am absolutely elated!!

  73. Profile photo of appleridge

    GAGal-Great post I will take a well written acted OLTL, AMC weekly or daily. If PP thinks weekly will keep the shows the same value cool, Im In.

    Sassy-I think once the PP deal is shared you may see some ways of viewing that will be avilable to you that we dont already know of.

  74. Profile photo of giogio

    Sassy – you said it beautifully. Maybe now people will finally understand we are not “never satisfied” people whining about what we cant have. Why would they want to say that. And you and I have been watching them well over 30 years. We have our sorrows.

  75. Profile photo of charleyhorse

    I just can’t say it enough…these shows are too expensive to produce online as they now exist so whatever they do will NOT be the shows you all know. Now I’m not saying that is a good or a bad thing but don’t come on here and say the “naysayers” are playing into Brian Frons’ hands and we have to believe this is all going to be just fine if we support it. It’s ALL about money and until Prospect Park reveals their financial plan, I am telling you as someone who really knows, you will NOT see AMC, OLTL and GH online as they now appear on TV.

  76. Profile photo of giogio

    CHARLEYHORSE – I totally agree with you. They wont be the same shows. When we fought to keep them, we meant KEEP THEM – as they are now. Move to another network, or stay with ABC but keep THEM – Going online is keeping a show called All my Children and a show called One life to Live. We are naysayers cause we realize that this deal we got is not the deal many of us were looking for. Or fought for.

  77. Profile photo of appleridge

    If someone has seen the financials that Prospect Park has to Produce the soaps than please share them with us. Oh wait noone knows so can folks stop saying PP Wont have the money. They very much might have the Money. Time will Tell. God what will it take for people to have HOPE???

  78. Profile photo of appleridge

    Im sorry I dont remeber seeing anywhere that saving the soaps were contigent on them staying On TV because they didnt. They may be what some pefered or wanted but we dont always get what we want every time

    The shows continue. Celebrate

  79. Profile photo of giogio

    Im sorry but I really thought when we Emailed Sweeney we were asking not to cancel the soaps. And for the people who protested in front of ABC they were protesting the cancelations. When I emailed Sweeney, I asked her not to cancel. ??

  80. Profile photo of THEBEST

    [quote=AlistairCrane]angrierblackerman, that is a good idea. I’d do it with a slight twist, though.

    Give AMC a proper ending on ABC with everything tied up. Then in the last few moments, Erica Kane collapses and is rushed to the hospital. She wakes up in her hospital bed only for Bianca to tell her she’s been in a coma for a YEAR. Cue shocked look on Erica’s face. Presto! Instant cliffhanger! Tune in to Prospect Park to discover the new status quo and find out what happened during Erica’s “lost” year.[/quote]

    AlistairCrane, we don’t agree much, but that’s actually a good idea LOL
    J Bernard, you better school these lost children on television. On Twitter, Jamey said the same thing that I did. Advertisers don’t give two flying shitballs about the fans who can’t afford the internet. If you don’t have money, then the advertisers aren’t aiming their products at you. For those who refuse to watch online, Madison Ave will get your consumer money through other things you watch on TV, so it’s a win/win for them.

    At first, I wasn’t feeling the soaps becoming seasonal, but it could work.
    Think about it: Instead of doing the Sept-May season like other shows, soaps could do Jan-Sept. Because their strongest time to pull in viewers in the summertime. Then, while on hiatus from Sept-Jan, fans can focus on school, family, friends, and the holidays. We get a lot of preemptions and reruns during the holidays, anyway. Hopefully we will get at l;east 3-5 episodes a week during an 8 month stretch. This could work…

  81. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I’m really not suprised ABC wants to get rid of GH too, but I’m glad they show will at least be saved.
    I’m alittle worried about the idea that Prospect Park is asking Lorraine to write th end in a certian way as that sounds like maybe Lorraine won’t be the headwrite when the show comes online?
    I’m hoping we Canadians are lucky enough to have the ABC soaps carried by Super Channel which still airs reruns of Passions.

  82. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I don’t have much new to add since my last visit except that I hope giogio, sassydreams and others like you find a way to make it work, because I would–I think we ALL would–miss you contributions here on DC! :-)

  83. Profile photo of giogio

    Thanks TV Gord – I get overly emotional about this. My first VCR was in 1985 – I paid $400.00 for it- imagine? the last I saw before the DVR you could have picked one up for $40.00. I bought it so that I could tape my soaps. Very hard to let go of the time slots, but I would believe that all of us who go at it everyday on DC will help each other along the way. We have a very firey few months ahead of us, and I wouldnt miss DC for the world. I will be right here “bitching” ;) .

  84. Profile photo of sethbook

    My thoughts are these: A cliffhanger who-will-live-who-will-die cliffhanger will only work for me if it involved Ryan (who might live) and Randy (who should die).

    Also, if PP has the rights to these shows, why not start airing CLASSIC episodes online?

    I think for AMC, this is certain doom, because interrupting the show for three months means the habit has been broken, and why would they tune in when their daily habit has been interrupted?

    If PP *could* get hte show running soon, they could actually air them on SoapNet to whet people’s appetites for the “new” show.

    Meanwhile, what will SoapNet do without AMC on the air while it runs out the clock?

    I really would have preferred a truly satisfying ending as Agnes planned. It looks like one network is simply replacing the old one. Hey, they are investing, so they will exercise the right to “dictate.”


  85. Profile photo of charleyhorse

    I doubt PP has the rights to the library of the shows. Plus, they would still have to pay all the guilds to re-broadcast them which is a very expensive proposition.

  86. Profile photo of

    There certainly is some folks in serious denial.

    These web versions of our shows are going to be completely different (cast-wise and style-wise) than what we are seeing right now. I think worse than anything will be the acting “talent” they hire to play the SORASed versions of Zane Buchanan, Bree Brennan, Miranda Montgomery, etc. whom as we all know will be the pivotal players in the web dramas.


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